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The Great State Race-AND THE WINNER IS....


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Hi Everybody...


Reporting on behalf of Sammi.... She has received about 20 so far from TPRers!! Many of the international ones are starting to arrive now. Unfortunately, little "Dory" isn't very good at remembering who and where they are all from, but I will find time to stop by the school and take a look for myself real soon. I know she did get the one from Zaney (Tokyo DL!). I think that one stood out in her mind because it had the RODENTS on it!


Robb is right...she has until the 13th of November to receive. They don't have to be a park or even any special attraction...all states, countries and cities are interesting (I am actually looking forward to when we get to bring them home to see and read all of them!)


Have a great weekend everybody!

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Dear Sammi and Mom,

Been a busy couple weeks and FINALLY got the postcard in the mail today. Look for a Space Shot postcard from the US Space and Rocket Center in the coming week. Sorry for the delay.


Looking forward to hearing how things turn out. Sounds like all will work out very well.


Always glad to help out a fellow/sister TPR member.


Best to you all, Michael

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Hi Sammi and Mom!!


I just got back from California and read your thread.


I will also send a postcard from The Great State of New Jersey just in case the other one does not make it there




I have also posted in my thread to send all my valuable Big Mike Readers to this thread to help out!!!


Since it is the #1 thread of 2008, hopefully we can get the rest of the states you need!!!



All the best and hope to meet up one day, Big Mike

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To big mike: Hey... I may not know what i'm doing completely and may be a bit of a procrastinator, but I finally did my part and got it in the mail and sent all correctly.

We'll just have to see who came up with better NJ facts...

My postcard is from Sandy Hook in Monmouth County! The best county in New Jersey! >= P

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Ok, sign me up for dumbest things said/did on TPR.


It's been a LOOOONNNGGG time since I've sent anything snail mail, let alone addressing a post card. Well, when I sent it the other day, I put my address on it thinking "return to sender address" and not Sammi's address.




Sorry Sammi and Mom. I'll get it fixed and in the mail soon. Hope you get a laugh of this at least.

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Hi Sammi! How excited we are about your wonderful class project! What a fun way to learn about our country! Our family (My Mom, Dad, and Me) live in Arizona. My Mom and Dad grew up in Ohio and I have lived in Arizona all my life. We're excited to assist you with your project and we will be sending you postcards from many places in our beautiful state. We hope you enjoy discovering the Grand Canyon, Oak Creek Canyon, Montezuma Castle, the San Francisco Peaks, Meteor Crater, Sedona's red rock country, and lots of other special sights. We'll send you a postcard showing you what autumn looks like in northern Arizona. We're confident you will learn a lot from The Great State Race, have fun hearing from people!

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Mailing Postcard..Take 2


A funny thing happened on the way to mail your postcard today. I stopped by the US Space and Rocket Center gift shop to get another postcard after fubar-ing the first. On the way in is a little memorial for Miss Able Baker, one of the first monkeys in space. There's a tradition of leaving a banana on top of the monument as a little tribute. While looking at this, I noticed for the first time, a smaller, flat monument. This one was for Big Al, another space monkey AND Able's husband. Curiously, Able had her customary banana, but Big Al didn't. As luck would have it, I had a banana with me that I bought for breakfest this morning. The answer was obvious. I grinned and said quietly "Here you go, pal", placing the banana on the stone. For some reason, I briefly petted the stone just like you would a dog or cat.


Yep, the second banana got his OWN banana today, thanks in part, to your class project. Where ever he is, I'm sure Big Al is one happy little space monkey.


Hope you enjoy the story and postcard that's once again on it's way.


Best, Michael

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