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here a video from a big hardstyle festival from 2008:



I need to go to one of those concerts before I die, that looks incredible.

It was amazing! The lights and show are incredible! So if you turn 18, go to Holland for Qlimax! But the most festivals are for 16 year and older.


Here is the aftermovie of Qlimax of this year, it was fantastic!

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Well I'm no fan of hardstyle but the scene is getting bigger here in sweden. A major promotor here in sweden, Monday Bar, usually include hardstyle acts on their events and one of their cruises is a Black & White event which usually means the scenes are shared with music between trance, techno and hardstyle with international promotorors like Q-Dance and God's Kitchen. (For those who went to the scandinavia trips they take-over one of the bigger cruiseships that travel between sweden and finland, estonia and latvia)

Went to one Black & White cruise a few years ago and that was a fun experience to say the least. The hangover was not.

Took some vids with my cellphonetelephone:

Not really my kind of music anymore though.

You can check out the promoter and their events on their website...

Monday Bar

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I've waited awhile, but 30 Seconds to Mars' new album "This is War" was released on Tuesday. I fought the temptation to download the leaked copy and bough mine first day.


The album is amazing, and the way This is War flows into 100 Suns is awesome. I can listen to this album non stop.


Also, if you haven't heard, the band did some pretty awesome things to include their fans on this album. They held "summits" in several cities around the world to record their fans singing and making noises to be included in their songs. They also held Faces of Mars where the first 2000 people to send in a picture of their face meeting the specifications laid out got their face on the album cover (I unfortunately procrastinated sending my picture in). So in total, there are about 2000 different album covers. When I picked mine up, I got the default cover with the tiger since most of the faces I saw were pretty ugly.

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Hello people


So tomorrow, I'm having my IB Recital Performance and I'm going to perform a piece called "The Meadow" from the movie "New Moon".


Seriously, I hate the movie.


I'm here just want to show the video of my practice. Still a lot of 'glitches' here and there, but yeah, please do give comments, suggestions and advices for me. Will be much appreciated.


P.S. The performance will be assessed tomorrow for my IBH Music.


Thank you


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A Skylit Drive's new-ish album Adelphia is so good. (cough < cough) The opening song Prelude to a Dream is so powerful. I love the whole CD.


I was looking around on youtube for A Skylit Drive and found a bunch of HQ videos of them playing at The Glasshouse in Pomona. If you like Wires and the Concept of Breathing then you should check the videos out.

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Who on here is SICK of Use Somebody by Kings of Leon? I am ABSOLUTELY SICK OF THIS SONG!!


Mhm. But some of the covers are pretty good.


I've recently taken a liking to a band called Sherwood. I've known about them for a while, but never really listened to them. When QU (their newest CD) came out, I decided to give 'em a try, and I was blown away. It's like a mix of pop and alternative/indie, with a hint of high-school glee club. If you're into that kind of thing, definitely check them out.

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