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Liseberg Discussion Thread

p. 120 - Luna Park themed land announced!

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Went into Gothenburg yesterday, and hanged out on the roof of a parking garage for half an hour today to see if I could grab some shots/vids of some testing action...


But they were only doing some slow clearance checks on the brakes or something during the time I was there.


Still it's going to be awesome!!!


New video from above, dropping from the top this time.


Looks like it slows down quite a bit before it enters the building below, but then again it's an empty drop car at the moment, with some additional weight it will take a bit longer to slow down...


Can't wait for them to release the date for the Pressday

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I will be going to the press launch for Atmosfear this Wednesday, so if anyone have any intelligent questions for the Liseberg management then post them here before Wednesday morning and I will try to get them answered!!



hi guys - i am going to be going to stockholm in the next few months.. I will want to visit liseberg whilst in sweden. How would i get there, i'd prefer to use public transport if possible!

Easiest would be to take the train from Stockholm and Gothenburg. Go to www.sj.se to book a ticket, prices range from 95 SEK for the slow trains 4-5 hours or from 150-300 SEK for the fast trains about 3 hours. The cheap tickets are non refundable and are available 90 days before the day of travel, there is a limited amount of cheap tickets so prices will rise depending on demand and time. From the central station you could walk to Liseberg if you have the time, or take a bus, tram or taxi...

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I will be going to the press launch for Atmosfear this Wednesday, so if anyone have any intelligent questions for the Liseberg management then post them here before Wednesday morning and I will try to get them answered!!


Hi Loefet, I will be taking my first trip to Liseberg in June with the ECC, just a few questions for the management


1) Is there a reason why Atmosfear was not planned to Rotate on the way up?


2) Are there plans to remove one of the S&S Drop towers due to there now being 3 tower attractions in the park?


3) What is the official Height of the drop on Atmosfear (ie. from the maximum height of the ride car to the station) as all of the figures which have appeared online appear to be above sea level...


Hopefully these can get asked, been wondering them for a while!



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Will do the first two questions, thanks for those by the way!!


The third one, the height above sea level is 146 meters, the tower itself is 116 meters and the ride height is 90 meters (4 meters more than Huracan)...


Might meet you at Liseberg then...

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Got home not long ago, and I have to say that Atmosfear really delivered and I can't wait to get back during the summer to get the full experience.


We arrived just in time for the press day to begin, after being checked of the list by some Liseberg personnel we were escorted by some Green Liseberg Rabbits up to the top of the mountain to the main event. First they had the normal introductions and quickly talked about the other new things for Liseberg before continuing on to Atmosfear.


Other news for this year:

The park have become smoke free, except for designated smoking areas (9 of them) and a couple of restaurants outside sections.

They are now offering "Pentathlon hosts" where a Liseberg employee goes with your group and keep tracks on scores etc. when doing a pentathlon with your friends/company/etc. among the games that Liseberg have.

Liseberg have also opened a new game section next to the entrance to Atmosfear, where they have some Terminator games and other shoot em up ones. But next to them there is a "Desperado" one (the 5D kind where you sit on horses and shoot stuff)...


They introduced the new CEO Andreas Andersen which talked a bit about Atmosfear and said that this conversion were something that Liseberg have been looking into for some time now, that parks in Sweden have invested close to 1 billion SEK (112 million EUR, 100 million GBP, 163 millions USD) on new rides which is a record. He also said that he got the great privilege as the new CE to be the first rider on Atmosfear and as he put it "to see if it was safe to let anyone else on it"


I also chatted a bit with the attraction manager at Liseberg and the one that have put together the whole concept behind Atmosfear about the questions that have surfaced here on the forums before this press day and other things.


The Questions:

Why doesn't it spin?

Liseberg didn't see any big difference in spinning the car or not when they test rode Scream before the conversion, they even think that it could be an advantage not to spin the car as other do. Why would that be? Less things to brake down, each sides gives slightly different experiences, make riders go several times just to experience the different views, etc...


Why does it stop so early (as seen in test videos)?

It do stop a bit early (in my view) but that could change as they open up for business and the temperature goes up this summer. The main reasons why it stopped so early in those videos are: it's brand new (needs some time to brake in), cold days, low/no load in the car, and they only ran it once or twice that day. There was a big difference between the first ride today and the ones later after it have been running with full load a few times since the mangetic brakes fades because of the build-up of heat which will make the stopping distance longer. So going on a warm day and riding it will make a big difference. Also they might modify it for next year to make it stop even later if there is room, but to test that they have to have it running on hot days with passengers to see if it's possible...


Will Höjdskräcken (S&S Turbo Drop) stay?

They see that Höjdskräcken is something to train yourself on before going big on Atmosfear, so yes it will stay.


My verdict:

It's just as good as any Intamin drop tower, I didn't on the other hand experience the full effects in the queue which are said to be synced with the start/drop of the ride. But it's still a great ride and a perfect fit for Liseberg...


Before the pictures I would like to end this report with a great thank you from us to Liseberg for letting us come and enjoy this event!!!




Yay, for Atmosfear


Green rabbits


The reason why we are here


So everyone just follow those green rabbits!!


New LED displays


Up to the tower


Press manager


Atmosfear in the background


CEO Andreas Andersen


Ride entrance


Mmmmm, fresh Intamin tower :)


It really begs to be ridden


Cool reflective windows between the queue and the ride area


Lights that will flash when the ride starts


More effects


Catch car


Mechanisms that makes the ride drop


Brake fins and rings to stabilize the cables


Since I had a camera Duct-taped to my hand I couldn't go on the first ride


But instead I got a cool shot of the bump stops


And also standing under the ride while operating


Nearing the top


It could be an idea to move away now


Tallest drop ride in Europe, gallest Gyro drop world wide, 3:rd tallest drop tower world wide...


Good view of Balder


And the other Balder, but with a Ra first




And Lisebergbanan <3


Almost every attractions in one shot


Ride entrance


You must be this height to ride


Theme stuff




Down the stairs


Space for about 600 persons (1 hour wait)


One of many things that will be synced to the ride


Other cool stuff


More queue


Behind the Atmosfear entrance they have hidden Desperados <3


I pretty much pawened everyone


And that's it, see you later for a full report of Liseberg!!!

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I think Desperadoes is a lot of fun. It's essentially a "shooting motion simulator" where you and your group are new deputies chasing a band of ruthless outlaws (and shooting the crap out of them, of course).

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I'm excited that they added Desperados. What language is this version?

English, which isn't a problem here in Sweden, my brother didn't really notice it until we talked about it and I said that it was in English. I'm really happy that they used the English version since the translations usually sounds like crap...

It's a really small one though, only 16 or so seats...

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I'm excited that they added Desperados. What language is this version?

English, which isn't a problem here in Sweden, my brother didn't really notice it until we talked about it and I said that it was in English. I'm really happy that they used the English version since the translations usually sounds like crap...

It's a really small one though, only 16 or so seats...


I encountered the ride in two other langauges before catching an English version.

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Heh, the whole time I was looking at the ride's theming, I was thinking about how it reminded me of the theming of this ride some made on No Limits called "Tesla". Then I looked up at the name of the poster, and it turned that the dude who gave us all these pics was the one that made that very ride! Small world... or something... by the way very nice job on this and your track Loefet.

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