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The Great State Race-AND THE WINNER IS....


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I just got around to getting on the NJ turnpike and stopped by to pick up a postcard. None of them had 2 facts.. But i got one with some really long facts about the Sandy Hook lighthouse. I also think I'm surprisingly the first person from the great state of NJ to do this. Could I write in another fact to make it work? For example: Did you know, that people from South Jersey have never even heard of Sandy Hook, while it's relatively popular in North Jersey. It would also help if we could get a list of places that we already have, I live in an area where I could easily access a few states on the way to other parks.


Also just wanted to say, I really wouldn't do this, but I don't know if i feel "giving" or just competitive, But I want you to win, whatever it is.

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Hey Everyone!!


Sammi has begun receiving postcards at school daily! So far, I think, she has received cards from Rhode Island, Utah, California (thanks Alvey Fam!) and a few others. I am sure that some of the "international" ones will begin arriving soon. Thanks to all of you it sounds like Sam is single-handedly accomplishing the class project (and we know they are going to kick the other classes butts! LOL!!)


My plan is to take an afternoon off later this month and go to school to take some pictures for a little "TR" so I will keep you posted!


Shari and Sammi

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I believe she got 6 at school yesterday.... of course, she's like Dory in "Nemo" and can't remember where she got them from! UGH. Her dad usually has lunch with her once a week, so I am going to ask him to see if he can stop at the classroom and maybe get a little more info.


For those who asked, yes, two handwritten facts ie:


"Florida is known as the 'sunshine state'"

"Florida is the home of Walt Disney World which takes up more area than the island of Manhattan in New York"


"Cincinnati is known as the "Queen City of the West"

"Cincinnati is famous for it's special recipe chili which is made with a variety of spices and even cocoa"


We'll keep you all posted!


Shari and Sammi

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