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Best use of a roller coaster for advertisment hands down!

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So Yeah, My girlfriend was reading Cosmo magazine while we were both on the couch watching tv the other day and this ad popped up. I am just go as far as saying this is by far the best use of a Rollercoaster in advertising in the history of ads or rollercoasters! Although if actually built this would be torn down to the "head" trauma.


Rollercoaster.....of love ...say what...ooo ooo ooo

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I think its a safe bet to say most of you are too young to remember when cigarettes and cigars such as Marlboro, Camel, Newport and Black & Mild were allowed to advertise on TV but there was an ad for Winston Cigarettes back in the early 60s that was shot at NYC's Coney Island where this man and woman light up their Winstons and then thry boarded the Cyclone ( then again it could have been the Thunderbolt or the Tornado ) and they continued to puff away..while they rode that coaster !!!!


Every once in awhile this ad pops up on you tube.

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...and thus begins the converations about sex toys based on roller coaster names. You can just imagine...


"Wicked Twister"


"Silver Bullet"


"The Beast"


"Twisted Sisters"


Photoshop contest, anyone?


Black Mamba is already a toy

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OK, so let's run through a list of double-entendre coaster names:


We'll start with a combination that only exists at SFOG. I asked a friend if he wanted to ride Ninja or GASM and he said, "Ninja Orgasm???"


Anyway, on to the list of sex toy coaster names:


Big Bad John

Earthquake McGoon's Brain Rattler

Twist n Shout

Giant Dipper


Swamp Thing

Willard's Whizzer (later shortened to just Whizzer, which isn't nearly as funny)


Wild One

Zach's Zoomer

The Boss

Fire in the Hole

Zambezi Zinger


Bar-one Bushwhacker

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