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Liseberg Discussion Thread

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Liseberg will become the first Swedish amusement park to implement a ride reservation system when in introduces its new Quick Pass for the 2010 season.


Guests using the pass will be granted priority access on up to five of the Gothenburg park's most popular attractions: Lisebergbanan (pictured), Balder, Kanonen, Flume Ride and Kållerado.


Ride times can be booked on a first come first served basis via the Liseberg website when guests buy a ride pass. There will be no additional charge for the Quick Pass.


Scandinavian park visitors already enjoy a similar system at Legoland in Denmark, but this is the first time it has been tried in Sweden.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I think that the "other" news that Lalle555 will be the new observation wheel that will be built in Liseberg harbour. It will also (hopefully) be ready at the same time as the park opens for 2010. It was initially supposed to be a leased wheel, but since they had a lot of trouble with the locals they weren't able to put it up for last summer as they have hoped, the owned leased the wheel to Mexico instead. Liseberg found a quick solution to this, they bought a brand new identical wheel instead and it's due to be delivered in the next 2 weeks, and will be erected shortly after that (it's this part that makes me sceptical to see any new rides in the park).


After the 2 year building permit they have on the site at the harbour they will move it to the Liseberg park, it's not known if they will replace the old wheel or have it located on a different place in the park...


Source: GP [swedish]

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Liseberg has now announced more news for 2010!


* A new ride called "Flygande elefanter" (Flying elephants) for kids.

* The old carousel "Ponnyexpressen" has been replaced with a newer one.

* "Radiobilarna" (the Bumper cars) have got new cars. The older Volvo cars have been replaced with police cars and "Bandit Rock cars" ("Bandit Rock" is a radio station which plays rock music).

* Pandavision, the 3D-movie, is now only a memory. The new 3D-movie is called "Sammys äventyr" (Sammy's adventure).


I don't think any ride has been removed from the park. Liseberg announced the news today at their homepage.


They have also got the prize "Sweden's best exhibition in 2009" for "Evert Taube's World".


50 days left to the season premiere!

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This is great! With all the talk about Liseberg VS. Gröna Lund recently (if you haven't seen it; read this thread) I have to say that these additions/improvements magnifies the biggest gap between the two (according to me any how). Liseberg has always had something for everyone whilst Gröna Lund has been more thrill-centered. So this is great news for Liseberg as a family attraction.


With that being said; I am a bit disappointed. Because after all I am a thrill seeker and would like to see some big bad a$$ rides.


/ Johan *longing-for-2011* Andersson

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YAY more news, I guess I have to bring my nephews there to get to ride some of them

I had a look at the Liseberg map on their site and it looks like the "Flying Elephants" will be located where Rainbow used to be.


^ I completely agree with you on your Liseberg, Gröna Lund comparison. Even though Gröna Lund have had a decent amount of rides for kids. Liseberg on the other hand have removed a lot more of their "Thrilling" rides in the past year, and not added anything in their place...


Also seeing that they haven't added anything to the spot where Aerovarvet/Kulingen used to be gives me hope that there might be something going there for 2011...

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Liseberg has sent us a press release about Paul Bocuse (of Bocuse D'or fame) adding his handprints to the Liseberg "Walk of Fame."


Unique impression left by Paul Bocuse


On 12 February master chef Paul Bocuse joined the ranks of numerous sports stars and music celebrities to become the first chef – and the first person from France – to take his place in Liseberg’s Walk of Fame.


Paul Bocuse, who has been called the chef of chefs, is a living legend in gastronomic circles. On Friday 12 February he visited Liseberg to make his handprints at Liseberg’s Walk of Fame. The chef pressed his hands firmly into the cement and completed the process by signing his autograph. When his signature turned out slightly off-centre it became clear that Paul Bocuse is a perfectionist.


“Can you centre it afterwards or should I sign again?” asked the 84-year-old celebrity chef curiously.


Many famous names can already be seen at Liseberg’s Walk of Fame, including those of Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Paul McCartney and Whitney Houston, but Paul Bocuse is the first chef and the first Frenchman.


“It’s a big honour for Liseberg and all our restaurants to welcome a legend such as Paul Bocuse. He has made an enormous contribution to the restaurant world and we are very pleased he has come to visit,” said Thomas Sjöstrand, CEO of Lisebergs Restaurant AB.

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2009, best ever year for Liseberg.

2009 goes down in history as the results in terms of best year ever for Liseberg. Despite the current economic downturn increased the Group's profit compared to 2008 from 28 million SEK to 72 million SEK.


There is an increase in visitor arrivals, together with higher sales per visitor, which is behind the good results. Liseberg amusement park was visited during the summer season of 2,352 million guests, and Christmas at Liseberg set a new visitor record with 552 000 visitors.


Lisebergs all facilities (amusement park with accommodation facilities and event venues) had 3.6 million visitors, compared with 3.4 million 2008th

- Guest volume for both summer and winter exceeded all expectations and really shows that we offer our guests are asking for, "said Mats Wedin, CEO of Liseberg.


Over the last decade has Liseberg invested over 1 billion SEK of its own activities. 2009 was no exception. Over 100 million SEK was invested in including two new rides, and Hanghai Rabalder, a conversion of Lisebergsteatern and a total renovation of the Liseberg Wärdshus.

- We had the courage to make the investments that we had planned, even though it looked really dark out, "said Mats Wedin.


Lisebergs for tourism in Gothenburg is still great. In 2009, park visitors generated approximately 2.5 billion in tourist revenue to the city.

- It's so clearly a particularly satisfying when the recession hit western Sweden hard, "said Mats Wedin.


Lisebergs all facilities (amusement park with accommodation facilities and event venues) had 3.6 million visitors, compared with 3.4 million 2008th

- Guest volume for both summer and winter exceeded all expectations and really shows that we offer our guests are asking for, "said Mats Wedin, CEO of Liseberg.

Link to Press release.


So in the end they have done a terrific job to get through the economical recession, but they haven't still broken the park visitors record from 2003 (Balder opened) that saw 3.4 million visitors (summer + winter seasons).

I really hope that this will mean that there will be some big stuff in the future of Liseberg


72 million SEK is about the same as: 10.1 million USD, £6.7 million, 7.4 million €...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Finally a press release about the new rides, and a quick construction update!!


New Rides!!

Liseberg is opening in about a months time. When the park opens they will premiere the Flying elephants, a new pony carousel, bumper cars and the new adventures of Sammy at Maxxima. And Quick pass of course.



The Flying elephants become a cherished reunion for all those who were children 1986. Since that was the last time it spun at Liseberg.


The Pony Carousel has been around even longer, in fact, ever since the park opened 1923. This year it is exchanged for a brand new carousel.


The Bumper cars are another classic that get a facelift. Among the 36 new cars, five will be painted as police cars. The rest is, as the name imposes, strips with local radio channel logos.


Sammy adventure is the name of the new 3D animated film on Maxxima. In it we follow the turtle Sammy on his journey through a changing world where the human impact on the environment plays a central role.


This year's big news is otherwise the Quick Pass, or the ability to pre-book their place in rides and thus avoid standing in line. Anyone who buys an Åkpass at Liseberg website are given the opportunity to reserve the Quick Pass, free of charge. In connection with the purchase when you get a chance to book time slots on Lisebergbanan, Kanonen, Balder, FlumeRide and Kållerado.

Source [swedish]


A quick photo update of the park:


Not much new to see here.


Not here either, but soon it might look very different...


Hang Hai were a new ride last year, but there is some work done in the background...


What are they doing with that truck??


Looks like they are preparing the ground for the Flying Elephants.


Here is the location of the new observation wheel that will be placed in the harbour of Gothenburg, after about a year of complaints and lawsuits they are finally able to put it up for this year.


Close up, why would this be a part of a Liseberg update? Well Liseberg is the company that own the wheel (will move it to the park as the building permit expires in 2 years time) and they will also run it when it's done. The wheel will open around the same time as the park...

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A video clip from the newspaper GP (Göteborgs-Posten) when Liseberg took down the Christmas star from the Liseberg Tower. Nice view over the park! http://www.gp.se/gptv?path=gptv.abcdn.net/TV-ARKIV/Goteborg&playfile=12270_Folj_med_pa_helikopterfard_over_Goteborg_115289.pls&autostart=1


The construction of the new ovservation wheel in the harbour in Gothenburg has started. This is a photo from today. http://www.gp.se/nyheter/goteborg/1.348092-hjulet-rullar-pa

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New update:


Liseberg have recieved a big shippment from Maurer Söhne, for an installation...


See what I mean


Then we spotted a Bussink car??


Ahhhh it's for the harbour wheel






Lighting accessories...





According to the builders then the wheel itself should be finished today, and the start to put on the 42 gondolas will begin tomorrow.

Official opening day is on the 22:nd of May and the wheel will initially run everyday until late august between 11 and 21.


To clear things out, Liseberg have bought an observation wheel from Dutchwheels, the wheel is designed by Bussink and built by Maurer Sohne...

Info about the wheel itself can be found at: http://www.dutchwheels.com/ (it's the R60 model)


We didn't stop by Liseberg this time, but we will have that next time...

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A new update as promised!!


First from Liseberg.

They are working hard to get the park ready for it's season première.


Getting ready at the south side


Balder through the trees


New for 2010, the Flying Elephants


Turbo drop testing


Lisebergbanan testing


Liseberg tower testing


Another new ride for this year, a replacement of the old carousel, which were also testing by the way


Overview of the north end of the park



Now for a brief observation wheel update as well


They have completed the structure of the wheel and also hanged all of the gondolas since last time


Wheel entrance under construction


VIP gondola, for dinner reservation's etc...



This is it for this time, next update will hopefully come after the Press day next week...

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I just got home from the Liseberg press-day for this season, where we got info and tested some of the new stuff this year.


We start at the beginning by the entrance


There were three Liseberg rabbits which played around with the children that were with the group


It's not often that you see a park this empty


One of the new rides from last year


The first new ride we looked at was the new Ponny Karusellen (Pony carousel)


The press manager Julia Vasilis welcomed us to take a ride.

Parts of the old one that were removed had been around sine Liseberg opened in 1923


Rabbits doing their thing


The police wanted to see what was happening


This new model featured some really unstable horses that you can "ride" on


It really looks great, Zamperla really knows how to make it look good


The two bandits


Moving through the empty park


Liseberg Station


Maintenance guys hard at work


They have added a second entrance for the Quick pass holders at Lisebergbanan


Normal work ethics, one is working and two are supervising


Next up was the new and improved Radiobilarna (bumper cars).

They have replaced the old Volvo cars with 24 brand new ones, they have also moved the exit to a better location.

6 of the new cars sport a Police paint job, where as the rest of them have been, of course, given "Radio channel" based paint jobs...


One of the Bandit rabbits have found the perfect car


So did the other one


Ooops, wrong car...


Much better


Even the Liseberg CEO joined the fun (BTW he drives like a maniac).

The best thing with these new cars is the seatbelts, they are like a normal belt but you don't have to buckle them, just pull them over your head


Looks like they have got it to work now


Seems to be running really fast today


Can't wait to ride it later in the season


Empty or cloaking devices, you decide...


Kanonen without a stalled train


That helix is teh shit


Quick pass entrance on the Flume Ride


After stopping by the new game wheel (cookies), we got to the 3:rd new ride for this season, the Flygande Elefanterna (Flying Elephants)


Liseberg had one in the past, which was removed at the same time as the old Scenic railway


The rabbits were still fooling around with the kids


Pretty standard ride, but two adults in a car is a bit heavy for the air pressure


Seems a bit too happy that this ride have returned


The entrance to the Quick Pass on Kanonen is up these stairs


The one on Balder is by the entrance to the little hut inside one turnaround


Quick pass screen, you have 15 minutes to get to your timeslot


Some cleaning is done to Uppswinget


The Ice-Bar have returned, last time there was one in a temporary building in 2006, but this time it might stay.

If you enjoy your visit at the Ice Bar then you now have the opportunity to have a meal served on plates made by Ice in the nearby restaurant


The old bar that were in conjunction with one of the restaurants in the area by the ghost hotel have had a complete re-theme and have become Spökbaren Gasten (Ghost bar Gasten)


It was a bit too dark inside to take any good pictures, but it is meticulously themed into a really creepy place, with loads of fun things to see. They were also serving some special snacks there, maggots and cockroaches...


After a little stop by to get some snacks and listen about the new stuff in the park, we were able to walk around in the park and take pictures, do re-rides, etc.


Balder really looks great


They were still cleaning Uppswinget


New, never seen before picture from the Quick Pass line


Quick Pass line, oh I forgot between these images we managed to get 2 rides on Balder It was running great for a cold day, but it was a bit sluggish on the lowest part, but I guess that 4 people on the train might be a bit light to get a good run

One of the ride ops complained that I put the bar too tight on the first run, so on the second one he did it for me, I haven't had that bar so far from my lap before I was standing up the whole way...

Hi, Kenny!!


More empty space


Next time there will be a lot more people here


Looks really nice!!


We weren't allowed to get on Rablader


We stopped by the wheel on the way home and decided to take some close ups of the finished wheel



It was a really nice day, and I would like to thank the people at Liseberg for the opportunity for us to visit.


BTW, I asked Julia if they had any plans for the space on the mountain where Aerovarvet/Kulingen stand, but I only got the reply that they did, so we might be in for a treat...


The season premier is this Saturday, so please pay a visit!!

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Another update from the press-day which I read in today's paper gives a real hope that there will be something bigger coming next year.

Årets satsning på de mindre barnen, förklarar Mats Wedin , vd för Liseberg, med att de minsta inte har haft lika mycket att göra i nöjesparken som äldre barn.

- Det vill vi ändra på och det måste vara lite växelbruk vilka vi satsar på, säger han och avslöjar sedan att nästa satsning kommer att bli på de lite äldre.

En ny attraktion i Balder-klass?

- Det kan jag inte säga nu, men jag hoppas att vi inom ett par veckor kan gå ut med mer information.

This year's focus on the younger children, explains Mats Wedin, CEO of Liseberg, the smallest children haven't had as much to do in the amusement park as older children have.

- We want to change that and there must be a little rotation on who we invest on, he says and then reveals that the next investment will focus on the slightly older crowd.

A new attraction in the Balder-Class?

- I can not say now, but I hope that within a few weeks can go out with more details.

So hopefully they will reveal what they are getting for the 2011 season soon, and seeing that this is the last year that Mats is the CEO of Liseberg could mean that they will get something special so that he can leave with a bang.


I really hope that they put in some kind of coaster on top of the mountain

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Thanks to my sister that lives in Gothenburg I have now acquired some images of the wheel at night, and I have to say that it looks great!!



I even think it looks even better after they turn of the flood lights, in the middle of the night.

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Great update and nice photos Loefet!


I'm going to Gothenburg soon to run Gothenburg Half Marathon (Göteborgsvarvet). All runners get free admission to Liseberg, so I think we're going to the park when we are there. That weekend, the new wheel in the harbour will be opened. I hope that we can take a ride in the wheel.


Anyway, no news for 2011 yet?


GP wrote for two weeks ago that Liseberg would present more details about "the new ride" in two weeks. Now these two weeks have passed and there is no press release so far. But it's Monday tomorrow and a new week, I hope for the best!

A friend's friend knew all about "the new ride", but of course she has duty to keep secret. But she said that something big was going on!

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  • 3 weeks later...

From the news today:


Liseberg is going to rebuild the observation tower to a free fall tower


GP news link


The drop is going to fall down all the way to the basement of the building on the mountain.


// Marcus


ADMIN EDIT: Here is the translated and original versions of the story so readers don't have to leave the page to see what the news is.


Starting on Monday begins Liseberg amusement park to build on the 116 meter high tower to a new attraction. The glass dome will be removed and replaced by a ring of free-hanging chairs.


The name of the new ride is Atmosfear and there is an attraction where the brave park visitors will be able to fall freely down towards the ground for about 100 meters. The case takes three seconds and there is room for 36 people at a time.


- There is no equivalent. The free drop-sites are smaller, "says president amusement park Mats Wedin.


The rebuilding is the 50 million kronor, compared with the 100 million it cost the original tower. The premiere of the new attraction is set to 16 April next year.


Here is the original if anyone wants to give a better translation...


Med start på måndag börjar nöjesparken Liseberg att bygga om det 116 meter höga tornet till en ny attraktion. Glaskupolen kommer att plockas bort och ersättas av en ring med fritt hängande stolar.


Namnet på den nya åkturen är Atmosfear och det rör sig om en attraktion där modiga parkbesökare kommer att kunna falla fritt ner mot marken i ungefär 100 meter. Fallet tar tre sekunder och det finns plats för 36 personer åt gången.


- Det finns inget motsvarande. De fritt fall-attraktioner som finns är mindre, säger nöjesparkens vd Mats Wedin.


Ombyggnationen går på 50 miljoner kronor, att jämföra med de 100 miljoner det ursprungliga tornet kostade. Premiären för den nya attraktionen är satt till 16 april nästa år.

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Well I was kinda expecting that to happen sooner or later since that's what they did at Gröna Lund and the observation tower today isn't a very popular attraction.

The height is pretty comparable to Scream at Heide park which also is a converted observation tower. And it's a good ride too.


Edit: can't get the direct address to the ride to work because of some stupid brackets but it's called Scream...

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Liseberg Tower, with a height of 146 meters above sea level, will be converted into Europe's highest free-fall attraction. The name of the new attraction will AtmosFear.


AtmosFear will be Europe's tallest free-fall, both in terms of vertical drop and the building supporting it. Over the whole world there is really only one attraction that resembles AtmosFear and it is located in Australia.


The ride starts in the basement in the tower complex and from there to the summit takes about 100 seconds. The journey down will go a lot faster - you will be free falling just over three seconds. With speeds of around 110 km/h passenger fall to the ground and the brakes will not start until you reach the basement. During deceleration the riders will be expose of the maximum allowed force, 4 G.


- AtmosFear is nothing for those who are carefully inclined. It will be the most awesome attraction at Liseberg, said Mats Wedin, CEO of Liseberg.


Liseberg Tower, which opened in 1990, after 20 years has made itself as comfortable vantage point. Now, the protective car is removed and replaced with chairs and harnesses. Passengers will sit openly with their legs freely when they fall. The manufacturer of AtmosFear is the well known attraction manufacturers Intamin, which is the company behind rides like Balder, Kållerado and Kanonen at Liseberg.


Since the construction will begin on Monday, will mean that Lisebergstornet closes to the public after the weekend. Until then it will be free to ride for anyone who wants to. All activities in the tower lobby and the 3D movie "Sammy's adventure" will run as usual throughout the season.


AtmosFear will première spring of 2011.



Tower Height: 116 meters

Height above sea level: 146 meters

Ride height: 90 meters

Top Speed: 110 km/h

G-kraft: 4 G's

Brake type: magnetic brakes

Manufacturer: Intamin

Riders/cycle: 36

Ride time: about 2 minutes

Capacity: 600 riders/hour



Official press release at Newsdesk: Click

Article in GT: Click

Article in GP: Click


More Pictures:

Edited by Loefet
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