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Constellations came out yesterday, and I got the special pre-order with an autographed poster, t-shirt, vynal, and the cd of course. And overall the cd is amazing. I can't decide if Messangers or this one is better, I need to listen to Constellations more for me to decide.


And Thirty and Seven=Best Song on the album.

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LOS ANGELES, July 20 (Reuters) - Adam "MCA" Yauch, a founding member of rap group the Beastie Boys, said on Monday he has a cancerous tumor in his salivary gland, forcing the cancellation of the band's upcoming concerts.


Yauch said in an online video that the cancer is "very treatable in most cases," and it is localized in his neck and not affecting his vocal chords.


"I apologize to everybody, for anyone who's made plans or was psyched to come to these shows that are coming up," Yauch said. "We'll be back doing this, so that's what's up."


As a result of the diagnosis, the Beastie Boys will push back the release of their upcoming album "Hot Sauce Committee Part 1," the group's record label EMI said. The album had previously been set for release on Sept. 15, and the tour would have supported its launch. No new dates were set.


Yauch said he started feeling a lump in his throat about two months ago and he recently checked with a doctor and was diagnosed with the cancerous growth in his left salivary gland and an adjacent lymph node.


Yauch added that he expects to have surgery next week, and would follow that with radiation treatment.


Reuters interviewed Yauch last week and he seemed upbeat when talking about the future. His record label said Yauch was diagnosed with the tumor last week. (Reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis: Editing by Bob Tourtellotte and Todd Eastham)

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I'm starting to really like the band god forbid. This is going to sound somewhat racist, but there is a way he(byron, the lead singer) that makes him sound different than many others, and I think it is because he is African American. It kind of makes him sound more throaty, which I like, because, I enjoy high pitched screaming like suicide silence(exhale screaming, generally) but it needs some inhale screaming to balance it out. Also, I like bands that are not just screaming, but still has a lot of screaming, and also has some normal screaming and fast guitar.


Also, anyone else like Bodom? (Holy **** they are touring) I so want to go see them in October! I love Follow the Reaper!!


Anyone ever been to the Glass House in Pamona? If I go will I get killed moshing(I want to mosh, but will probably need a break at some point)

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Got Radioheads latest album In Rainbows and Holy shit it's amazing, the best track on it by far is:



Here is a list of the top 5 best tracks IMO:


1. Weird Fishes

2. 15 Step

3. Bodysnatchers

4. Nude

5. Faust Arp


The next Radiohead album I'm gonna buy is Hail To The Theif but if anyone else has any other suggestions of In Rainbows esque Radiohead albums then please say!




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Just bought Chris Cornell's latest effort "Scream" and I must say that it is infectious! Take it with me in my car everyday...Loved him from his "Soundgarden" days but I like change and change he did with this album...not much rock at all.


Also just bought Daughtry's new album: "Leave This Town"...excellent album from start to finish, but by far the best song is: "You don't belong".


Check both of these out!!

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  • 2 weeks later...


has produced the greats works in music that span from "Fly By Night" to "2112", "Farewell to Kings", "Hemispheres", "Permanent Waves". "Moving Pictures", "Signals", "Power windows" and their latest effort, "Snakes and Arrows"


Rush consists of a Man named Geddy that sings like a woman, and plays bass like a black man. And he's good on keyboards too.


A Man, Named Alex who is the "Son of Life" and plays the six string like no one else (Eddie Van Halen once said he wants to play like Alex)


An a Professor named Neil, who can play Drums better than your favorite drummer. oh and he's a great Lyricist.


These three for a group that deserves to be in the Same conversation with Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Van Halen, and all of the other bands that are considered to be Immortal.


Nick "The Analog Kid" Wells

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I know most of you have never heard of Porcupine Tree (Dave has, which makes him even cooler). Anyway ... song of the year right here (from their upcoming album) ...




As for Rush, they have been my favorite band for about 20 years now. Saw them at the age of 14 and they just blew my mind. I've been hooked since. Took my son to his first concert last year, it was Rush.

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