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Cool, Clockwork Angels is the first album of theirs I have bought aside from a £3 best of from my local supermarket, so now I am working backwards through their discography! Not too keen on Vapor Trails though, it's a little too rough and ready!


They are on tour in the UK in may, so I am hoping to get to a show.


Vapor Trails is a good album, it was just mastered so badly and compressed to hell. You can find fan made versions out there that have been remastered (as well as they can).

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A baby with terrifying album artwork. Good God.


In other news, Record Store Day is coming up! I don't even know if anyone here is into RSD, but I'm excited, especially because CHVRCHES' debut EP is receiving a proper vinyl pressing for the event! If you've not heard of them, they're sort of a more straight-forward, Scottish Purity Ring with an extra member.


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Holy hell the new Off With Their Heads album is good! I will post a song or two tomorrow(maybe a full stream if available) but it's GOOD! In fact tomorrow I think I will post some new music to this thread... cause as the Streetdog's once said "WE ALL NEED A LITTLE PUNK ROCK AND ROLL!"

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Double post(sorry) but as promised here's some new music for the punks and skins of TPR(or maybe I'm the only one besides RD... IDK) but here are some albums, completely free and ready to stream!


First off is Off With Their Heads stream of their new album, Home! It's AMAZING and is considered by most to be the current frontrunner for album of the year, at least in the punk community. Good if you like deep vocals, self hatred, and awesome punk rock sound! The entire album is in this playlist put up by Epitaph(the bands label)


Direct Hit split with Braver(who I don't like) but if you thought Andrew WK was a party animal check out DH! Your mind will be blown to smithereens! www.punknews.org/bands/directhit

As always support local music, support independent music and support your scene!

I'll try to stream some ska next posting here! Have fun and rock out!

The oi oi oi Ghost

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All you people that like Evanescence should check out the bands they ripped off/were "inspired" by:


The Gathering

After Forever

Within Temptation

Lacuna Coil


and many other European bands, including some current ones (Epica, Delain, Ameranthe).




And their harder-edged counterparts, namely Septicflesh and Rotting Christ, as well as Type O Negative, the band that more or less made their existence possible. There's also Fleshgod Apocalypse, I guess, but everyone hates Agony because it was a change from "brutal death with symphonic elements" to "Dimmu Borgir/CoF playing watered-down death metal". At least Francesco Paoli is a cool dude who knows his stuff.

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Here's a bunch of really good bands/artists I've discovered while hunting for music over the last week or so.. Their not in any order.. some new, some old, some not even preforming anymore, and there really isn't one genre either. I liked them all though, at least some of their songs, so I hope you enjoy them too.


Here goes nothing:.... Bonus points to whoever can guess what video game a good chunk of these songs are from

30 seconds to Mars:



Alkaline Trio:









End of Fashion:



From Autumn to Ashes:



Ima Robot:



Riverboat Gamblers:



Rock Kills Kid:



Someday Never:






The Confession:






Family Force 5:



Monty Are I:






Sons of the Damned:



Coyote Kisses:









Love might kill:



Secret Sphere:



Mob Rules:



Machinae Supremacy:






Mampire Weekend:









This may possibly be the longest list of bands ever posted on a TPR forum... ever. Hope you enjoy them, and let me know what you guys think of the bands/artists.

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Now that the Daft Punk hype is dying down, we can all start hyping the new Boards of Canada album, Tomorrow's Harvest. It's their first album in almost eight years, so a lot of IDM fans are going crazy about it, including myself. They just released the first single, Reach for the Dead, either earlier today or yesterday, and it's really good.

Listen to it on Warp Records' Soundcloud page!


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There is a band from Finland called "Amberian Dawn".

They are a Syphonic Power Metal band with female operatic vocals.

They are VERY, VERY GOOD!!!! In fact, they are often compared to old Nightwish in the way they sound.

The lead singer is a trained soprano operatic vocalist, Heidi Parviainen.

Let me tell you guys, Heidi can SING!!! VERY WELL TOO!!!

That much is very evident (and more) in the first song Amberian Dawn released in their music career.

That song is "River Of Tuoni" from the album River Of Tuoni.


Since the release of the River Of Tuoni album in 2008, Amberian Dawn have released three additional albums.

The Clouds Of Northland Thunder in 2009.

End Of Eden in 2010.


Circus Black in 2012.


Amberian Dawn feature some very fast, technical and melodic lead guitar riffs and solos.

Also, the keyboards are a vital part of the band. You will hear them sometimes shread through a solo with the guitar or add their own flair else where in the song, either supporting the guitar and/or vocalist.

Sometimes the keyboards will be the main feature in a song, and the rest of the band will follow.

Each member in Amberian Dawn are EXTREMELY talented with each of their instruments, and it shows. You can hear it.


So, if you are a fan of Nightwish or Symphonic Power Metal, then I urge you to go check out Amberian Dawn.

You won't be disappointed!!!!


On a side note, have any of you guys heard of Amberian Dawn?

If you heard a song or two by them, or all of their songs and you are a fan like me, then what do you think of them?


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Helped clean out my Dad's garage over the weekend and came across all his old records and found a record player as well. Been listening to LP's ever since, it's amazing how different a song sounds on Vinyl to how it sounds when played on a computer. I have to say that my favorite listen so far has been The Whole Story by Kate Bush, even though it's a best of album, there are some classics on there that sound incredible, I was absolutely blown away when I listened to Wuthering Heights on that album, it was like listening to it for the first time again!

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What does everybody think of Lordi? I think they are a great band, but I may be alone on that island. They're music sounds like, well, Lordi. I can't really compare it to anything else. I think they're music is great, but am I the only one?

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What does everybody think of Lordi? I think they are a great band, but I may be alone on that island. They're music sounds like, well, Lordi. I can't really compare it to anything else. I think they're music is great, but am I the only one?

No, you're not the only one, I also love Lordi!!! Their music is indeed unique and it has also helped me prepare for my shifts at the haunted house I used to work at.

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