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Headed to SFNE FrightFest 10/18..Anyone interested?

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Howdy all! My daughter in Chicago gave birth to our 5th grandchild last night (9/25/08) and while my wife gets to fly out to see her, the babay, and the son-in-law, all I get is this crappy T-shirt, so I was thinking about hitting FrightFest at SF New England on the 18th. If anyone is interested in meeting up with me, give me a shout!


Scott "Grandpa for the 5th time at Age 40" Mayfield

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Good luck... I had the most god-awful time at SFNE this weekend. We waited in line for Superman for 90 minutes and watched the ops testing the ride... they didn't start testing it until the park opened and then we watched as they tested one train... then put the 2nd train on and tested them for one cycle... then took the 2nd train off and tested the other train for 15 minutes... then put the 2nd train back on and tested them... then stood around for a while doing nothing... then we left the line.


So I guess... moral of the story... don't try to ride Superman first, cause if the park opens at 10:30, that ride won't open until at least 12!

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I will be there Saturday for opening with a group of all-stars! SteveC from UK, young Jeff, emoboy James, DaveH80, two hot chicks and Big Mike! I am sure you will see some familiar faces, so say hi if you'd like.



I do like being considered an "all-star"




what is with the last billing on the list???



Peace, Big Mike

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sfne, I am so bummed! Sounded like you had a great amount of people with you. Because I'm an airhead, I of course forgot that my older (hacked) email account is hooked to this and not the one I'm using now, which is my fault for not checking. How did you all like it that day?


I DO know that it was especially nippy on Superman when i rode it the first couple of times (I think it was maybe 40 degrees outside) but the beer helped. To prevent future mess-ups, I flagged my old account to give me a buzz when i get a response. Really sorry about that. Maybe we can get some folks together for next season.



Scott "Senior Moments R Us" Mayfield

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