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Bible Park USA

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BTW, the only good ride that could come fromt his park would be an awsome hell themed ride lol j/k but there wont be many thrills coming from this park.


Ya'll know good and well if they came out with a coaster called the Holy Roller, you would beating down the gates to get in!


"Move, I need this credit!"


Doesn't sound exciting to me. They should make it a museum and call it a day. Disney it won't be.


I did have a good idea for a Christian Horror Dark ride with goes into a Gay Bar playing La Bouche. Oh the Horror! Then it goes into a catholic church and you catch a glimpse of a priest snatching an altar boy into the confessional! Hey let's make it a Sally ride so we can have a shooting gallery where you point crosses at targets. "Oh no, save the guy trying to serve us the koolaid! Save the teens trying to have sex!"




You could call that dark ride "Exodus" as in that group who tries to turn gay men/women into straights even though in reality they do not have a very good track record in doing that and they way they recruit is very questionable.

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