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Theme Park Review's Coaster Video Contest WINNERS!!!

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Thanks again to everyone who participated! This year's contest was better than ever with more people submitting and more people voting than ever before! We look forward to the 2006 Theme Park Review Video Contest!


And now....


The winners are....


Theme Park Review's Picks:

First Place - Nick Collins' "Bumps & Bruises"

Runner Up - Guy T Koepp's "It Came From The 4th Dimension"

Runner Up - Tom Mueller's "Busch Gardens Tampa"

Runner Up - Kevin Gillan's "Floruba"

Runner Up - Morgan OBriens' "Best Movie Ever!"


Viewers Choice Picks:

1st Place - Guy T Koepp's "It Came From The 4th Dimension"

2nd Place - Tom Mueller's "Busch Gardens Tampa"

3rd Place - Thibault Van Look's "FUN!!!"

4th Place - Nick Collins' "Bumps & Bruises"

5th Place - Martyn Hoyer's "Alton Towers Lovely Rita Video"


Theme Park Review's "Notables"

"Best Segment Without A Coaster"

- Bernhard Wimmer's Marchenpark

"Most Improved Videographer From Previous Year"

- Alan Martin & Phil Hart's "Carowinds Opening Day 2005"

"Best Dressed" - "Guy in the pink robe!"

- Joseph Wanek's "Adventureland"

"Best Video By The Youngest Entrant"

- Connor Thompson's "Knott's Khristmas"

"Best One-Liner" - "High Speed Coaster From Vekoma!"

- Tom Mueller's Universal Orlando 2004

"Best Line Quoted By E.T."

- Don Garrison's "Universal Studios Florida"

"Best Animal Attack" - Duck Biting Girl!

- Paul Ruiz De Miquel's Terra Mitica

"Most Consistent Videographer" (See Top 20)

- Jon LoCoco's "Hersheypark"

- Jon LoCoco's "Cedar Point"

"Video Entry That Traveled The Farthest"

- Clint Dulieu's "Sea World Australia"

"Person That TPR Is Most Disappointed In"

- Rainer Ziesche For Not Submitting A Video This Year!

(Rainer won last year's contest with "Onride.de Season 2003")


Viewers Choice Top 20 Scores

Here are the top 20 highest scoring videos from the ballots we collected.

"1st Place" vote = 5 points

"2nd Place" vote = 3 points

"3rd Place" vote = 1 point


1. 301 points - Guy T Koepp's  "It Came From The 4th Dimension"

2. 189 points - Tom Mueller's  "Busch Gardens Tampa"

3. 160 points - Thubault Van Look's  "FUN!!!"

4. 155 points - Nick Collins'  "Bumps & Bruises"

5. 143 points - Martyn Hoyer's  Alton Towers Lovely Rita Video

6. 128 points - Kevin Gillan's  Orlando 2004 or "Floruba"

7. 120 points - Steve Lee & Karen Lawson's  "Shut Up & Smile!"

8. 117 points (tie) - Frederic & Nicolas' "Weekend Airtime 2004"

8. 117 points (tie) - Jon LoCoco's  Cedar Point Video

10. 115 points - Jon LoCoco's  "Hersheypark"

11. 95 points - Nick Collins'  "Coaster Season 2004"

12. 83 points - Alan Martin & Phil Hart's  "Carowinds Opening Day 2005"

13. 81 points - Don Garrison's  "Universal Studios Florida"

14. 80 points - Jonathan Hawkins'  "Paramount's Kings Dominion 2005"

15. 77 points - Julian Johnson's  "Vertigo"

16. 76 points - Brian Shinsec's  "Six Flags Marine World"

17. 75 points (tie) - Bernhard Wimmer's  Marchenpark Video

17. 75 points (tie) - Morgan Obrien's  "BEST MOVIE EVER!!!"

19. 74 points (tie) - Joseph Wanek's  "Adventureland"

19. 74 points (tie) - Martyn Hoyer's  "GhosterForce"


To download all the entries click here:



Ok, everyone...now this is open for your discussion.....



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Awesome; I actually finished a whole lot higher than I expected. The 4th Dimension definitely deserved the recognition it got; it was very creative. It was a lot of fun watching all of the videos, and I'm looking forward to next year.

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i'm suprised that i scored as high as the marchenpark video! i thought they were way funnier than i was. i'm glad i entered the contest, and am already preparing "the best movie ever EVER" for next year thru-out my travels. that is, of course, the only reason i'm going to wisconsin to ride hades and to japan to ride all sorts of coasters... not because it's fun, but merely because i want to make a great video for next year. it's all about themeparkreview. teetle he he.

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wow...i'm absolutely floored that both my videos (Cedar Point and Hersheypark) ended up in the top 10. It seemed to me that everyone prefered the antics and people over the coasters, but thanks to everyone for the votes. And I can't believe I won a title "most consistent videographer" I guess that's a good thing Till next year....



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Why did I forget to vote for Wisconsin Dells!?


I loved that video, still do really...


Non of my favorites really one other than 4th D only because it's so different.



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Thanks to everyone who voted for the Whootah vid! We really appreciate it.


There were ALOT of awesome videos in the contest this year and they were all great to watch. I think I speak for everyone when I say that it's great to have so many creative people involved in something so fun and sharing their work for the enjoyment of others.


Thanks to the Alvey's and friends for their time and work in hosting the contest. Your the best.


I can't wait till next year...

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Alright! 3rd place in the viewer choice pics !

That makes me feel good !


Oh, by the way, it's Thibault and not Thubault !


Thanks to everyone who thought my video was cool and thank you TPR for organizing this great contest!

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Wow! Two times second place and a "Notable". "Thank you!" to all ThemeparkReview readers for voting. It feels great to be so really, really famous now By the way... I would like to thank my parents and ... well ... I love you all! There is only one thing, that could be even better than this:




By the way: I just finished a video from a big german fun-fair, called "Duesseldorfer Rheinkirmes". It features some cool rides, a Schwarzkopf "Alpina-Bahn" and Boobs! (french TV-style!)


MPEG Video, 22.6MB


The Rheinkirmes in Duesseldorf


I was really amazed to make it into 2nd place!

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