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Photo TR: Derek and Nicole visit the York Fair


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In all my years living in Pennsylvania, I've never been to a fair, only local carnivals (which pretty much suck). In fact, the only fairs I've been to have been Puyallup and Oktoberfest, which are pretty much as awesome as they come. But seeing how we had nothing to do this past weekend and they were offering discounted wristbands for the fair's last day, we decided to check out the York Fair, supposedly the first in the US.


and we'll end this with another super intense flat ride and the aftermath of heat, spinning, and too much deep fried stuff on sticks.


There were a lot of prize winning birds, and many for sale, just not sure if it's for pets or dinner. That must blow, you are chosen to be the best there is, and your reward is a ribbon that you get to look at for a few days before you are beheaded, stuffed with bread, and shoved in an oven.


along with these cleverly painted ones by some school kids


We ended by checking out some prize winners, like these pumpkins


and if that's not even, right across the way is yet another I Got It stand. These must be popular if they need 3 separate stands in a 200 foot radius


More I Got It!


Nicole tried to buy insurance, but they weren't offering it on Sundays, stupid Blue Laws


The baby ducks didn't really do anything, but this one kept eating for a really long time.


getting to what a Pennsylvania Fair is all about, bring out the farm animals! The pig races can be compared to ACErs running to be the first one on a coaster...except the pigs are cute


No Credits for Old Men here


checking some indoor exhibits, we found our favorite, the free new Doritos flavors stand


Sweeping the nation, and taking the York Fair by storm, I Got It!


Autumn, the best season simply because everything is pumpkinized


here's a combination, called "Bees for Beer" or "Root Bees". Smply swat the bees away to pour a root beer. It's fun for the whole family, except for your extremely allergic to bees brother, but maybe you'll inherit his room when he's gone


Outside of the midway we run into all forms of deep fried goodness and challenging games


With the hot temperatures, we didn't really feel like riding much, so we opted for the 10 ticket deal instead, which oddly cost us $11, not 10.


Even in the carnie world, they have to separate the real extreme freaks. We should have paid the $2 to go in and see for ourselves


worth $3? You bet!


The fair was set up weirdly, with another section on the opposite side from the midway, called kiddieland where we find credit #2


The other funhouse belongs at Hard Rock Park with all of its rock and pop icons of the 80s, 90s, and today


Taer it down!


Woohoo, Credit! and as with most of the newer Zamperla crazy mice, spinning is minimal. I wonder if it's because of the restraints throwing off the weight imbalance


This funhouse made me miss Germany (and beer in general)


Extreme spew machine, got it


Evil Ferris Wheel and crappy dark ride, got it!


Staple fair rides like Scrambler and Zipper, got it!


Wristbands were being offered for all rides for $17 per person. But we wanted to see if it would be worth it first, so we took a walk around.


We chose the gate closest to the midway and Reithoffer's Amusements


The York Fairgrounds, home to the York Fair and other such things. Parking was easy and there were plenty of entry points

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Fun! Ah, the fair - looks like they all the important staples. Not quite Oktoberfest perhaps but at least they had a Zipper and Ring of Fire / Super Loops, my personal favourites. Are you going to help tear down the Wild Mouse?

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We don't even get any credits aside from Dragon Wagons at our Freedom Festival fair on the Detroit/Windsor waterfront. If they have "I Got It" next year it may actually be worth it to go downtown!


Though it could basically be compared to a local carnival, as you described... I still need to get to the Michigan State Fair one of these days. Anyway, cool report Derek.

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Unfortunately for Reithoffer shows, most of the stuff labeled on the tent for the freak show isn't true. But I went to the York fair two years ago, loved it. I'm going to The Frederick County Fair, that Reithoffer does tomorrow. So I'm excited, it never disappoints. Great TR, and thanks for sharing.

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I haven't been to a fair since high school--the Stanislaus County Fair in swingin' Turlock, Calif. As I recall, the Toboggan coaster reeked of cigarettes, urine, and carny sweat.


Great corn dogs, though.

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Hope you had a good time at 'our' fair. I live in York and attended the fair 5 times this year. Really, for me, it's all about the food. Supporting the locals fundraising efforts, I had a York Little Theater steak sandwich and a York Jaycees baked potato, all five visits.


Never even considered a ride, just can't warm up to those prices. When the Power Surge costs you $5 a pop and I can ride it at Knoebels for about $1.40, that's a tough $3.60 to give away.


Of course, the food I previously mentioned was WAY overpriced but it is for fundraising so I can justify it.

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^^I don't know if there was a concert on Sunday or not, but throughout the week I know Breaking Benjamin and Seether, Daughtry, Larry the Cable Guy, and ZZ Top performed, among others. Hopefully next year we'll be able to eat more crazy stuff, but it was too hot that day for us to desire anything deep fried or even just warm.

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Nice TR. You pretty much nailed the PA fair experience. And that's one of the "Big ones."


Reithoffer's is doing the midway at the Bloomsburg fair this week. Hopefully I'll get up there sometime. But that's usually majorly crowded, unless there's a flood- which there seems to be every 3 or 4 years.

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