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Liseberg Discussion Thread

p. 119 - Oceana water park announced!

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^ It would cost a fortune for Liseberg or Mack to ship the car to the US and back to Sweden. They did have it on display at the IAAPA Euro Show this year.

Don't really think that it would be such a big deal for Mack to have done it though, It would have drawn a lot of peoples attention and could have brought then some nice deals in the US/world.


^ Thanks!!



Not much of an update today, but the floor and walls of the maintenance shed have been flying up over the past few days.

Link to web cam where the image below is taken from.


May be a complete shed by the end of the week.

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Have been quite busy over the past few days, so thanks for keeping this thread up to date: alejon and Ap0ptosis!!


^ Well I wouldn't call it light, but it ain't dark either, sort of dusk, so you won't get the full effect of it all. But it will be great during the last weekends of the summer season. However if the plans of having the park opened during Halloween comes true then it will be epic (depending of course which rides will be opened at that time).


Liseberg Christmas season update 1

Had the opportunity to go by the park yesterday, to check out the Liseberg winter market as a start of this years Christmas season.

Liseberg is really nice during this time a year. Loads of stalls, food, shows, a few rides, animals and of course loads of epic lighting.

A real must visit for everyone that really want to have a really nice time in Gothenburg during the winter.


Not much Helix on this update, but since the steel erection is suspended during the winter season, then there isn't much to report, apart for some nice images of the station that keeps growing.


This update I will focus on the park as a whole, next one though I will go and check out all the stalls and see if I can get to taste some not so "normal" foods that are available. This time I had a nibble on some bear sausages, smoked reindeer meat and had a glass of birch juice, but more on that after the next visit to the park


So onto all the images for you to enjoy!!


Before we went to the park we had a quick browse through the shopping centre where the Helix car is located


I really love the gift wrapping on it, I wouldn't mind finding that present under the tree :)


So onto the park, and before we had a look at the rest we made a dash for the Helix bits that had been erected so we could give you all a small Helix update


Mmmm, Helix!!


The two corkscrews at the beginning of the ride


The station have grown a lot during the past week, floor and one wall of the maintenance shed is done


Really love this area, can't imagine how nice it will be when the green glow of the Helix train will whizz by


Speaking of Helix


Nice and twisty


A forest of supports


Second corkscrew


Really nice banking here, just imagine going past here at nearly 90 km/h a few feet of the ground


Other part of the turn in the image above


First corkscrew and launch


The brake run footers are nearly completed


Steel for the station have been erected


Brake run from the other direction


These red steel beams will form part of the floor for the switch track


Three trains, three doors


Really beautiful wheel


More Christmas lights


Wheel up close


Footers for the in-line <3


More twisty stuff


First launch and Corkscrew


The blue thing that is really visible in the layout rendering which many people have questions about, it have been there for years (since 1923 to be exact), but you don't really notice it


Some of the 5000000 light sources in the park


This is the area which I looked most forward to


Only 30 days until Christmas


Probably the largest ride now


Crazy trees


Loads of people


More Kaninlandet


The Atmosfear tree really dominates the park


They have gone nuts in the new kiddy area


Se comment above


Really love all the lighting they have put in


This looks epic as well


Unfortunately the whole play structure was closed, too slippery :(


I spy some Plättar over there :p


Even Burger King looks great during the winter season




Hmmm, wonder why some newspaper tried and ask Disney what they were willing to give for the park if it was up for sale. Since there already is a castle in the park then it wouldn't bee to hard for them to convert the park :)

It would be a real shame if the politicians in Gothenburg would announce a sale of Liseberg would happen, but there is little chance of that at the moment, thankfully.


Really beautiful




We went to see Santa


We had to walk in a dense and snowy forest until we arrived




Wonder who wished for a Threshing machine for Christmas


No idea on what they make here


Filling up the sleigh


Must have more images of the massive "tree"


People enjoying themselves at one of the many fires


More lights


Even more lights


YAY, Castle!!


Southern end of the park


They had ditched all the meatballs, sausage, etc. and replaced them with:

Game Kebab, made with Moose and Deer meat

Wild boar sausages with bread

Moose sausages with bread

And finally various game delicatessen from: wild boar, moose, deer, roe deer, hare and goose.


Not sure which is best, but much of these sounds great :)


There are some Helix bits in there somewhere


The blue thing again


Entrance to the escalator have revived a massive overhaul for the winter


The main fountains have become a skating ring where everyone is allowed to have a go


Except for when there is a show on


Nice looking restaurant


On the way out


Had a great time see you next time!!


On the way home we went by the staging area for a quick look


There is really a lot of track here


The RCS guys have moved on until January, so there is plenty of space for more curvy deliveries


Until next time!!

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Oh, I wish, I wish we had something like that here

during the holiday season. I envy all the parks that do

a festive makeover, and Liseberg is no exception.


Thanks for sharing all of this, Peter. And...um....

maybe Liseberg can keep this all up when TPR gets there?

In June?

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It always intrigues me when a coaster is built on a hilly terrain or on a hill side such as Helix. The design of it and the colour scheme is great for the park. I do have a question about Mack rides though. How smooth are their coasters, or in this case their launch coasters? The only ones I have ridden are runaway mine trains and they are quite rough on the transitions.

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I do have a question about Mack rides though. How smooth are their coasters, or in this case their launch coasters? The only ones I have ridden are runaway mine trains and they are quite rough on the transitions.


Blue Fire makes most B&M's feel rough.

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Thanks for all the comments!!


Oh, I wish, I wish we had something like that here

during the holiday season. I envy all the parks that do

a festive makeover, and Liseberg is no exception.


Thanks for sharing all of this, Peter. And...um....

maybe Liseberg can keep this all up when TPR gets there?

In June?

I find that strange that the north American parks don't do this. But I think it might be the difference in type of park that plays a big role. I mean I would never ever imagine a Six Flags park doing the same thing at Liseberg, Tivoli, etc. during the winter season. Too much of a hassle for them, especially seeing that most of the park that have a big winter season tends to be located in city's and have more than just loads of attractions put up in the middle of a field (I would also want to say that there are exceptions to this as well). It's sort of a niche market that the parks here have started to exploit to extend the season to ultimately get more visitors in the park. However, Gröna Lund have tried to also be opened during the winter (after Liseberg started their winter season), they threw in the towel after just a few couple of years, since there is already a massive winter market next to it so they couldn't compete with it.


I know that people in the upper management are reading this thread, so you might give them some ideas

But unfortunately since you are coming in June, then it won't be dark enough to get the full experience.

Edited by Loefet
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I got a little question about Liseberg: I'm thinking to make my first visit to this park in 2014 but can't understand the system they use. I read somewhere about coupons and cards to ride the attractions of the park with a payment to enter. My question is: how does this system works? Do I have to buy (specific) coupons for rides and how expensive would these bee? I can't really find the information I need and I want to know beforehand.

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Hej! Writing this from my phone so bear with me.

1 dollar is something like 7 swedish crowns


The entrance fee is about 90 swedish crowns.

Easiest & cheapest for you would probably be to buy a wrist band that allows you to go on as many rides as you want, I belive those are about 300 swedish crowns.


I can try to edit a more complete answer once I get on a computer but I think I covered the most relevant stuff


Edit(from phone) : those coupons you are talking about are all the same, different rides cost a different amount of coupons (1-5?) and i belive they are about 20 kr/each, maybe cheaper of you buy a little collection of them

2 day entrance + wrist band is 590 kr or something around there


Edit2: some parks in europe (ex europa park) gives you a free entrance + wrist band at liseberg if you've got their season card ( and vice versa)

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