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[RCT3] Curvir Amusement's Lost Continents

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We have a new Amusement on the run, I don't play on AW anymore, so now LC!



Here we have the (incomplete) entrance.

Part of the equator area, soon it will include a hotel & casino

named Golden Mountain.

Party Popper is a Vekoma SLC.

Bronco is an Intamin prefabricated wooden coaster, it is longer than Colossos.

Under construction waterpark.

Lastly, the European section (Eiffel Tower and Pilgrims Ship pictured)

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Here is Snakebite's station, I'll put more windows.

Here is the completed entrance.

They just started to put parking lines.

Here you can find the wierd looking Eiffel Tower. (I rushed on it)

Devilution (Frisbee) and Fruit Juggler (Inverter thing)

Yes, I will cover the queues.


Done for today.

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Yeah. Nicoolah is right. there's no need to rush if you want your park to look good.

Some suggestions:

-Make the woodie's station more than just a box with windows. Try to make it more interesting by putting in some details or giving it a better shape.


-Instead of having grass and paths strewn all over thge place, try to make your park look better by organising the paths and adding some trees to break things up.

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...(I rushed on it)...


That seems to be the general theme of this park. My suggestion: take more time on it... let the park develop... instead of plopping things down and having rides disconnected all over the place with no scenery.

Agree; instead of placing a lot of riders here and there, you should concentrate on one ride at the time..

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Here is DizzyRyd, the first multi-car Maurer Sohne spinning coaster!

Die Another Day: The Ride, an X-Car.

I went to the skycoaster and got a pic.

Walls of Sky Blue's station.


3 restaurants in Africa

1 in Antarctica

5 in Aus.

10 in America.

5 in Europe.

6 in Asia.

2 in Mexico.

20 in the Equator (estimate)

Golden Palace Resort & Hotel (Equator)

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Golden Palace is now Titanic. (aka The T)

Buffet before.

Buffet after. (current)



Shopping mall (Red Rose) (England/Sea theme)

2,000+ luxury suites.

(small) Casino

2 nightclubs (Bubblegum and Y-cluB)

2 adult shows

6 restaurants in casino

T2 (Titanic expansion in the North American section.

Will hold Red Rose)

4 Nightclubs (Xtreme, Vibrate, Kandy Room, and The Corridor bar) T2

8 restaurants (casino) T2

3,000 rms. T2

Waterpark (Neptune Wonderland)

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