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Photo TR: Six Flags Great America 10/4/08

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Went to the park from open till 4pm. The park looks REALLY good, definitely decorated extremely well this year.


Some notes:

> They are pushing the $69.99 2009 pass heavily. Signs everywhere.

> Buccaneer Battle is promoted at the Pass Processing center. Some of the employees there are wearing eye patches and pirate hats.

> The line for the first 3:15 Love at First Fright was HUGE! Capacity crowd. Great show as usual. Some cast changes, with Sarah Palin, Brett Favre and even Edward Cullen jokes. This is a very popular show, been there for 18 years.

> Dead Mans Party moves to the Snowshoe Revue next to Mooseburger.

> Area 51 scare zone is in the front, with Cell Block A under SSA. Costs $5, free with Season Pass.

> Progress being made on Buccaneer Battle site. Some ground movement.

> Scareactors come out at 3pm, with the Freak Parade

> Necropolis opens at 2pm. Didn't go thru yet.


Onto some pictures:

Cell Block A, under SSA

Pass Processing Center

Crowds were not too bad, yet.

VERY cool display, in front of RicoSLAY


Predator aka IRON WOLF

Not open yet.

New location for Dead Mans Party

Looks like this whole area is coming down...was closed all year.


New Sign for The Birds (Condor)

Great detail

Love at First Fright Opening Show line

Quite long...this show is extremely popular.

Mayor Slayer

Glad to see the tags are current.

Cockroach asking you to eat a different kinda bug.

This years Vampires....


Just a note to those attending...the shows are VERY popular. Get to the doors at least 30 min prior.

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I was there on Saturday as well. The crowds were not horrible, but were large. Every coaster had at least a 30 minute wait with Bull having over an hour wait. Superman was down until around noon, opened and proceeded to go down again around 5 with at least a half hour line for the ride still there. Sunday, there were walk-on's on everything but the major coasters. Even Dark Knight was a 10 minute wait at most.

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I was there all day on Saturday, too. My friends and I had a great time, and were pleased to find out that the Dark Knight finally is running all 10 cars! Line moved much quicker than usual. We also were given a tip that several of the Huss flat rides (Condor, King Chaos, Revolution) were all running on different cycles, and wow, was that true! King Chaos flipped us no less than 6 times, and some in reverse! Revolution was more intense than ever. Love at First Fright was great as always, but more chatter between the songs, and some good political humor thrown in! Two of us bought our 2009 passes. Crowds were moderate, no really major waits in line. We did not ride Superman or Raging Bull, but made the rest of the coasters and had a very good time, as always! The park should have Fright Fest for more weekends, starting earlier. I have made it for all 18 seasons and it is always a highlight!

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That is some great theming. Are there any mazes or just scare zones cause personally I think that mazes pretty much make or break any halloween event. Don't get me wrong when I hit knott's haunt tomorrow night (YAY) I will for sure see at least 1 show and walk through a scare zone but mazes are most important.

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SFGAm has 2 haunted houses, 2 walk through outdoor house type things (which are both pretty bad), and 1 big scare zone (with other scare zones on midways that are basically just scarectors). The park/rides are dressed up really well but the houses/scare zones are pretty lame compared to those events.

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