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RCT2--Busch Gardens Asia

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Well, since there's a BGAfrica and a BGE, I felt I should make a BGAsia. These are all of the screens for the entry to the park, themed after a Silk Road trading town in the Arabian desert. Enjoy!


This is the back spike for Caliph, the park's Schwarzakopf shuttle loop.


This is Caliph's station.


This is a small shot of a cluster of buildings flanking the immediate entrance.


This is the main plaza of the area.


I hope you like these! To see more, go to the Ad District on the NE Forums and go to Busch Gardens Asia.

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Looks amazing robbie. I love the look of the area but agree with some of the comments over at NE (I'm TwistedHelix over there) that the theme was a bit confusing at first.


Confusing themes aside the actual exacution looks amazing. I love the use of bobsled track as canopies and the realisticness of the station itself though I reckon form a practical pov it could use a covering of some sort.


The actual square is also amazing. The sheer amount of detail in it without making it overbearing and still practical from a realistic and peep usuable pov is amazing.


The foiliage is what got me at first when I saw that you were using both normal foliage (as in like Pines and Cedars) and then having Temperate (in the form of Palm trees and shrubs and the such) I thought it wouldnt look good at all together and would clash horribly but I was wrong and the more I look at it the more the theme park feel is present as you've managed to literally take us into another world and still shown us where we are by the normal foliage.


All in all my favourtie piece of work at NE and here atm and am very much looking forward to you continuing and completing this.





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