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Photo TR: L.A. County Fair

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Hey everyone!


Me, my brother, and my mom took a trip to the L.A. County Fair. We took advantage of the McDonalds Wednesdays offer. We were able to get Unlimited Ride Wristbands for only $20.00! This even included the Mega Drop and Speed (Booster)! It was a great deal!


There were quite a few people, but it was really fun. Hi-Miler was awesome as always. All of us really like that little coaster. It is very forceful, with lots of ejector air. It's really amazing to me that a 40 foot tall coaster can provide so much intensity! The Crazy Coaster was running well, and we spun quite a bit. It wasn't nearly as good as Hi-Miler, but still a lot of fun. All the slides were awesome, except for the Goliath Slide. It totally sucked. Mega Drop was GREAT!!!! It is extremely intense, and it gets my stomach every time. The free fall sensation is excellent. -.5 G's at the beginning of the drop, and 5.5 g's at the bottom. Yikes!


I could talk about all the rides, but I'll just let the pics and captions tell the rest of the story.


All in all, the L.A. County Fair is awesome. Everyone needs to go!



We ended our day by stopping at Chick-Fil-A. =]


Giovanni decided to lay down this time.




MEGA DROP again! In this picture, you can actually see that we are still dropping, even though we're almost to the ground!


Worst. Slide. Ever.


Giovanni didn't like it too much. He wanted it to be more intense.


Here's the third coaster of the day. It was very strange.


The sky ride gives some pretty good views of the largest carnival midway in America.


Here's my mom and Giovanni on the Sky Ride.


"I'm a bearded dragon. Gimme some candy!"


Yay for shaved ice.


This is a 2 story blow up slide. It was interesting.




"The other slope was a lot better!"


This is in the Winter Wonderland section of the fair. This slope was a little bumpy.


Here we are on the "Crazy Coaster". It wasn't crazy, but it had one good drop, and a few good spinny moments.


This is the Euro Slide. It's tall and fast. And, to my surprise, the last 3 dips get my stomach.


Zoomed in again. LOL at my face. Perfect timing.


ACTION SHOT! Seriously, the fall stops right before you hit the bottom. It is an incredible little ride.


Up we go! As I said earlier,when the drop begins, -0.5 g's are experienced. At the bottom, 5.5 g's are pulled. Pretty awesome for a fair ride.


This is absolutely true. The ride op pushes the button, and the ride goes up the tower. It can't be stopped once it's started.


Here I am on the AMAZING Mega Drop. It's only 135 feet tall, but that's pretty good for a traveling fair ride.


The end of the ride. Giovanni is wondering what just happened.


Camel backs!


Close up!


The first drop on an EXCELLENT coaster. =D


Giovanni, Me, and Oddish in the Moscow Circus Fun house.


First ride of the day: Hydro Slide. It was fun.

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^Thanks. And, what is Chick-Fil-A? It's awesome. =]


Chick-Fil-A is a really good fast food place. They serve all kinds of chicken, (IMO, the classic nuggets are the best), and some insanely good ice cream. Another plus to Chick-Fil-A is how healthy is it compared to other places. Everything that is fried, is cooked in cholesterol free and Trans-fat free peanut oil. The ice cream only has 4 grams of fat, and their lemonade is fresh squeezed.


You should find one near you and go to it! The closest one to me is 50 minutes away. =[

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There's Chick-Fil-A in Arizona and So Cal, but of course none here in the "great" state of Nevada.


I know this is even more off topic, but Arizona seems to have a lot of things normally found in the Midwest, South and East ala Culver's, Chick-Fil-A, Quik Trip, and Whataburger. None of which have seemed to make it up here to Las Vegas.


BTW...the founder of Chick-Fil-A is a Southern Baptist.

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We have a Chick-Fil-A in Oxnard that opened last year where a Krispy Kreme store used to be. They are indeed good.


I had a ticket to the L.A. County Fair, but after a long day at the DLR yesterday (read about that here), I decided to get a few more winks. In hindsight, however, I kinda wish I'd gone, but I'll go next year.


I rode Crazy Coaster at the Orange County Fair in July. It's a far cry better than that Pole Position ride that tours with another carnival operator.


Surely the Sky Flyer was there...wasn't it?


Very good Photo TR.



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^Whoa, whoa, whoa...


It's called Hi-Miler.


Yes, in my opinion, Hi-Miler is awesome. It's just awesome in a completely different way from other coasters.


It not like it's my favorite or anything, I just really appreciate the fact that it can pack so much fun into its tiny footprint. It has insanely good airtime in the back seat, and it's really re-rideable.

----Antonio"just my 2 cents"G.

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