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Photo TR: Three Days at Cedar Point (9/12-9/14)


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Three weeks ago my buddy Rob called and told me to get my butt up to Cedar Point for three days of mayhem in a cottage at Lighthouse Point for his birthday. 11 of us spent the entire weekend in two adjacent cottages right on Lake Erie and had a blast.


For Friday and Saturday night, the weather was gloomy, overcast, light rain here and there and generally nasty. On Sunday, it was a perfect Fall day. Crowds were non-existent the entire weekend, so re-rides were to be had by all.


Friday night was "House Night" where we spent most of the end of the evening dedicated to the Haunts. My personal favorite was Terror Island, simply because of being able to walk on Millennium Island. The Cornstalkers maze was really good, as well. We also did two at the front of the park, one being Club Blood and the other's name I forget. Both of which weren't anything to write home about.


Most of Saturday was spent lounging around at the cottage watching football after a very late Friday night (ergo, Saturday morning...Like, 6:30ish am Saturday morning) and we finally made it to the park around 7pm. Lines were still nothing. In fact, the longest wait of the entire weekend was about 20min for Maverick on Saturday night.


Enough rambling, here are my ride counts and pictures. (And mind you, while power-riding was definitely an option, we took our time and didn't really run around trying to get as many rides as we could. It was relaxing.)


Magnum - 3

Maverick - 4

Wicked Twister - 1

Blue Streak - 1

Wildcat - 1

Dragster - 4

Millennium Force - 5

Gemini Red - 1

Raptor - 1




That's all, folks!


Stopped at a McDonalds in PA on the way back and found this sign...Ummm, ok?


Never ridden Cedar Downs before. Kinda tripped me out. Don't think I'd do well in Europe will all the non-restrained rides.


Nice sky. Twister still makes me nauseous.




Mmmmm, empty midway. I could eat you.


But Dragster got a lot!


Power Tower got no love from us, either


Did I mention the park was empty?


Too lazy to wait for a train


We passed on Mantis all weekend




Still love Millennium. I got the best rides I've ever had on it before over the course of this weekend.


I Love Stengel Dive


Splash Zone


This has never been taken before




Weeee! Amazing first drop.


I'll let Ted comment on this


::evil laugh::


Looks awfully empty here...


Finally got my other Gemini credit


"I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller...."


Really wanted to do the Skyscraper


Sunday was the best picture-taking weather day. So if you were wondering where all the park pictures were, here ya go.


Oh, by the way...


The South Is Still Not This Wild


And then Scott got redemption on Corey.


I was lucky enough to keep out of the festivities mainly because of a cheap shot at the cottage from Corey.


Then Scott got it


Corey got knocked


If you've read my PTR's before, you know all about SacTapping.


SacTappathon 2008 was in full effect.


I really wish the park had been less crowded...


Oh yeah, this is a roller coaster trip


Yes, this game. :)


Me, Corey and Joey. Sorry about the game, Joey....


The comment was made that it would be fifty bazillion times better had the skeletons been doing the YMCA


I did not eat here. But it looked pretty.


Had to get me a skeleton boob credit


Me, Rob and Melissa. Happy Birthday buddy!


Gloomy swings


Pretty much what the midways looked like all weekend


My bedroom window view...Veddy nice


Awesome location


Our abode for the weekend


Siiiiick first drop.


Gloomy Pennsylvania

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Ahh! I saw you with your Beech Bend shirt. By the way:



That's me! Hahaha. Notice the hat in the photo and the hat in my avatar. Same hat! I was in the process of marathoning, so I was running from the unload station to the load station. It was so empty, I was able to get off one train and get on the train ahead of it. I got 16 rides on MF. It was amazing.

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We ate at a McDonalds on the PA turnpike last year and it was several days before either of us felt better. The 30 minute rule is probably driven by cutting down on cleaning up the bathrooms.


First rule of coaster road-trips - don't eat on Turnpikes!

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I was also there on Sunday. It was amazing. It started to rain around 5. When it started sprinkling I said we should ride Raptor because we were real close to it and I knew once it started raining it would not stop. While we were in line they said it was shut down due to the rain and a bunch of people got out of line. We waited. They only had one train going because it was so slow and when the train unloaded, they waited like 1 minute and let us board! After that my 11 year old son wanted to win a guitar at the ring toss. I told him that it's a waste of money becase it's impossible. After spending only $12 HE WON!! Proved me wrong! Then I bought a Raptor shirt and left at 5pm. I arrived home at 7 and beat the storm. But at 8pm my power went out and it did not come back on until 3am last night. 31 hours with no power or water sucked but I'm lucky it's on now because some people were told they may have to wait until Saturday to get power back! The weather station said we experinced a Tropical Storm! I'm glad I went to The Point. I almost thought we would get rain earlier and it would not be worth the drive, but I realized the rain was not moving in that fast and it scares other people away. I also think alot of people don't want to go on Sundays during Halloweekends because none of the Haunted Trails are open.(except Sun. Oct. 12)

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Well actually, Rob is the one with the Beech Bend shirt, I was wearing the two orange polos and Corona shirt.


The crowds were amazing though. We left around 4:30 on Sunday when the storm looked like it was rolling in. Stopped at CiCis to eat on the way out and the rest of the drive thru Ohio was amazingly windy. We never got rain but our car was being blown all around the road.

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Looking at your ride count for the weekend, it makes it seem like it was much more crowded than it was. We just got so tied up in having a good time that we didn't ride too much. Thank you for not Tapping my Sac at all this weekend and thanks for coming up for my Burfday.

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I know when im making a trip to Cedar Point next year, holy no lines batman! Nice TR!


We were there the same weekend last year too and Friday was DEAD. Saturday was busy beyond belief though, and Sunday was DEAD again. The weather played a big role in this last weekend because it rained all day on Friday until right when we got into the park. Saturday it poured until about 4 and stayed overcast the rest of the day. Sunday was Sunny and beautiful, and for some reason, the crowds still stayed away.

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Thanks for manning the thread for me, Rob. lol.


I'm assuming all the Ohioians (??) saw the hurricane coming on Sunday and decided to hunker down. Being from Florida, a little wind is nothing to avoid. Either way, the crowds were GREAT! And yeah I agree, it looks like the crowds were a lot worse than they were by my count, but it was definitely a more leisurely trip. Any day of the weekend we easily could have just sat on rides and maranthoned (pick a ride, really).

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Glad I didn't get sactapped! It was nice meeting you Steve, this is the "other" Rob that was toting around his two boys and his wife who is a Sarah Palin look alike! Well, at least some random person told her that on Sunday. It was a freaking awesome time to ride. There was literally nobody there!


~Rob Willi

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I was also there over the weekend. We arrived on Friday night at Camper Village and after a couple of cocktails decided to pay the $20 at 10:00 for two hours of the park. A good move, as during the two hours, we did Magnum, TTD, both sides of Power Tower, Millenium and Maverick - all pretty much walk-on's.


Saturday, we went to the Thirsty Pony when we thought that the rain was never going to end. It did about 1:30 and we went in the park shortly after 2:00 and it was the same - dead with very little waiting.


Sunday was the same way. They had the Millenium exit gate open so you could just walk through and re-ride. We got off and got back in line and rode the back seat with no wait. Did anyone see the older guy with the 'SINGLE RIDER" shirt on?? He said that he had ridden MF 88 times that day and he was just marathoning MF all day Saturday and Sunday!


We actually had ridden so many rides and coasters that we were bored (and sore) so we left around 2:30. When driving by MF, there was single rider guy standing there in line! Luckily, we made it back home before the wind got really crazy.


What an awesome weekend it was! I could only wish that SFGA will be that way the weekend of the 26th!

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Sunday was the same way. They had the Millenium exit gate open so you could just walk through and re-ride. We got off and got back in line and rode the back seat with no wait. Did anyone see the older guy with the 'SINGLE RIDER" shirt on?? He said that he had ridden MF 88 times that day and he was just marathoning MF all day Saturday and Sunday!

That is Single Rider Bob. He usually gets over 1000 MF rides per season.

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That is Single Rider Bob. He usually gets over 1000 MF rides per season.


Yeah, I figured that he must just really, REALLY love that ride, or he was doing it for charity.


He did seem like a nice guy and we all got a kick out of seeing him run right out of the line and get right back on!

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