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The Great State Race-AND THE WINNER IS....


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Hey Everybody!!


Shari (Mom) here... I got home from work last night and Samantha said "Mom...guess how many post cards I got today? 22!!!" She got 22 postcards-all international-in just one day! Her teacher told her to just read one fact off of each to the class to save time LOL!!! Thank you all so much!


They are still lacking in cards from the Continental US, so for those of you who are reading this thread for the first time, or who maybe thought about sending one but you were too late, please go ahead and send one. I am going to email her teacher to see if she can tell me what states they still need. If I can get a list of which states are still needed I will post it later today.




Shari and Sammi


ps. Here are the details once again:


My daughter, Samantha (the second of the "s"es in Disneygurlz2s) has a favor to ask of you...thanks in advance for those who would like to help her out!


Dear TPR friends,


Hi! This is Sammi. In class we are doing a thing called The Great State Race.


I need as many postcards from each of your states so my class can win the contest.


It needs to have 2 facts about your state or city (example: California is famous for movies and entertainment, the capital of California is Sacramento). It ends November 13. The sooner I get the postcard the better. Please send to:


Samantha Shoufler

Team Accomplish Room H273

Mason Intermediate School

6307 Mason-Montgomery Road

Mason, OH 45040



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Maryland should be taken care of as of last week, if it wasn't already. Good luck, Sammi!


What kinds of facts has everyone been putting on these? I included that Maryland is known as the "Free State" because during the Civil War, slaves crossing the Mason-Dixon Line north into Maryland were considered "free" (that's really more of a generalization considering the divided political climate in Maryland at the time, but it's close enough for a postcard blurb) and that the state flower is the Black-Eyed Susan because it contains the yellow and black colors of the crest of the Calvert family, who founded Maryland.

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Oh no, these facts get read to the class, I'm embarrassed and nervous. I don't remember what I wrote, But i sure hope that they were good. So glad that I don't have to read them, I just know I kind of wrote the first two things that came to my mind before I walked to the post office.

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1. Indiana

2. North Carolina (Chapel Hill)



Great idea spaceace. Be sure to add the city/town of your state/country, since there are people sending from different places.




As for my facts, I put down that:

1. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was the first public university in the United States. (Founded in 1793).

2. Chapel Hill was one of the first Southern municipalities to recognize Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

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I don't think it makes much sense to create a list by users because I'm not convinced that people who have sent in postcards will still keep reading the thread.


I also think I remember Sharri saying that it's ok to get mulitples from each state, correct?


Let's just make this easy...if you haven't sent a postcard...SEND ONE!



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Wow, I'm sorry, I completely forgot about this. I'll try to remember to pick something up tomorrow unless someone already has Mass covered for you.

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^Yeah.. don't worry about the list... I agree with Robb, it's a good thought, but not everyone will re-read and at this point, as I said, we are just shooting to finish out the continential US.


According to Sam, they are only missing about 15!! but, naturally, she only remembers 4 of them (of course, she can remember all the coasters she has ever ridden, so you can respect that she has priorities!! Oh, sorry, she just said "coasters are easier to remember than states"!) The four she knows are missing are Connecticut, Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. But. if you are in the continental 50 and want to represent, go for it!


Shari and Sam

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I'm curious, do you happen to know how many total postcards have come in through the TPR effort?


Since neither her Dad or I have had the chance to actually get to her class to look at them (she WILL get them all to keep at the end of the project so I am looking forward to her bringing them home) but only the TPR folks have been sending them to school; friends and family have been sending them to our home. So, based on that, I would guess at least 40 so far...possibly more.

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I have some family in Huntsville


Funny you say that. Most of Mom's relatives are scattered around Dayton, Fairborn, and Sandusky. There's a reunion every couple years that I just never get too. Laughably, my parents have gotten closer to Cedar Point than I have in the past few years!


Also, I'll be on a business trip in a couple weeks and will pass through Cincinatti on the way to Harrisburg, PA. Sooo close to KI and Hershey, but no weekend time for Hershey's Candy Lane.


Getting back on track. Glad to help and hope the remaining states come in for the class. Glad to hear about end results in a few weeks too.

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Went to the post office today but they didn't have anything but basic blank ones. I'll keep an eye out for something a little bit better than that and send it in should I find one.

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Since I had to pick Sammi up from the after-school program today, we headed up to her classroom so I could (finally!!) get some photos to share!


I will apologize in advance for two things... #1) These photos were taken with my cell phone #2) The postcards are either taped and/or stapled down so it was impossible for me to read most of them. I knew who a few were from based on where the card was from or who I remembered saying "I sent one with.... on it". I can tell you that I am personally looking forward to reading all of them when the project ends in a few weeks.


Thanks again!!

Shari and Samantha


Not sure if you can tell, but there's one here that pictures Balder!


Thanks ZaneyMon! This is one of her personal favs because of the characters in their Halloween garb


Sam is practically responsible for all the cards on the "International Board"


I knew immediately this had to be from Chuck!



Indiana=Holiday World!!


The blue string connects the cards received to Sammi's homeroom, the green one's belong to the other class/team


Alvey's representing the Golden State!


This is the board where both classes from her "team" have their cards posted

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