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PTR, Japan and Korea take 2!!

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So here we go again...


Ever since my last years visit I have wanted to return to Japan just because the place is so awesome. And doing Korea on such a trip is just natural just because they just opened a sweet wooden coaster (even though Eagle Fortress was the main draw here).


So I had planned a quick 11 day trip for me and my brother, and during some days we joined the TPR people on their trip in the area. I just have to say that the trip in all was a great success.



Day one (you are looking at it)

Day two CLICK

Day three CLICK

Day four CLICK

Day five CLICK

Day six CLICK

Day seven CLICK

Day eight CLICK

Day nine CLICK

Day ten CLICK

Day eleven CLICK

Day twelve CLICK



September 5:th

Day 1, I hate early mornings.


Coaster today = 0

Coasters in total = 0

New Coasters = 0


So this was the travel day, I had everything planned out. But the schedule felt a bit daunting, since it would take me 24 hours from where I left my apartment until we would arrive at our hotel in Tokyo. Our arrival would be around noon the following day, and I know that I can't really sleep on airplanes then I knew that the second day would be horrendous.



So I left my apartment in northern Sweden at "way to early in the morning" o'clock


Nah just kidding, it wasn't in the middle of the night, but at 5 am


First flight, for the day and from Luleå to Stockholm


World's 3:rd best airport restaurant!!


2:nd flight for this trip, from Stockholm to Amsterdam


Yay, KLM haven't managed to loose my luggage yet


There she is (I think, there are so many of them)


This one it is anyway, but no upper floor for us this time


While on the way we saw the tallest building in Sweden


Mmmm, Food, It gave me a good chance to test the food program in the camera

We actually managed to eat up our stuff before the rest of the cabin received their food, yay I'm Special!!

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September 6:th

YAY for Japan and Hello Kitty!!


Coaster today = 7

Coasters in total = 7

New Coasters = 2


So this was the second day and we arrived at Narita Airport at 9:30 in the morning, I actually managed to get one hour of sleep on the flight so I was pretty fuzzy. We rushed through Immigration and customs so that we could get on the trains into Tokyo asap.

This day we had the only hick up of the trip, namely that we had pre-ordered Rail-Pass exchange vouchers, but the ones we received were the wrong type and also were for a Rail-Pass that didn't exist. But the girls in the exchange office were pretty cool about it and helped us get the Rail-Pass anyway.

(We got our bad vouchers completely refunded and the guy that sent them to us, apologized his mistake).


With our Rail-Passes and tickets to the NEX in our pocket, we headed on towards Ikebukuro for our hotel. After a quick check in and dropping of our luggage it was time for our first park of the trip.


Seibuen Yuenchi

A small park that is run by the Seibu train company. That have 2 coasters, a couple of flats, a water park and a Hello Kitty area. When we arrived on the middle of the day it looked like the park was going to be packed, but everyone were in the water park, due to the heat, so we made this a quick visit.



Second park of the day, another small park in the area, where nothing much had happened since our last visit. We were warned that the Corkscrew would be closed, but it wasn't, but the Shuttle Loop, was closed still


After a quick stop by our hotel again, to get our room and settle in a bit. We headed out on the town again. First up was the World Trade Center Building to get some great views of Tokyo Tower and then it was time for Galaxy Express at Aqua Stadium.



After spending way to much time on the 747, we finally arrived at Japan


Half of our hotel, how many places do you know that have a 60" flat screen TV hanging in the Restaurant patio?




During the nights there were major roadworks going on in this crossing, but they were really quick


Train POV


Wonder if this is the right station?


I guess that we better follow that sign


I think that we are on the right path


Looks like it


Entrance to the water park


Hunchback police?


I spy a credit


As I said, the park was empty


I think that Togo are planning to take over the world with these kind of animals


Hello Kitty area


Restaurant in a train


Warning, this Pikachu eat kids


Credit 250


Strange only in Japan ride


Feels like I'm on drugs, there are flying Elephants everywhere


I have been of 66% of these coasters now (damn I could have made it 100%)


The area with the bigger rides


Liseberg watch and learn






They have a thing for Thomas


Sorry but you won't fit in my luggage


Lot's of stuff


Pretty cool Carousel


The most scary ghost house in the world


Hmm, haven't I seen this one before??


As I said empty


There is the get screwed part




Best queue ever


The train looks cool


Lift-Hill, where pleasure is born


I guess that they know what is coming




The get screwed part is in there somewhere




Mmmm, Looping Starship


You have to battle it out with the Viking to enter this swinging ship


The station was still empty


Yay, we are going somewhere...


Ah, that's better


Toshimaen, this place had more people in it then Seibuen


This log is your log, This log is my log, When lightning struck it, it hit a bucket


The most awesome Carousel ever


This thing is old



Why won't you run...


There I see something running, let's go ride it


This one also have get screwed part


These new style Arrow trains are pretty good




See they are everywhere


Log flume


This log it used to be a tree, Now it spreads love to you and me, Hey look it's heading out to sea


Power Coaster


Oi Oi


Can you see the 2 wheels on this one


In that direction there is a coaster so bad that it's not worth going to


Teh Towaaa


Up this hill there is a kick ass Intamin coaster


more to come...

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September 7:th

Moomin!! and crazy statue.


Coaster today = 9

Coasters in total = 16

New Coasters = 1


So on the second day we had 3 more parks lined up.


First up was Yomiuriland:

This time around they weren't running the Spalsh train on the bandit, and we are actually pretty happy with that, since you don't get soaked (even if that would have been pretty nice on such a hot day) and that Bandit was running way faster then last year which made it really awesome, this extra speed was pretty noticeable in the helix sine you really started to grey out on it.

White Canyon, the RCCA & Togo Woodie, was pretty bad this year. Not one that I will volunteer to re-ride anytime soon.

We did some of the flats and the Go-Carts which were pretty scary at some points, and they still ran that awesome show that they had last year <3


Second for the day were Sea Paradise:

We made it into a quick visit since the forecast for that night were thunderstorms and there isn't that much to do in that park except for the Surf Coaster and Blue Fall.

Surf Coaster, is one of the coolest coaster in Japan, with massive helices, a decent amount of air and it runs through its course pretty smooth. It would probably be even better if they put on trains similar to Fujiyama (so would Bandit).

Blue fall , was just as awesome as last year (still not the best drop tower in Japan though), but there was so little people riding it so that they didn't use the fake-drop sides


Third park for the day was Yokohama Cosmoworld:

This time around they had all the coasters operating, so I was able to get my final credit in this park \(^0^)/

Ok, so it was a standard spinning mouse, but it was at least on of the better that I have ridden.

They had added a second train on Vanish, they even ran it with both for a while, but they kept stacking it like mad, so it didn't really make a difference, and they really have to lower the floor in that station since the bottom of the floor of the cars is at least 0,5 meter below the station, which makes it hard to get in/out of them, FIX IT!!


As we left the park the rain started to come down, and we hard a lot of thunder in the distance.

And on they way back to the hotel we went right through the storm.



We went by this movie poster on the way to the station in the morning, and after seeing the trailer on YouToube then I have decided that I have to see it!! See for yourself...


Bic Camera, we had 4 of these, 7 story tall, electronics stores around the station


That's tomorrow


If you skip to get of at Yomiuriland you can go to Hello Kitty World






Mmmm, Bandit


Black out helix


Standard stuff in parks here


They are waiting for us


Is it just me or does the Landdog look like Moomin??


See what I mean...


It was running like SEX


And the whole day was like a long ERT session


Most boring coaster in the park


Too bad that you couldn't ride it in the Death Seats


Train was running half full all day


Cheesy dark ride


There's another one


Liseberg, note how this is able to go upside down


A good way to cool down on a hot day


Crazy Hyuuuu, Crazy stooon (I guess that they have named it after the sound it makes)




Showtime, this girl was standing and rallying up all the kids in the front row


Just Like Moomin


Most of the park really


Soon at the top


Man this sucker is huge, wonder if he is in that Giants building...


Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch


Stop talking already, we want to see the show




Ne Ne


Last time they fought a pen holder, this time I'm not so sure


Never fear Blue is here




Hmm, so every one in the park went to see the show, maybe we should head for a couple of runs on Bandit then


There is some more people that have come up with the same idea




Kiddy coaster that is better then the ugly ass mine train


You see, better then an ERT


Back part of the ride




Now where did I put my bike...


So that's how you do it


Sea Paradise


Mmmm, Intamin sex


Awesome Togo Coaster




Various flats


The most awesome drunken barrels ever


Did I say this sucker is tall??


It just goes on and on


All the way up there


Geek photo of the fake-drop




Helix of death




Can you please loos the OSTR:s


This hill produce more air then Silver Star does on it's whole run


Out to sea


More massive helix




Next up Yokohama


Matta ne


Now we just have to walk a bit to get to Cosmoworld.


You can't really hide a giant Ferris Wheel


Cool boat


Cosmo Clock




Awesome scenery


Oh noes it's gonna crash it


Look it Vanished?!?!?


New Credit


The Queue wasn't as bad as last year


Dum di dum




Banana Coaster


Spot the enthusiast


Crazy statue



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September 8:th

¿Fuji-Queue?, not as bad as last time


Coaster today = 7

Coasters in total = 23

New Coasters = 3


So this were the day I had planned for going back to Fuji-Q, which we did.

This time around we went there on a weekday instead of in the middle of a big holiday weekend. There was a lot shorter queues this time around, but it was nowhere close what I have seen people report, so Mondays are probably just as bad as normal weekends. We actually managed to get on all 3 big coasters in about 3 hours this time around, instead of the 8 last year!! so I had plenty of time to get the stuff I missed last year. But, I'll be back here...

As most people know, Fuji-Q closes down everything if there is just a slight hint of rain, but I have to say that this statement is a bit exaggerated, since they ran everything even with sessions of light rain during the day!!


Dodonpa: I still love this coaster, the launch is just awesome, we tried to log this again, but it failed a bit this time around

Eejanaika: Got an back-outside seat on this beast. I were a bit thrown around and beaten up, but not as bad as some other coaster I have been on (read: Jupiter, Space 2000, Cobra (Friheden)). I really love the massive support structure since there are so many foot/head choppers all around this ride.

I think that it would improve the ride if they would add a better restraint system, that keep you more secure (The new Vekoma seat/restraint system with the vest would be awesome).

Fujiyama: Still super smooth and a great fun, with the best Togo hyper trains I have ridden.


We did some other crazy stuff while on our way to and from the park, but more on that later...




We got on this "Dashing looking train" at Shinjuku to head towards Fuji-san


Looks like we are going on track 2


Yay, for Thomas land


We hope that you could be so kind to us


Other moods of Fuji-san


I had during my research found out that the Japanese MagLev test facility should be around there somewhere


I think that it might be the facility up on that hill


That bridge is definitely part of the track


Talk about an anticlimax...


The nature was pretty sweet though


As well were the scenery


I think that we are going in the right direction


When we exited the train we knew we were at the right spot




The red and black looks so good


Missed credit last time


So Massive


Head first


This element packs a great punch




Don't worry there will be a lot more pictures of you




This picture is really hard to get, but we had plenty of time while waiting for Fujiyama


This twisty bit is pretty good


We rode the Golden train


This thing didn't really fit with the rest of the massive attractions


Strange indoor coaster/shooting darkride


Finally get to ride this (to bad it sucked)


They are sow screwed




Screw any pictures of the new ride, these cats are way cooler


Another new coaster for me


Exit Shop


The lift-hill grease cleaner was really cool and hand slapped everyone


Beware of flying ninja hamster






Yay Thomas land


Come down from there!!


10 years, beat that DMP and SF


Pretty cool walkways


Yay for Cranky


So we accidentally went on the anniversary day!!


Yay new credit


Signature shot




The view from the top of Mount Fuji


There is the larger model of it


Most disorientating piece of track ever


this count as at least 2 inversions


Lift-Hill shot


A lucky shot that actually turned out pretty cool


Isn't it great!!


Ready to get your nut's busted??


Super fast


Now it's only the brakes left


Look it's Man-Bear-Pig, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!


Going Down


Big ass turn


Ferris wheel


Going down at another angle


Thomas land take 2


Looks good




I didn't know that Knapford were in Japan


Yay for Thomas


Not as cool as the ones at DMP


They closed down the queue to the Haunted Hospital




They have brought more here then Thomas from the UK


But I'm sure that this guy is native




Start bracing for the brakes


Panic Clock


Fujiyama again


Matta ne!!


Time to head back to Tokyo


Man this map is old


Pretty cool mountain at Otsuki


On the way back we decided to do something really crazy, we jumped of the train at a random station just to take a picture of a building and then jump on the next train

Production I.G are awesome


We got a few strange looks while doing this




More Shinjuku


From the top of the Government building:

Towards Tokyo Tower


Joypolis area






Screw LHC, this black hole will kill us all


Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building


It's absolutely free to go up to the top!!


Tomorrow it's time for Intamin Madness

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Peter...awesome pics! I really miss Japan now too.


Yes the Drunken Barrels at Sea Paradise are the greatest ever! Too bad they're so far away from me. Hopefully you got another spin on them this time after our amazing death ride last year!


Thanks for sharing these...looking forward to seeing more Intamin sex!

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September 9:th



Coaster today = 8

Coasters in total = 31

New Coasters = 1

Missed Coasters = 1


This day started out as a trip to Tobu Zoo, and after that we weren't sure on what to do next, so we just kept the parks coming. It turned out to be one of the most awesome days of the trip (mainly since it was filled with Intamins). Too bad that the drop towers in the parks we visited were closed for the day .


So first stop was Tobu Zoo:

I really kinda like this park, feels a bit like Flamingo Land if you want to compare it to something. But then again this park have a brand new really kick ass coaster, which Flamingo Land doesn't...

Kawasemi was the main reason why we wanted to go here, and after riding Piraten earlier this year we knew that we were in for a treat.

To compare the two, then I have to say that Piraten might have a little bit more speed and airtime, but Kawasemi is smoother (we only felt the Intamin shake on on spot). They are both awesome coasters and I really like them more then EGF, and I can highly recommend you all to ride them ASAP!!

A bad note is that Kawasemi have a strict rule to load the train from the front (the other coaster in the park doesn't??), and with no one in the park we spent riding it in the front car for almost every ride. We asked the ride ops (which were 2 awesome girls) everytime if we could get a back row ride but no luck, we even waited outside the queue area for people, but there was never enough people , in the end for our final ride of the day we got a back row ride, thanks to the Ops!! (We Love you!!)


After spending a couple of hours at Tobu zoo, we started to make our journey back into Tokyo, and we saw some more Intamin rides on the way, the urge for them were to big so we got of and spend a couple of hours at Tokyo Dome City (more commonly known as LaQua).

This is the home of Thunder Dolphin the most mediocre ride in existence (apart from a really awesome drop). The whole Geopolis area have been closed down, not sure if it's a complete rebuild of the area or just a retheme, so it's not sure what will happen to that one of a kind Togo indoor coaster they had. The rest of the park is pretty good for it's small city location.


So the time still went really slow which meant that we had loads of time left on the day, so we started thinking about what to do next. An idea of going to the Disney resort area came to mind, and with a pretty cheap evening entry to the parks made this into a pretty awesome idea that we couldn't resist.

We choose to go to DisneySea, just because it's way more awesome then DisneyLand, and that it had a coaster down during my last visit. It was down this time around as well, so more bad luck for me that day. But we still got some awesome rides on: Journey, Indy, Flounders and the Tower, along with some good food.



This is a good image to have in your camera if you are going to Tobu Zoo. So you know where you are




Not much Intamin on this one but still good


I think we have to head in that direction


Look, there is no one there



This is like a Park ERT


Wonder if you are as good as last year, or if you have been bitten by the Jupiter bug


This part of the park looks pretty good


Now that's what I'm talking about


Some sexy curves right there


Good Location to get overhead shots of Kawasemi, etc. Pretty hot though


Not even the small Kiddy coaster can hide Kawasemi


I can see the queue


Who need ERT, just go on the right day


We interrupt the Kawasemi ogling with a kiddy coaster POV image


This time around they had added double cushions to make the ride smoother, I thank them for that, since some parts were just as bad as Jupiter, but not even close overall


Crazy Togo looping mouse


Looks nice


Looks way better then Piraten


Mmmm, twisty


As I said, who needs ERT






Train + one awesome ride-op


Regina, has gotten a bit rougher over her curves


Looks pretty though


Still one of the best wooden coasters in Japan


Let me here you say, Intamin Air


The second of these hills is the best on the whole coaster






This drop + turnaround really make you grey out


Random stuff


They have a pretty cool circular 3D theater in there


Waiting for more riders


Holy crap, they managed to fill more then half the train (this was the most we saw the whole day)


Too bad that the tower was down the whole day


Looking for some Intamins


There they are


Stupid tower being down all day (this is the best tower in Japan)


Too bad that id doesn't use the full height


Standard spinning coaster


Looks so good, but isn't really


Signature shot


One of the coolest support structures ever made


That's better


Lucky shot getting the train in there


Better then Blue Fall


The best part of the ride


One of the few rides that pierce a wheel


Someone on the train is clearly enjoying him self too much


There is a few Maurer Söhne clones of this one in the world and a shit load of Golden Horse ones


Nothing there


Look a train


About as far as it goes up the spike




As tall as it goes


Most of the park


I really have a problem with this


Please crank it up to 11




Tokyo Dome


You can't hide from my camera


The traffic is pretty bad


Sweet Penguins


Disney Bonus trip


If you didn't know, TDR is celebrating it's 25:th anniversary


This was just a steel skeleton last time


Entry plaza to TDS


We had to wait a while before they let us in


OMG, he is going to crash!!


Looks just as good as last time


See what I mean





It's better then a small world




Mysterious Island


Hotel Miracosta


More awesome scenery


This looks so cool


Teh Towah!!

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Peter...Thanks for more Intamin sex pics! Kawasemi looks TOO good. You took some great shots of it. Also, it still amazes me how empty the Japan parks can be until you go to TDL, USJ, or FujiQ.


Yeah I was about to ask about the Qoo credit(s) and how many you got. Orange was my fav of the two flavors I tried. Are there other flavor flavs besides orange and apple?


Also I meant to mention the picture of Max in my previous post. Hope to try that next summer.

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^ Yeah Intamins are the best coasters/rides around, and I really think that Kawasemi and Piraten are better then EGF.

About the crowds, I can only say that you still have to get to the parks on the right days (you will see what I mean in a few days), but we got really lucky on most of the parks though.


I can't remember how many Qoo's I had, but I missed the apple one, since I didn't see any until I go the airport preparing to go home .

I still had a few Orange, White- and Blue Grape though. But I almost think that the Natchan drinks tastes a bit better.


You probalby won't get that one but there is a bunch of them in the Stockholm area, and plenty of other places around in Sweden (non in Gothenburg though )

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September 10:th

Culture stuff + flight to Korea


Coaster today = 0

Coasters in total = 31


So today we had a bit of extra time before we had to leave for Narita, to board our plane to Incheon, Korea.

So we decided (more like I ) to do some walking around in the area near Tokyo station and do "tourist" stuff.

First stop was to walk by Godzilla, just because he is so awesome, and also since I just missed him last time i were in these parts of the world.

Next we went to Hibiya park, which is just located across from where Godzilla is. It's a really nice park area where you can hang out in.

Then we walked past the Tokyo Castle entrance area on our way over to the Imperial garden, which is also a pretty nice place.

After this little tour around in central Tokyo, we headed up north to a temple that I last year promised myself to visit next time that I were in Japan.

It's called Yushima Tenmangu and it's a Shinto shrine that is a place that lot of students visit to pray for good grades, passing examinations, etc. so that's exactly why I went there


This was the last thing that we managed to do, so we got our bags and headed to Narita and our Asiana flight over to Korea.



Tokyo station looks way smaller then you imagine it


In central Tokyo


Oh, I forgot to mention that the whole place were completely taken over by cows!!




Butcher friendly




Expressionistic art


Just mad












And police ones


We also saw this crazy statue




Not to be afraid, he's not as big as you would expect


Hibiya Park:


Tokyo Castle area:


Japanese Imperial Garden:


On our way back to Tokyo Eki


Yushima Tenmangu


Hmmm, wonder what's make this super??


Beige, but awesome airline!!

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September 11:th

Hobos and AQUA-TRAXX!!


Coaster today = 3

Coasters in total = 34

New Coasters = 0


This is more a continuation of the day before, since there wasn't really any division between the dates, since because we were cheap and lazy we had decided to stay at Incheon airport "Hobo-style" while waiting for Robb, Elissa, Kirsten and the rest of the people that came from the TPR China trip.

There were a couple of things that kept us occupied during the night, they had a couple of flat-screen TV's standing around showing some strange Korean drama, that appeared better then it probably was since we didn't understand a thing of it. There were also a 24h mini mart, a 24h MacDonald and some other places, oh and yeah they also had free WiFi.

We found a couple of nice benches in the Departure hall, since it was much quieter an darker then the Arrival part of the airport, and we actually got some rest. We didn't have to worry about security really, since there were a hoards of heavily armed guards roaming inside (they didn't even bother us once).


So at about 5 am while waiting for the TPR people to arrive, we met our awesome tour-guide Emily that was joining us this year as well, and chatted the time away with her.

After everyone arrived we loaded up on the bud to go to the hotel, which coincidentally were the Lotte World hotel, so you can probably guess where we are heading.

After checking in we were brought in to the park for some early morning ERT on Atlantis Adventure, which ran pretty good (it's way better in the evening).

After that it was free for all to do what ever we wanted in the park for the whole day, and I just have to say that there is loads of cool stuff in the park to keep you occupied for a whole day.

Got a really good ride on the Comet express (thanks Martin!!) and the Vekoma Looper have become worse since my last visit.



Ever wanted to see how Incheon airport looks in the middle of the night? Well look no further...


On the bus we spotted a bunch of cool bridges that span the river that divides Seoul


And some not as cool


This is a really cool building we passed


This bridge have a rather funky entry/exit


But then we saw our destination for the day


Yay, for Lotte World


While waiting for the managers to let us in we took a walk outside the park


Spotted that the bridge into the park was open


Man this coaster looks cool from this angle as well




Strange statue


Mmmm, castle


Wonder if our bus had one of these


Finally on our way into the park


Atlantis's exit


They were doing some final testing before letting us on


This is a really cool place


Both inside and out


This ride is weaker then the Hotels elevators


This tower on the other hand is pretty awesome


A Flume ride you probably could sink the boats in


Coffee cup kind of ride


A pretty cool way to get a nice overview of the park


The looper is in that direction


Ring of Fire


Heading out again




This restaurant doesn't really fit with the rest of the place


Sweet curves




Pre-drop stuff


Mmmm, Intamin


It goes really fast


It was easy to reach the water through these turns




Pretty powerful drop


A really nice turn


This tiny full produces awesome airtime


Gyro-Swing with sneeze guards, they were really useful when it was raining


More AA


From the exit


They had a bunch of shows on the stage


Going into the Helix


Can't remember what's in here but I bet it's awesome


It goes all the way up to the roof




Did I mention Helix?


It looks way better then it is


A good way to get around, if you don't want to walk, but they close it when it's raining


I was trying to get on it several times, but I chickened out every time




But not as awesome as this


Or this


In case you had forgotten where we are


This place looks even better this way


They even dim down the lights indoor


Pharaohs Fury is up there somewhere


Later that night they were preparing to do a big show inside


With Lasers


Some projections




They made it even more awesome when they had both Lasers and Fire at the same time


More Lasers


And more Fire


And some fireworks


This map that we found outside probably could get us somewhere...

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I can't say that I really love EGF like more or less everyone else seems to do. I found that most of it to be pretty meh when I rode it, when we were there it was a "Summer nights" day so it was opened until midnight, so we got dark rides on it, and still it came of it with a meh feeling.

Piraten and Kawasemi ar just awesome fun with massive bursts of good ejector all the way around it. And they are just like Balder, they prove that size doesn't really matter.


Eagle Fortress and T-Express coming up tomorrow.

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September 12:th

It's all about Eagle Fortress and T-Express


Coaster today = 5

Coasters in total = 39

New Coasters = 2


So today were the trip to Everland, after the bus ride there we had an hour ERT on T-Express before we were let loose in the park. In the middle of the day there were an optional credit whore trip to a small park in the vicinity of Everland, and then in the evening it was time for night ERT on one of the best coasters in the world, Eagle Fortress



This coaster is just phenomenal (especially if you like Balder). The first drop of it is just unreal compared to the other big steep Intamin coasters in the world, there is a point when you are going down the drop where you just are ejected out of your seat, which is something I haven't experienced before. This is one of the must ride coaster that you just ave to ride (at the moment).

The second part of this ride is so close to balder that the turn where balder have it's brake section took me by surprise every time, since that bit is so close to each other and during that part I was at Liseberg in my mind


Eagle Fortress

This is one of the most insane coaster I have ever ridden, it's definitely the best suspended coaster out there. Once you are of the lift the train just hurtle around is course with an awesome pace and the swings between it's turns are just crazy. This is another that you just have to ride (and now there is a pretty big chance that you can do it, since it was to be removed for this season, but they have changed their minds and are trying to keep it running. YAY)


Pictures (there is lot's of them):


I guess that we are on the right way


Mmm, Eagle Fortress


They had an awesome welcoming ritual for us


We are just inside the gates and it's already looking awesome


Hmm, Halloween must come early in these parts of the world


There it is, Balder meets Toro


Almost worthy to put as a wallpaper


After the ERT in the morning we went on the rapids ride


With some strange theming


This was a new reloading system to me


Bendy boats, with extra covers to prevent you from getting wet


Wallpaper anyone??


They are soon going to experience something so awesome that sex wont be the same again


Dive, Dive




Here comes Balder


The guys in the front car is getting ejected


[insert Intamin Fart noise here]


[Here as well]


This is as good as it gets


Up in the Rockswille area


Also new for this year


Even more T-Express


The park was actually pretty empty


That turn is really awesome


Hmm, trees growing through the track


This is the most you will ever see of Eagle Fortress


I'd rather be on that then where I am at the moment


This is where I spent most of the day


This is going to be awesome


Can't believe that they wanted to keep that POS instead of Eagle Fortress


Train is Zooming by


Here they come after an awesome ride


This ride is really hard to take pictures of


Through the trees


Yay, front row


It's just me here


Onride pictures


A really awesome drop


Lift POV


After a quick turn around, here comes the drop


And a turn


The first part is good


But then all hell breaks loose




These swings are powerful


See what I mean (note that's the outside wheels)


About half a second later the you are here


Ah, we survived again


These giant ships were down the whole day, but it didn't matter since they are rubbish


One of the top coasters in the world


From the Ferris Wheel


Turn around


Pretty awesome kiddy coaster


Maybe now, this coaster will get replaced


Here comes the next train of people that will see the light


Dunka, dunka, dunka...


Down the drop


Into the first big swing


Kyaaa (or whatever an eagle screams)




Pretty crappy wheel


I dub thee Hill of massive farts


Awesome turn




Even all this Halloween crap can't hide the beauty of Intamin Wood


Here is where you would find the camera on Balder


However this Halloween parade, managed to keep me from T-Express for a while




Nice pull-out from that hill


There is a lot of wood in this coaster




Even more wood


Mega cross over


This part is so close to Balder


Massive structure


Get ready


Soon you will engage the awesomely fast lift


Halfway there






A final picture of Eagle Fortress before we leave for Doocoland


This as a Korean Folks Village, and you say that they have a coaster??


We found a carousel


And a balloon ride


Oh, look what's that


Well it's a coaster


This just became the most awesome cultural village out there


Rusty lift


So many trees around the track


You could probably get a mouthful of leaves if your aren't careful


This thing had lots of nice turns


And was pretty packed together


There were some kind of film recorded here


The whole place were really pretty




There were a lot of old buildings here



They even had a fighting pit


And some gardens in pots


But I started to get a bit bored so I tried to take pictures of some ants


Then this caught my eye, and I mean WTF??


This looked pretty


I think that they recorded that film in here


Wooden dragonflies






Some more stuff


Then we went back for some night rides on T-Express


That thing at the top looks better then it rides




A slightly cropped version that looks a bit better


I don't have any night photos of Eagle Fortress, since they turned of all the lights when we rode it at night

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So, the coaster at Korean Folk Village IS open? I was there on a rainy day, so it was down, but the trees looked so overgrown, I figured it was SBNO anyway. That whole ride area was pretty scary lookin. Well, I guess that means I simply missed that credit, which sucks. Oh well. The village looks much better, in general, without the rain.



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I'm loving the trip report Peter! Awesome night and macro shots.


In regards to Eagle's Fortress:

This is another that you just have to ride (and now there is a pretty big chance that you can do it, since it was to be removed for this season, but they have changed their minds and are trying to keep it running. YAY)

I'm so glad they decided to keep it running. (Pat himself on his shoulder)


I was there on a rainy day, so it was down, but the trees looked so overgrown, I figured it was SBNO anyway.

Check out Pup's POV of Korean Folk Village Kiddie Coaster


Mike "I <3 Guam"

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^^^^^^ Thanks!!

Yeah, it usually works out that way, when you move somewhere else, your former home parks get something big, same with me and Balder, but I have just a 2 hour flight to get there fortunately.


^^^^^ As you said, that day was definitely one of the best park days ever.

Thanks about the pictures, I had to ride the Vekoma death trap again and also the scary wheel, which were one of the worst I have been on. But there are a few places where you can see some parts of the ride from toilet entrances etc. and with the lenient rules about cameras on Korean coaster I even managed to get a shaky POV of it as well as on-ride pictures.


^^^^ I have actually failed to get a ride on a GCI yet (well not entirely true), but still I think that any P'n'P looks better then a GCI. But their trains do look awesome.


^^^ Too bad for you missing it, yeah as you said it looked very SBNO, but it turned out to be one of the best kiddy coasters I have been on.


^^ Thanks!!

Well according to what Robb told us after his talks with the managers were that the Mitch poll had some to do with it staying, which is awesome since then I have been a part of saving it


^ Thanks!!

Yeah, Lotte World and Everland are 2 of the most awesome parks I have been to, too bad that the other awesome coasters (Phaethon, Fantasia Special, etc.) are on the other side of the country.

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