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I rode the Xcelerator!

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My crew got me in about a month ago, I was helping to open a private party that night. I was terrified!! But man, what a rush.. After I got off, I looked at the whole structure thinking "... I just did that...?"

I work there, (AT Xcelerator, running the thing. Irony, huh? o_O), so we were waiting to open. We got clearance from our supervisors, and I was the one chosen. Now I'm a pretty big guy, and I was like "They'll never get me o n that thing, ha!" Well, I had spoken too soon. I was like "Ha! f you can get me on I'll ride." SO sure they couldn't do it. I was wrong! (To my surprise)


So.. anyway.. yay!


edit: Added more details. ^^;

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Congrats. I really need to get back to Southern California... I haven't been for years. Xcelerator also looks like a blast.


Still that made for a pretty boring post. You need to give us some background to make it interesting. How many times did you skip it? What was it that worried you? How did you feel waiting? Heck tell us how your friends convinced you to go on. Something...

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There's a feature in this month's LA Weekly with Xcelerator chosen as scariest coaster in So Cal. If you scroll down to the bottom you'll see winning coasters in several categories...I'm not sure I agree with this guy's choices in general.


He likes a lot of the coasters I like, but he rates them oddly. Nonetheless its worth a gander I think.


Grats on riding a great launch coaster! Have you ridden Ghostrider yet?


click here to see this LA weekly dude's opinions! do you agree?


don't forget to scroll down or you'll be confused

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^, ^^^, and ^^^^. Wow, let's all jump on the "belittling people" train. Yeez, at least Wes's disparaging comments have SOME element of humor.


Rocket, continue....I'd like to hear more about Xcelerator. I've never been to So Cal, so any anecdotes of first-hand ride experiences ON THE LEFT COAST are interesting.


I'm a bigbig Intamin fan...give yer coaster mah' love.

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Xcelerator was one of the first "big" coasters that I tackled in California. (I had an extreme fear of heights at that time.) The launch still packs a really good kick, and there is something super entertaining about seeing the trains rocket directly out of the station. The whole watching as people squirm right before the light turns green, makes for some good photo and video footage opportunities.


I'm glad to hear the peer pressure finally got to you, it sounds like you ended up enjoying your ride.



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The ride is quite tame compared to Dragster.

It is, however, fun.


A differing opinion here. Having ridden all of the Intamin launched coasters (except Superman at Movieworld), I find them all to be ok, but somewhat incomplete, except for probably Stormrunner and Skycar. It's like they're missing something.


Though I would imagine that Superman at movieworld would be the most enjoyable out of all of them due to it being more of a complete ride.


But, for the launch alone, to me they rank like this:


1. Xcellerator

2. Stealth/Zaturn

3. Furious Baco

4. Dragster

4. Kingda Ka (hate the 3 "stages" of acceleration)

5. Stormrunner

6. Skycar

7. Desert Race/Rita

8. Speed monster

9. Kanonen


As far as ranking them as complete enjoyable rides, I'd rank them:


1. Stormrunner (though I hate the braking on the downhill slope)

2. Skycar

3. Speed Monster (the setting helps)

4. Furious Baco (although I do have a love/hate it perception of this ride)

5. Xcellerator

6. Dragster

7. Kingda Ka

8. Stealth/Zaturn

9. Desert Race/Rita

10. Kanonen (too damn small to be worth it)






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