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A Walk in the Woods TR

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Hello everyone.


I decided to go on a walk the other day, and take some photos of the "beautiful" western Maryland. So, I ended up taking a few more photos than just the walk, and when I ended up getting to "the woods," the sun was almost down and the pics didn't turn out right.......anyway I will be updating this thread soon, when the leaves look better and I get my lazy ass out before it gets too dark.


Anyway hope someone enjoys this.....I should have fun writing it at least.


The path of death!


So, you can get down/up the mountain via wheel chair path or...


Almost to the official "Walk in the Woods" but not yet!


Lots of old stuff at Frostburg.


Quite a bit of steps to walk back up!


Yea, that was the circular railroad thingy at eye level.


Yea, Main Street/Business District, quite ghetto actually, it is nicer down the mountain.


I really don't know what this circular railroad thing was, but I was so......amused by it! Maybe it is the coaster geek in me thinking it is a "transfer track" or something.


Yea, the sun was already setting when I got there.


To get to the Allegheny Highlands Trail (where I am going), you have to either walk down a bunch of steps or walk down a mountain.


Discover Frostburg.....before ANYONE does.


All right, back to the car. Yeah, Frostburg is quite the metropolis.


I have to admit, the treadmills are pretty spiffy though!


The cardio area. Notice how all the gym members where cloaking devices.


An overview of the boxing area. One of the many suck-ass qualities of the gym are some of the lights are very hard to find :(


A little boxing......


First stop though, was a little trip to the 24-hour-gym......my favorite part of my college town!


Also, I just so happened to be wearing an IJTC shirt that day.....dork!!!


If anyone guessed the coaster formerly known as "Italian Job Turbo Coaster," you are correct!


First though, I had to park my car in the super-crowded Main Street Parking Garage (either that or pay a parking meter and attempt to parallel park....I'll take option one) Can anyone guess what roller coaster this reminds me of?


Welcome to Frostburg, Maryland. Home to a bunch of old people, and a bunch of college students.......its a funny mix.

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Yep, what a great institution. I have to see that every time I enter the building. Great on-campus housing, Frostburg!!! Thanks for reading.......more to come later.


Ahhh, "bak" at my home at the uni!


Broken down fence, where could I be now?


Emphasis on the "old"


Other old school stuff to see down there.





Back on top of the mountain.




Ah, finally the trail. A bit too dark, but I hope you enjoy the pics.


Yea, so the Allegheny Highlands Trail is this bike path that, when completed, will connect Cumberland, Maryland (an old town in Western Maryland) to Pittsburgh, PA (which is, well Pittsburg!!). It is about 2 hours by car from Pitt to Cumberland, so quite a long way by foot/bike. Also, the C&O Canal bike trail connects Cumberland to Georgetown, so you can now ride from DC to Pittsburgh!


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The Circular Railroad thing is called a turntable. They were used is a couple of instances.


First, for a railroad that had short trains that basically went from one point to another, the turntable would be used to turn the train around 180 degrees for the return trip. You also see that kind of thing on streetcar lines or cable cars (like in San Fran).


The second use of a turn table was at a rail road yard that stored/maintained the locomotives in a building called a "roundhouse". The building was arc shaped and would sit behind the turn table. An engine would drive onto the turn table from a common track, it would spin it around and allow the engine to be put into the round house for storage or maintenance. In the days of steam, they would fire up the boilers of the locomotives inside the round house and then route them to their train off of the turntable.

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  • 3 months later...

Yeah, like Rox said, I don't know how I missed this TR. This looked like a cool place to visit. And me being the railfan that I am, would have enjoyed seeing the turntable. Were there any trains running on that track that you could see, or was that whole thing just abandoned?



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I love this, it is the most interesting (at least to me) ptr in ages, I was expecting you to find a derelict rollercoaster in the forest - well you did find a Jeff Johnson credit at least.


I need one of those punching dummies, I'll write Windows Vista on it's forehead.

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Could that turntable possibly be from the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad? I seem to remember there being a segment involving that in an "America By Rail" video from over a decade ago...


EDIT: Googling "Frostburg turntable" finds a lot of WMSRR engines, so I'm gonna go ahead and say "yes".

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Yeah, like Rox said, I don't know how I missed this TR. This looked like a cool place to visit. And me being the railfan that I am, would have enjoyed seeing the turntable. Were there any trains running on that track that you could see, or was that whole thing just abandoned?




Yes, there is a train that does tours from Cumberland to Frostburg, and back to Cumberland. As Dan said, the "Western Maryland Scenic Railroad."


In the fall, they run trains there every day, and I think they run on weekends year round. It is something to see, when dozens of tourists climb up that hill and come up to the usually deserted main street.

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Here are a few more pictures from a couple of weeks later, and with better lighting. I apologize for the graininess of the pictures. I had a pretty pour camera at the time, which SROS at SFNE actually messed up and the LCD display didn't even work.


Also, I want to point out that in reading the first part of the TR, it was written in a very grumpy-ish tone. I want to point out that I actually love the town. I only have lived there four months, and it feels more like my home than my actual home does. It is just very old, economically depressed, and kind of easy to poke fun at.


Yea I like this place...can't wait for next fall. Cool, fall, mountain air...I love it.




Rocks and leaves





Back to the trail


Grainy pic of the sunset on top of "the hill" at my school.


This is a pic from on the campus....the arboretum.


Yea, that's the only fish I've caught there...and I'm not a bad fisherman either.


There are not many views like that in southern Maryland. The pan-handle is where it's at!


There's me doing my second favorite hobby.



You would think there would be a lot of fish in that lake. I have fished there about five times, and caught one, which will be pictured later in this update...


Another nice place in Western MD is Rocky Gap State Park. They have this big lake, 2 restaurants, lodging, a "beach," and a golf course.

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Beautiful pics. You're lucky to live somewhere with that much natural splendour. Here I'm in a poor man's Florida: all the old people and annoying tourists without the decent coasters and choice of great theme parks!! ....


Thanks for sharing that TR with us, absolutely lovely of you!

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More great photos! Needless to say, we don't get many scenes like Photo No. 5 on the Eastern Shore, either, even when there's a slick cam. But we still have Ocean City, cheap seafood and a 65 percent literacy rate!


Yea, I miss the seafood of Southern MD and the Eastern Shore.....a beach would be nice right now compared to 25 degree F high temps

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