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Silver Dollar City

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    • Wildfire
    • PowderKeg
    • The Giant Barn Swing
    • American Plunge

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Ok i made this thread so that the people of Missouri and the surrounding area to talk about one great classic theme park.


By great classic theme park i mean Silver Dollar City!!



This Thread/Topic is for posting stories,pictures or even videos of this classic park.


i will start it off with a few pics from my 1st trip this year on 9/15/08

then i will post pics from my upcoming trip on 10/16/08.





Powder keg


Powder KEG


Powder Keg


Powder Keg Launch


Giant Swing


An empty Lost River Of The Ozarks


another newer ride THE GIANT BARN SWING!


flooded mine


Flooded Mine


Flooded Mine


Flooded Mine

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^What is the reason behind that?


I just visited SDC for the first time on Sunday, and I had a BLAST! I enjoyed it much more than Dollywood (not sure why...), but I do feel it is missing some wood...coaster-wise, anyway.


I feel both Powder Keg and Wildfire are underrated, for both have some awesome airtime and action-packed layouts. The staff was also very efficient, and the food was great as well.


My PTR will be up soon!

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^What is the reason behind that?


As far as Adventure Mountain is concerned you can read in the first paragraph at: http://www.dollywoodadventuremountain.com


Reasoning behind doing something like this is basically new attractions cost a lot of money and with the economy like it is new attractions are not guranteed to bring in larger crowds. Spending all this money would then in turn be almost useless because there would be very little to no gain from it. This will provide Herschend to focus more on infrustructure and keeping all host. As stated three post above Silver Dollar City has many 'citizens' who have been there more than 20 years the same with Dollywood 'host'. I my opinoin this is a VERY wise decision on the part of Herschend and each individual park! I don't know if other plans where included at Silver Dollar City for next year or not but I do know that Dollywood WILL STILL be adding the shows Imagine for Festival Of Nations, Sha-Kon-O-Hey which will be the parks most elabrote stage production in it's history and the park will also be adding to it's KidsFest lineup. As far as the Dollywood properity goes they will still be having there biggest year of entertainment lineups ever. So it is mostly just major attractions.

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This all means that we're going to have a hole in the centre' of the park for an entire year now. Oh well, the good thing about SDC is that you don't even need to ride the rides to have a complete blast. I'm just sad that we got caught up in this at such a time - we were so close to getting our own Mystery Mine! We'll have to wait till 2011, or even 2012 now.

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