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Liseberg Discussion Thread

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Oh my goodness that soundtrack is pure gold and eargasm! As a ride-op listening to this would make the job even more fun and just epic. Now I'm already jealous to the Helix crew


Also a big thanks to all of you who have been updating this beast so often and with quality pictures even up close the ride!

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^ They just need some crowbar action to get that in there, it's a pair of studs that are sticking out from the track-pieces that hinder them to slot into each other smoothly.


Yes the last piece of support that will go on top of those two supports that are sticking up near the crossover of the Pretzel loop, it's the one that was sent down to Mack last week, it will arrive tomorrow and will bolted into place soon after.

But before that there is another piece of support that will connect to the final track-piece. It will be mounted on top of the

big structure at the top of the image, the piece can be seen behind the RCS crane. But I guess that it will go in before they all go to lunch.


On another note, I do love the curvy path they are making up to the tower complex on that image, looks way better than the straight steep path that was there before. The landscaping guys have really put the hammer down lately, you can see the progress made between almost all of the web-cam images. Can't wait for them to clean up the Pretzel area, and yes that massive slab underneath the Pretzel loop will be covered



EDIT: it's now official, the crane have been unhooked, all track pieces have been installed!!

Took a long time longer than I anticipated.


EDIT 2: The second to last support piece is being installed right now, so just the final piece left tomorrow, I do hope that it will arrive and fit beautifully.

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More pictures can be found on the local paper's webpage: GP.se [swedish]


There are also some fun things like that they celebrated the completion of the track on Helix and it's Pretzel loop with Beer (non-alcoholic) and Pretzels

Then the repoter asked the CEO what will happen next, and Andreas said, that after the track is done and the trains are on site you start to do the testing of the ride, and about the testing phase he said:


"You start with dummies, then the CEO and finally ordinary People."


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^ The Polish flag is for the workers that put the whole thing together. Sure RCS may be German, but the majority of the people that do the actual ironwork for them comes from Poland, hence the Polish flag.


Another note on Helix:

It's the longest coaster with inversion in Europe, and also the longest coaster with inversions outside North America.


And the video of the installation:



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^ I have a feeling that they planned that teaser to somewhat overshadow the track completion on Helix. In a same way that the final announcement is scheduled for the day after Helix will begin testing. The coaster/ride war is raging here in Sweden right now


Small update from the blog, the trains are ready to be loaded at the factory for the drive up to Sweden

Can't wait to see more when they arrive on Monday, expect images


Source: http://projekthelix.se/halsning-fran-fabriken/


Yay, trains!!

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Lisa is on fire this week


Another blog update - station cladding

This are the different stages the station went through before the they ended up with the one that is now under construction.


Original concept drawing, with smooth steel panels


Final version a wavy roof line with a wire mesh to give it a smooth billowing apperance


Another version but with wooden slats


No matter what the cladding would end up, this is what the station looks like without it


What they look like installed


Lifting up the beams that will form the edge where the mesh will be tensed over, these are heavy and are welded into place

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^^^ omgomgomgomg


It's....it's... Son of Euro Mir!



Will buy - must buy - I hope they release an in-park CD

for sale there. They better. Instant classic park/coaster music.


(EDIT To add: I bought the Euro Mir Mix cd in Europa, back on the 2008 TPR Tour!)

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^^ Not a big fan of that one, Eurosat on the other hand


^ Not sure how Liseberg is on ride music, since this is the first ride to get it's own that I know of, sure there is official music in the Kaninlandet area, but nothing more than that, so I don't know if it's possible to get them on CD. Liseberg is a long way from Europa park in that category. But as it is at the moment, then Europa park is what Liseberg is striving to be like, and I don't blame them to get inspiration from there.

You can download 30 minutes more at: http://projekthelix.se/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/IMAscore_-_Helix_Station_Full_Demo.mp3


So thanks to extracting the music from the Youtube video I now have 50 minutes on my computer

Nice to have when doing Helix updates

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I can just barely control myself from drooling over my keyboard when listening to this new masterpiece!


It seems Liseberg decided to go with a whole new level of awesomeness and it certainly-totally-absolutely paid off 200%! Helix might very well be the first ride I''m anxious not only to ride but to queue as well, when there's a soundtrack like this playing. They really weren't joking when they wanted a world class experience.


Oh, and I just remembered: I'll be riding Helix AND Piraten with just one day in between. Looks like I'll be reaching the apex of my whole life in August

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