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Liseberg Discussion Thread

p. 119 - Oceana water park announced!

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This is looking like a lot of construction

around a lot of the park there, Peter.


Can't wait for.....2014?


Thanks for sharing the pix, Peter.


(EDIT to add:

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... )
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^^ Thanks, there will be more updates as I get a chance to do them.


^ No meatballs in this new area unfortunately (most likely really), a few years ago I thought that they had been removed from the park, since I couldn't find them at their usual location. I found them a couple of years later in the southern end of the park, but now when you mention them, I can't find any info about Meatballs on the Liseberg web-page

This needs investigating once the park opens...


In Kaninlandet they will open a new Burger King with 250 seats, there were a small one in this area earlier but it was the first thing to be demolished for the redevelopment. Apart from that there will be a sandwich cafeteria, called "Mackasinet", (that might serve sandwiches with Meatballs in them ) and a restaurant that is specialized in "Plättar", which will be called "Plättlagat". Plättar are a sort of thin pancakes, but they come in a smaller shape, something like: this.

It's really strange that they don't serve Meatballs in this section, I mean, most kids loves them.

More on this as the park opens.

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Plättar looks good. Do people eat them with a syrup or something to make them sweet?


I remember Ryan and I got the meatballs in the area near the Peter Pan darkride. They were so GREAT. I wonder if the new BK will have them since they've really been expanding their menu here in the US. It would be a tragedy if the park has removed them completely!


Thanks for the pics of the new construction, Peter.

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For me plättar is best with whipped cream and raspberry or "Queen" (raspberry & blueberry) jam.

Or if I'm eating blinier I eat it with sour cream, red onion and roe.

I think I saw meatballs in some shop in the southern part of Liseberg last year, didn't eat them though, only my own home made are good enough

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I remember Ryan and I got the meatballs in the area near the Peter Pan darkride. They were so GREAT. I wonder if the new BK will have them since they've really been expanding their menu here in the US. It would be a tragedy if the park has removed them completely!

Yeah they suddenly moved there a few years ago, they were at another location before, and since I rarely go to the southern entrance I couldn't find them. BK will most likely just have the standard menu so I doubt that they will get any. Hopefully they will still be at the southern entrance, there is however another place that might have them as well. It doesn't say anything about meatballs on the Liseberg web-page, but I think that they are still there, but I have to go there to absolutely confirm it.


Yes, jam is a must have on pancakes/plättar (same thing here but different size), whipped cream or ice cream is a nice addition though.


The meatballs at Liseberg are really nice, much better than the vile ones you get on IKEA and similar places, but then again they fade in comparison to home made ones


Also today Liseberg posted this on Youtube:

It's the official Kaninlandet tune, and I absolutely love it , definitely not annoying as the old Balder music was

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We've certainly got enough time to find out

by next year's (?) tour, right? Mmmm meatballs.


That said, is there a new children's coaster

in that new land, that Liseberg's also building?

That the video shows, near the end?


Just asking.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Liseberg update/Something completely different:


While I was looking at some apartments that are for sale (which is pretty fun even though you aren't really looking). I found one on sale at one of the most interesting locations I know. It have one of the best views imaginable for a coaster enthusiast. Or who wouldn't have this view out of their livingroom <3




If you look hard then you can just see some of the action that is the new Kaninlandet.

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^^ It's about 370000$ as the asking price, it will undoubtedly go up unfortunately


Here is the link to the broker webpage, where it will be available until sold: http://www.svenskfast.se/hemnet/pages/ObjectView.aspx?objectid=44AR923O06RVTHV9

There is other nice apartments in the area around Liseberg that have great views of the park, though most of them are from the other side, so you don't get that nice view of the whole park as you do from these.

I have seen some apartments where you only have to sit up in your bed to see Balder

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I would say that we have had very little snow this year, it have rained a lot in periods so the snow we got disappeared pretty fast. Not sure how to define normal amount of snow in this area, since it can be anything from just rain the whole winter to very loads of snow and freezing cold. This year the Gothenburg area have been spared from the great masses of snow that most other parts of Sweden have received. So I bet that Liseberg have been happy with the amount since it enable them to speed through the construction of Kaninlandet with ease, some years have been so bad that they had a hard time with planting all the flowers for the park before opening in late April.


Saw that a link to an unofficial construction FB blog of Helix was posted on the Liseberg Facebook page and it have some nice behind the scenes pictures of what is going on at the construction site at this point, these images are from December last year where they are doing control measurements of footer locations etc:
















Link to the "Blog": https://www.facebook.com/ProjektHelixLiseberg


Also from the official construction blog, they said that the POV of the final layout will be coming in a few weeks time.

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I see several of the notes on the trees says "top branches", it looks like Liseberg will try to remove as little of the trees as possible, which I think is really cool and should make it an even better ride. Definately making the trip to Gothenburg next year.

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