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Liseberg Discussion Thread

p. 120 - Luna Park themed land announced!

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Honestly truly, no hate or anything, but Val has one of THE better/best layouts to date for a dive coaster. Not sure why B&M wasn't that creative for the one's here in the States.
^ When B&M is given a flat piece of land, with no restrictions, they tend to be more boring. When they're given certain restrictions and have to work around things, it forces them to become creative, as it does with any other designer.

When B&M was doing SheiKra and Griffon, the modern dive coaster was still a new thing. For all we know, Canada's Wonderland's upcoming dive coaster could be an even better layout than Valkyria's.


I also call shenanigans on the "flat piece of land" thing. Shambananacreampie, Katun, Nitro, Raptor / Monster, Diamondback, Valravn... All apparently really good B&Ms that were built on open plots of land.

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It was a "smooth start" today, so it closed at seven. Tomorrow is official opening day, so I assume it will be open until 2300.

Hope they get the queing sorted by tomorrow as well. A bit of a mess today. I was refused the single queue because it was "too long". Took me an hour in the regular queue. When I got to the end they took 5 people from the single queue who had waited only 15 minutes, in front of me, and I had to wait for the next ride. They were clearly a bit stressed, first day on the job

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Today dcxs, viking86, sublimeairtime and I had a TPR mini meeting @ Liseberg to celebrate the opening of Valkyria.


And here are som photos of Valkyria (I totally forgot to take a photo of us):





























And a BIG thank you to Liseberg


/// Marcus

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Valkyria was pretty dope. Wouldn’t say it’s the next Helix/Balder but it’s a really solid addition to a really solid park.


The vests sit pretty tight while you sit in the station but riding it you don’t feel them at all. The holding brake gives you a great hanging sensation even when you’re not in the front row.


I also rode Loke and Mechanica both for the first time and both scared the crap out of me... But I’m glad I got to experience them.

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Some photos from last Friday, when I was a teacher aid at this year physic lecture @ Liseberg.


Riding the wave swinger with water and slinky toys



Liseberg has started to demolish building for the temporary parking space during the construction of the hotel and water park @ Södra parkeringen.



Liseberg have released a shorter, more "friendly" Halloween video:


/// Marcus

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^^^ Awwwww, that's too bad about re-editing the first video. It's still ok, but really quick, now.

The first one actually gave me a jump, near the end of it.


Oh well, I guess you have to change things, if your video gets banned on YouTube.


And by the way - BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to Youtube!

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