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Six Flags Gabilian Gardens

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Six Flags Gabilian Gardens is located in Salinas, California. Salinas is located in between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Six Flags Gabilian Gardens (SFGG) opened in 1978 as Gabilian Gardens. In 1987 the park was bought out by Six Flags.


Here are some teasers. There should be another update either tomorrow or Friday!


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Thanks for all the great replies!



Well, this certainly looks GREAT!!


But, is this supposed to be set in 1987? 'Cause inverted coasters and stratas didn't come until the early '90s and late '90s.

No, it takes place in present day, i was saying the park opened in the 70's.




I really like this picture

Just like anyother Six Flags, we have a Johnny Rockets!

Scream is our S&S Space Shot/Turbo Drop similar to Power Tower!

Viper is the Arrow Suspended Coaster


1:29 long

2,933.74 ft. long

111.00ft. drop

Ninja is the Vekoma looper.


1:04 long

1,879.93ft. long

77.61 ft. drop

3 Inversions

Garden Swinger

Gabilian Giant is our old woodie

46.42 mph.

1:00 long

1,820.71 ft. long

14 seconds of airtime

65.05 ft. drop

Iron Express is our old Schwarzkopf looper.

52.32 mph.

1:21 long

2,666.99ft. long

17 seconds of airtime

2 Inversions

The Flash is our Intamin LSM coaster


1:04 long

3,433.82ft. long

3 Inversions

More tomorrow!

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DBRu: Thanks!

TheLegendaryMathew: Thanks, but both of the loops are supported. One is supported with a framebox, and the other is supported with a basic loop support. The reason they are different kind of supports is because i used Shy Guy's Circus Center set and there is only one loop support an my loops are going opposite ways. I would of used one in Steelworkx but it's ugly and looks unrealistic.

SixFlagsEnthusiast: Thanks, i got them from Old Spice's Corkscrew Supports.

Devol4: Thanks, and don't say that, im sure yours is good too.

CinciDAWGS12: Thank you, and im glad you like Flash!

Gnarkiller: Thanks dude, and i get on TPR at school all the time! It's the only coaster forum it doesn't block!

SixFlagsEnthusiast: Sorry it's a secret but you'll findout soon.



I probably should of made the very first post like this... Six Flags Gabilian Gardens opened in 1978 as Gabilian Gardens. The reason it's called Gabilian Gardens is because it's located near the Gabilian Range in western California, and when the park opened it was mainly gardens, a few rides, and the Gabilian Giant. Im the administrator for a SFGG fansite. Ill post rumors and random information including trip reports here! But first im going to show you every section of the park. First- Hometown Square/ Nature Trail.

This is an over view of the gardens & nature trail.

This is Duck Pond, very similar to Kings Island's formal Swan Lake.

This is the never ending flower garden, that is really what it's called!

Here is frog terrace, in the middle lies a lovely fountain with frogs in it!

One of very few remaining rides from opening year is Garden Tea Party

This green building sells all kinds of souvenirs including some old park maps!

Every Six Flags needs a Cold Stone!

The Gabilian Giant. Although it's not much of a giant today, it offer's tons of airtime and a smooth ride!

Here you can see one of the other coasters, but that is in the Southwest section, ill get to that another time...

Another veteran ride is Swing Thing.

In the seventies and eighties, the park's mascot was a duck, the reason why is because the Gabilian Ducks- A Gabilion ducks made of plants are in the gardens!

The park also has some nature trails for people to jog on, or just sit on a bench and enjoy the landscaping!

The back area looks creepy if you ask me...

Iron Express towers over the Gardens!

Here is an overview of Hometown Square/ Nature Trail section.

Rides in area

1. Garden Teaparty

2. Gabilian Giant

3. Ninja

4. Swing Thing

5. Iron Express

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SixFlagsEnthusiast: Thank you! And you can download it at ataricommunity.com's RCT3 CS Exchange. It's called Old Spice's Corkscrew Supports.

TheLegendaryMathew: Thank you! Yeah, it probably would!!

DBru: Thank you!





On the SFGG fan site, there has been rumors going around that SFGG is making a GCI wooden coaster for next season. The park just got it's last coaster (Flash) two seasons ago. So it might be just a little too soon for a coaster... SFGG doesn't have an off season, so if there is a coaster being built, i would be able to take pictures of construction all the time! This evening i stopped at SFGG for about an hour to go get a ride on Viper and Superman Ride Of Steel and i saw two cranes near The Flash. So of course i took some pictures.

There is a yellow crane that is about 250ft. tall

And a red crane that is about 65ft. tall

The cranes are in between Bat Man: The Ride & The Flash

On Viper's second chain lift i couldn't see much so i had to look some where else

I peaked through a hole in the fence and saw that there are some bulldozers

From Batman: The Ride's main drop, you can see what is going on (not much) and the yellow crane makes for a great foot chopper!


Next update i will show Gotham City!

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  • 1 month later...

Well i have been quite busy so i haven't had time to go to SFGG much. Last time i was there, the cranes and buldozers were the only thing there. ALOT of things have changed since then and the park has even made an announcement!

Six Flags Gabilian Gardens is always adding new things for the whole family! Well our newest attraction is "Hammerhead", a Gravity Group wooden hybrid coaster! Hammerhead will be a coaster the whole family can enjoy, and coaster enthusiasts from all over will come to ride! The coaster is filled with speed, adrenaline, and airtime! Hammerhead can be found near "The Flash" in the new "The Dunes" area which is part of our 3 year plan. You will have your chance to ride when Hammerhead opens next month!

-Park CEO: Nick Beaver


Wow! A new coaster! ----------3 Months later....

Part of the coaster

The coaster is only around 100ft. tall but the drop is 130ft. cause of the tunnel under the path!

Here you can see the first half of the coaster, it's similar to Hades!

Im not sure how steep the drop is, but i do know that it's over 70º!

Here is some of the queue line and the station.

This is the second half of the ride that features aton of awesome curves, and two 90º turns!

This is the reason the area is called "The Dunes"! And also, this area is rumored to be the third part of the 3 year plan!

I can not wait to ride Hammerhead!


Gotham City

"The Joker"; the parks pirate ship that opened in 1984.

A gift shop, restrarunt, and bathroom.

"Gotham Works" a unique Vekoma Madhouse themed to Gotham City!

The enterance to Batman: The Ride

Batman's queue line.

The second half to Batman's queue



More soon

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