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Do Aliens Exist?

Yankee cannonball

Do you believe in intelligent life on other planets?  

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  1. 1. Do you believe in intelligent life on other planets?

    • Hell yes!
    • Kinda.
    • I doubt it.
    • Definetely not

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I read the thread about that lunatic who says aliens are going to visit Alabama, and saw that it was total bull and treated as so. But I also noticed no one directly said that aliens don't exist. Tell us wether or not you believe in aliens, and try to post a good defense for your opinion. You could also post a description of what you think aliens would be like, I want to see how many different results I get.

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Aliens are all over the place. I can see them every day as ghostly figures gliding over the horizon. They're brought to Earth by the rogue helicopter pilots. They have no regard for humanity. I saw them capturing the neighbor's cat. They drew it up into their flying saucer ship using a microwave tractor beam with rings on the outside. I carry a Geiger counter around with me just in case the aliens try to deploy their radiation grenades on my home. Sometimes it registers a reading. Clickety-clack. I know they're out there.

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Statistically speaking I am sure that there is life on other planets. Maybe it's just a simple bacteria or perhaps the other extreme where 'WE' on earth seem to be just simple bacteria to them. Who knows? But I do believe we are not truly 'alone'.


I am however just a little jealous because if 'they' are smarter than us, they probably have cooler coasters with shorter waits.

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I totally agree with some of the other people above - given the size of the Universe, the chances that Earth is the only planet capable to sustaining life is pretty damn slim. Will we ever meet these aliens? Who knows. But I'm positive that somewhere, out there, there is at least some other form of life. And with the recent discovery of the evidence of water on Mars, it might not be that far from us.

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