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Liseberg Discussion Thread

p. 120 - Luna Park themed land announced!

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Definately looks like Liseberg made the right decision to restart the project, Helix fits much better into the hillside. But its really cool to see how far Mack is willing to go with their designs, it makes the future real interesting!

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^^ Yeah, it might be positive g's from the riders perspective instead for the more common hang-time, but since it's pretty wide then it may end up with upside down floater, which would be pretty epic.

But then again, since I'm not a big fan of hang-time then I don't really matter to me.

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But then again, since I'm not a big fan of hang-time then I don't really matter to me.

I'm with you on that one. I like inversions (except for a few like heartline rolls) that provide positive Gs and will rather have negatives during airtime hills as, to me, there is nothing "special" about feeling yourself hanging during inversions because.. well... you're upside down while getting those on an airtime hills is more fun to me as it's something that's not, well ... normal.

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Small progress report, just the final half loop of the pretzel left now to be installed (there is a chance that there is one piece missing from the other top of the pretzel, the web-cam image is really blurry sometime it looks complete other not, looking for image to confirm)!!

Also they have started work on the final cladding of the station, looks very wavy and hopefully it will look really great once more of it is installed.

Final track pieces are scheduled to be installed tomorrow!!


First row of cladding going in


Didn't bother with a web-cam image from the mountain cam, since it's raining and water on the lens makes the image pretty useless. So here is an updated version of the progress image, pink = installed track

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Supposed to, yes, happening, no but they are due to arrive soon anyway.


There is still plenty of time to catch up any delays, and testing won't happen for a week anyway, there is still loads of stuff to do on the track to get it prepared to run, some of which will take a while. Also we don't know anything of the state of the electronics or other systems, how much work is needed to prepare the trains, etc.

I'm pretty sure that the list is pretty long still..

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Blog update - Something for the control panel fans

This was just posted on the blog, a sneak peak on the control booth for Helix.


Source: http://projekthelix.se/tjuvtitt-in-i-forarbaset/


Can't wait to see this area filled with people eagerly waiting for their first ride :)


If any Sci-fi set is missing a seat for their space-craft, I think where it is :)


YAY, control panel!!

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RE: Green Fire concept: Funny how they show it as a red-tracked coaster! I guess it is so the track layout is more visible against the hillside, but still, a bit of incongruity there. I agree with what people have said about Helix being a much better fit for Liseberg. I can't imagine what the hillside would look like with all those supports everywhere.


One thing I noticed is it looks like the first drop sort of spirals down midway through. Or is it just a turn in the middle of the drop? I do like the overall layout of the thing and think it would be an exceptional ride in the right setting and park.

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Hi guys


I just drove by Liseberg 15 minutes ago and decided to stop and take a look at Helix...


There is just ONE piece left!! Its the top piece of the Pretzel Loop thats missing. My guess is that this will come into place today or at the latest tomorrow. I'll bet we'll soon have a new blog-post on the official site celebrating this milestone!


Also, it was strange to drive by the storage area - and se it all empty. All pieces are in the park now... Soon it'll be time for riding this sucker!

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^ Yeah, I have to agree, went past the site and had a look from the nearby multi-storey car park next to the park to have a look.

As you said, the staging area is incredibly empty, compared to what it used to be a few weeks ago, and there are just 1 track piece to go (and 2 support pieces), but it looks like it will be installed pretty soon, they have lined up the crane, and working on to get the right angle for it right now. So it isn't long now!!


Final pieces going in + Soundtrack!!


EDIT: The last track-piece is going in now!!


EDIT 2: Seems like there are some problems, since it's down on the ground again.

Also Liseberg have released the full 30 minutes long soundtrack, listen to it here: http://projekthelix.se/helixmusiken-sa-later-den/

Or download it here: link posted on the Liseberg Facebook page


Just an hour ago!!


You can almost see the heart shape of this thing now.

It seems to have grown a lot since last time I was here, I mean it looks way more massive now when they have added a few more pieces in place


Final track piece waiting to be installed!!


It's flying in right now!!


Helix will very soon have a completed track!!

Great work RCS!!

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Update from Lisa on the current status of Helix.

The final piece of track will be installed at 11:00 tomorrow, it looked like they had some issues to get the piece in due to the entrance of the pretzel loop seems to hang down slightly so it's too tight to get the final track piece into place with only one crane, so the connection will happen tomorrow.

The tweaked bit will arrive on Friday, so the last piece of steel for the layout will go in by then.

Trains are due on Monday, and there are still plenty of things to do until testing, so that the first time a train will exit the station for the first launch will be the 7:th of April!!

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^ So 3 weeks till Testing starts. This ride looks amezing good to hear they finish trackwork tomorrow, why do I have to be at work at that time. Anyway starting to get exited to see this beauty in action.


Soundtrack is good for what I heard now, 30 minutes are long but Wow.

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^ I'm sorry to say that I will most likely not be there, I'm counting on Lisa to take some nice images from the blog.

And I don't think that they are going to make a big deal out of this, I mean no-one really came out an looked when they completed the top-hat, so why would it be much different now, seeing that it won't really be complete until the day after.


Why not snap a few pictures yourself if you have the possibility to go around the park.

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