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The Great State Race-AND THE WINNER IS....


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I'm in Ohio so I'm sure you've already got that covered unless you need a postcard from the "city of rock n roll that doesn't have a decent radio station"


Hey Sammi!


Your project sounds awesome! I too am from Ohio, so I'll pass on sending one out, but way to go with everyone helping you out! My kids thought your project was really cool. They also envy you for living so close to KI, as they've never been there as of yet! We're hopefully planning a trip next year to ride Diamondback!


BrownStreak, I feel your pain with the lack of decent radio in the Rock N Roll capital! 88.3 out of Baldwin Wallace (www.wbwc.com) is usually pretty decent for only being a college station. The summer marathons they have every year ususally rock and they have a good mix of specialty shows from oldies to prog to metal.


All the best!



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Sammi wanted me to report that she received her first post card at school today from John in Rhode Island!!! Thanks John!! She was the first in the class to receive/turn in a post card, so she earned a "chance card" (nowdays in school they bribe the children with "tickets" that they can win trinkets or penny candy prizes with...where was this when we were kids???)


I emailed her teacher today to explain about TPR and why we would want to stop in and take some photos a time or two. She said "You've cleared a lot up. Sammi told me something about you didn't want to put her home address on the internet and rollercoasters. Now it all makes sense!" LOL



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You have one coming from beautiful Montana. I am so proud that your daughter has really gotten into this. Being a mother of three I know how important these projects are. Think of all the cool facts she will learn. This assignment also proves that TPR members ROCK!!!!

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Well, I have one from the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City, so would it be cool if I sent it?


--Davon "Always up for helping!" Dorsey


P.S. The facts WON'T include the London Bridge, since there are already some on it.


EDIT: Darn postal system...don't have any stamps...so sorry!

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2 facts about your city, state, country is all that is needed. Of course, if you want to say something about who you are, what you do, etc. that would be cool, I think, since Sammi is hearing from all kinds of new friends from around the world!


Shari (Mom, who is just as excited about this project as the girl is )

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