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Photo TR: We went to the Alabama fair...


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So yesterday my school had an away game (which we won - Roll Tide!) so instead of going home, my twin (Robby) and I drove to Birmingham for the 'Alabama State Fair'.


The away game in which we had "no chance of winning"?


Scott, it's not about Indy racing. Colin, it's not about F1. It's all about the Pork racing!


Well, yeah!! Do you really think I drove back to Indiana for a weekend for something called the "Indy 500"? Pfff! Pork racing is where it's at. I just didn't think you'd understand...


Great TR, dude!

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Have you ever seen a pig get run over by a series of F1 cars?! It's not a pretty sight.


A few years back there was a rabbit that was obliterated when it got out on the track at Indy. Nothing left but a blood spray. For the rabbit's sake, thank goodness it was quick.


Back to topic, once again, good work Tyler.

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