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Ben and Laurice's Quest for Credits

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Fun TR Guys!!!


The Bebes have been to Vegas dozens of times and agree with you on almost everything!


Speed is the best in Vegas. "RollerCoaster" at NYNY sucks, except for the great dive loop. Canoyon Blaster is pretty fun.


Desperado, however, was way too aggressive last time we rode. The log flume at Buffalo Bill's is pretty nice, but the shooters weren't working very well when we rode.


Sadly, we've never visited the Coke place. But we'll have to go next time.

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Woohoo! I got a comment from the Bebes! Let me just check off that goal from my list...


You guys have great TR's, so thanks for the kind words!


Tomorrow, I'll be posting a bunch of pictures from today's O.C. Super Fair trip. Please stay posted!


On a side note, I'd like to merge my two TR's and the one I'll post tomorrow into one topic. Can any moderators help me out with that? I don't mind having many threads, but I thought it might be easier to keep it to one. Thanks!

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^ At World of Coke in Atlanta they show you this amazing movie at the start of the tour and one of the last things you see in the movie is these two characters talking to the audience and one of them says "Be sure to try the Beverly!"


I thought that was hilarious!



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Fun TR Guys!!!


The Bebes have been to Vegas dozens of times and agree with you on almost everything!


Speed is the best in Vegas. "RollerCoaster" at NYNY sucks, except for the great dive loop. Canoyon Blaster is pretty fun.


Desperado, however, was way too aggressive last time we rode. The log flume at Buffalo Bill's is pretty nice, but the shooters weren't working very well when we rode.


Sadly, we've never visited the Coke place. But we'll have to go next time.


Ditto on everything except I did visit the Coke place...


Great TR dude, I have to emphasize again what "The Bebes" said that Desperado is really "Aggressive." That ride is the second roughest coaster I've been on the west coast. The first drop beats Goliath in my opinion. It really feels like your stomach comes up right out of your mouth and then gets sucked back in when you reach the bottom of the drop... Aren't coasters GRAND!!!

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...one of the last things you see in the movie is these two characters talking to the audience and one of them says "Be sure to try the Beverly!"


That's just sadistic.


Thanks for reading guys. Nice to hear from you Robb and Josh!

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Hello folks and welcome to another trip report with Ben and Laurice! We decided Thursday would be a great day for a trip to the O.C Super fair, and we were right! First, as any coaster aficionado knows, avoid the weekends, avoid the crowds! Also, Thursday was $1 ride day from 3:00 to 7:00. That meant we could spend more money on food! This place was huge, so prepare yourself for an onslaught of photos and captions!


I feel I've only scratched the surface of this fair. It would take a couple trips and a fat wallet to do everything here. Regardless, we had a lot of fun, and got three new credits out of the deal! Thanks for reading!


Here's a parting shot of my favorite ride of the day sporting some bling.


This 3D spectacle was hilarious. We were cracking up the whole time! Plus, it has some kick-ass surprise cameos!


Nearing the end of our trip, we decided to check out Weird Al's giant head of sand. I learned something about myself in this picture. But I forgot.


#4 Battered potatoes. I hope there's a shelter nearby for these poor little buggers. Ba dum bum bum!


#3 - Zuccini Weeni's! Not Elissa-approved to be sure, but quite innovative, and it rhymes!


#2 - Geodes. Not technically a food, but if I could eat rocks, I would totally eat these little hollow beauties.


Next segment, foods we didn't try, but that we found picture-worthy. #1 - Fried frog legs.


It arrived in a cold little take-out box, and it changed our lives forever.


Say no more!


After a brief scuffle over the last bite, we decided to move on to another fairground favorite...


Laurice is making eyes at my Snickers! Oh what a tangled web we weave...


Oh deep-fried Snickers, how I love thee...


Time for some fried delights!


Can I just...get something to wash it down...


You were delicious! Very tasty, but a little tough. Actually the ribs we had at SFDK were more tender. But the coleslaw was amazing!


Okay, its time for some serious fair vittles. Hey there, big fellah.


And to round out the list, no pun intended, #4 - Evolution. I'll stop the list here, but there are myriads of pukey rides available.


#3 - Speed


#2 - The Zipper


Next segment: Rides I wouldn't ride if you kidnapped my family. #1 - Tango


Not a credit.


By the fourth circuit (yes, 4 times around!) we were truly frightened of the helix. Truly! Frightened!


This coaster had a helix of death!


Last credit of the day. We kind of whored-out a bit.


We loved the Star Flyer, and we were only moderately dizzy afterwards.


This is what its like to ride a Star Flyer, and to have small feet.


This was our first Star Flyer, and we had a blast!


Obligatory nerd shot. Sorry it isn't grainy and poorly lit, I know you guys like that stuff. Wait a sec, go back one. Is that a Star Flyer in the background I see??


Look, the car is facing forwards! Cuh-razy! This was a fun coaster, but it has some painful turns at the end. Be warned!


Next credit! This ride has an acceptable amount of spinning. In fact, I think it spun exactly 180 degrees. Once.


Laurice says "We got to sit in the back, cause our timing is impeccable!"


Today it only coast 2 tickets! Definitely worth it to come on Thursday.


This was a fun coaster! A little uncomfortable, but the restraints were negligible, and there were some nice pops of airtime! The palm tree in the face hurt a little, though.


First ride of the day!


There is Le Grande Wheel. Its a biggun. At this point in my picture taking frenzy, Laurice suggested that we enter the fair...maybe ride some stuff...eat something...


Say hello to the HiMiler and its train.


Man, I wish I had a hobby that got me excited. Life is sooo boring.

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Good Photos. Glad to see that you had a good time at the fair. I'll be going next Thursday (the 30th). I've gone every year for the past ten years or so since my grandparents live in Costa Mesa. We usually go on a wristband day but since they are $30 this year instead of $20 we decided that dollar ride days would be a better deal.


From the pictures, it looks like they have all the same rides as they did last year. My sister, who went with a few of her friends last Wednesday, said they added a Disk'O, but other than that there weren't any new rides. I wish they would change their coaster selection but it doesn't look like that will be happening anytime soon. Hi-Miler is good but gets old after riding it a couple times every year, and the spinning coaster they have isn't that great. I would like to see them get a better spinning coaster (they used to have a different one) or some type of looping coaster (used to have one of those as well, but I never got to ride it). Oh well, I guess what they have is good enough for most people.

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. Oh well, I guess what they have is good enough for most people.


I guess we represent most people, as it was plenty for us! However, if they have the same coaster line-up next year, we will probably try some of the stuff we didn't get to this time, like the sky ride, the flume, and the ferris wheel. Maybe we'll buy a jacuzzi!


Seriously, what's with fairs and hot tubs?

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Hi-Miler = Scariest coaster ever! Nothing like scaffolding with loose nuts and bolts to add a little excitement to a ride! Every year those Jacuzzi peope are at the fair, I have yet to see some one take any real interest in them and actually buy one there. Of coarse ShamWow seems to always do great every year.

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I miss the Hi-Miler at the Ventura County Fair. But yeah, that's one crazy little ride. You could almost swear that Stan Checketts had something to do with that.


We were at the O.C. Fair on Friday, July 17, and had a good time. The Weird Al thing was pretty good and I'd recommend it if you enjoy Weird Al even a little.



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Choc-o-bacony goodness. Man look at it... all the fat and salt all in one yummy bite.


In Portland there's a doughnut shop, Voodoo Doughnuts, that sells a bacon maple bar. Never tried it, but hmm sounds to die for.


Every fair I have been to has at least three or four hot tub vendors, I have no idea why either


Great report, really enjoyed it.

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Muchas gracias my new buddies! BTW I totally posted on your thread. First of many!


In Portland there's a doughnut shop, Voodoo Doughnuts, that sells a bacon maple bar. Never tried it, but hmm sounds to die for.


Yes! To quote Laurice, "I would eat that!" I think maple is probably an even better flavor to pair with bacon than chocolate! And all on a donut, you say? Awesome.

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It's been a while since we conquered a local park, so I convinced Laurice that a trek inland towards Riverside was in order. Why? Because Castle Park is a massive minigolf/amusement center with credits yet to be conquered. Though it may be small compared to the big boys in Anaheim and Valencia, this park has a lot to offer. In fact, there is so much stuff going on here, I can't in good conscience post all of the pictures I took!


We bought our tickets online, which, with processing fee, were only a dollar cheaper than buying them at the park, but at least there was a discount. Parking is $6. Like Scandia, it's a bit of a drive from my house, and I'll probably only visit again if they add some more credits, but if I lived in the area, I'd probably have a season pass. We really had a good time here. Siege on!


Edit: Special thanks to Larrygator for condensing our threads into one superthread!


I'll end this TR with a testament to our enjoyment. Thanks to Castle Amusement Park for some fun rides, a nicely kept park, and a great crew!


Laurice took this ride very seriously.


Very nice dragons painted on each flyer.


Another reason today was great: Our first flyer ever!


Looks tame, right? This thing was pretty out of control. Laurice and I kept bumping into each other, and I imagine this was not too different from Kick-boodie!


Back to the rides. This was a chair swing themed to look like a tree. Hence King's Crown?


The arcade also featured this classic! As per usual, I gave Laurice tons of useless advice, only to be the first to die. She got to level three!


Highlights include cool theming and a spiral lift mid-ride. Shooting stuff is also fun.


The arcade held this awesome shooting dark ride.


The mini golf area is huge and themed to the hilt. Here's one shot of it.


We next decided to survey the golf course and arcade, as the latter held a dark ride.


Hmmm...no comment.


Here it is unwrapped.


This park is really much nicer than I expected. Check out the enclosed carousel!


Here's an idea of the layout.


It was a tight fit, but the cars moved swiftly, and the course was nicely themed. This car had a REALLY loud siren. We refrained from using it in the station (unlike all of the children), and the ride ops thanked us profusely.


We liked this one.


Everyone likes to be photographed on rides!


Here's a shot of the cool train that winds through the park.


We booked it, but when we got there, it was closed. The best part? We saw it running through the fence as we left. Oh well, no whoring today.


After the flume, it was closed. Then, as we were eating corn dogs, I saw it running through the fence.


Okay, here comes the sob story. I swear, it was open when we were in line for the log ride.


Photo of our faux fear, check.


Rockwork and theming, check.


Entrance sign, check.


We enjoyed this flume. It had two drops, some nice theming and rockwork, and kick-butt banjo music in the station.


As it was pretty hot outside, we decided to get wet before it cooled down.


Thanks S&S, you provided our favorite ride of the day!


See? Not very tall. Still, it delivered some nice negative g's, and we are now ready to try some bigger ones!


Up until now, we've chickened out when it comes to these, but this was a good first step!


Today was great for many reasons. Here's one of them. Our first S&S tower.


OMG I forgot the park map shot. Here it is in its splendor.


Random lamp shot. Laurice loves lamp. And granola bar.


I'd like to take this time to say, the employees at Castle Park are awesome! Just shows how a really friendly and attentive crew can add to a visitor's overall experience.


I liked the screamin' demons painted on each car, however, and it had an acceptable amount of spinning.


Overall, the coaster wasn't a winner. A little herky-jerky, and sometimes painful.


This is a Fabbri spinning madness model, and according to RCDB, "the Screamin' Demon was previously the 'Pole Position' owned by 'Butler Amusements', a traveling amusement company."


Big signage.


On to the next credit!


Why? Because the cones get the back. End of story.


The back is not available today.


We're waiting for the almost back, listening to the Harry Potter theme playing in the station.


Everyone likes to be photographed on rides!


Entrancing, isn't it?


Merlin's looking a bit dehydrated. The fountain around him is on the fritz.


It's not particularly thrilling, and it's a little short, but it makes two circuits, and finishes with a decent helix.


This is a Vekoma junior coaster. No head-banging here!


First credit of the day!


Meager defenses and small crowds today, almost everything was a walk-on.


As you enter, you walk under the flume ride's lift hill and largest drop.


Park Entrance. Bask in its glory.

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Yes! Thread saved from obscurity...many thanks, Bebes! We owe you one. Glad to provide you guys with a preview of the park. Really, they had tons of stuff there, we were very surprised. Plus, the two credits there got me up to 60 coasters! Thanks again for the comment.

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For all you credit whores out there: the new coaster at Castle Park is not the former "pole position" coaster. Unless Butler Amusements decided to buy a newer model of the same exact ride and set it up at the Ventura County fair...

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^You and RCDB are going to have to have it out, with fisticuffs if necessary!


^^ It's really my obsession. I'm totally dragging Laurice down with me...


^^^ Awesome, Larry. Glad to fill out the archive some. If you're interested, I have more signs and more photos of rides that I didn't include.

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