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The Great State Race-AND THE WINNER IS....


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I can get you one from Colorado. Just gotta go find a good one at the CSU bookstore to send off!


Ah...the OTHER CSU is representin'...I changed the computer wallpaper in the Student Government Office from out CSU logo (Ohio) to yours' (Colorado).


I'm in Ohio so I'm sure you've already got that covered unless you need a postcard from the "city of rock n roll that doesn't have a decent radio station"

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So if someone else from California can get a 'California' or another big city (maybe San Francisco) I'm sure that would be awesome as well.


I would be happy to send one from San Francisco. Sometimes it feels like we are separate from the rest of California anyway.

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I too am in Australia but Hurricane/Maccaboy, let's organise what we could do.


We have a few parks to source from. How about I take Movie World, Hurricane you could do Dreamworld and Maccaboy, you could send a lovely one of that lighthouse/Cape Byron since it's probably harder for you to come by a postcard from a theme park? Any other Australians could do Wet'n'Wild, Whitewater World, Luna Park Sydney/Melbourne or whatever...


That way, she has some postcards in her collection from Aussie parks so it will kill two birds with the one stone.


Sammi, you have a great daughter. While I'm not looking forward to the pain of pregnancy/childbirth when I eventually-in-the-not-too-near-future have a kid, I hope mine is as cute as yours!!!


im going to DReamworld next week

and wetnwild

ill do both



I've allready got a old school Dreamworld Postcard that has the Thunderbolt as well as other retro rides featured on it

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Hey everybody... Shari, Sammi's mom, here....


I just want to say how AWESOME your response to this has been and how much Sammi is looking forward to having you all flood the school office with postcards from around the country and the world! It doesn't surprise me at all-TPR is an great online community of totally cool people!


Just to answer a few questions/comments:


Yes, international postcards are great! And I agree with Elissa, cards from different regions and parts of the same states would be cool! The kids are being encouraged to get one from each state, but with all the different attractions, geographic areas, man-made and natural landmarks, cultures, etc, I think it makes an awesome experience (plus, it make Sam look really well connected to be getting all these cards from everywhere!) to learn as much as they can about different places.


You have all month (the end date is November 13th actually), so if you don't have one handy now but want to pick up one on your travels (or next trip to the mini-mart, whatever) that is fine!


I have no idea if there is a "prize" for her class (besides bragging rights!), but I guarantee you that having an excited kid so in to this project because of all you is a prize in itself!


And, yes, Samantha is the little girl we "pimped out" at Kings Island during the Midwest Trip last summer. It was so much fun spending time with many of you and we definitely plan to take a TPR trip sometime in the future!


Thanks again,

Shari and Sammi


PS.. R&E... I just saw that you put this on the homepage...how awesome, thank you! You guys rock!


Sammi pounds it with Ryan on Midwest Trop in '07

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does anybody already applied to send a postcard from belgium? maybe i can send some chocolat too

Great idea Jeroen! We can send both a postcard and we can buy some candy as well! (chocolate would a little difficult I think, cause it would melt?)


Don't know if it has already been asked but what kinda card does she want or does it needs to be something special on the front?

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