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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

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That sucks that they aren't lengthening the layout at all. Seems like they would have even more speed to work with after the tunnel with the smoother track and all the changes. Wish they had added in another element or two but oh well. It's still going to be an awesome ride though

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Lol. I guess according to your picture of the first drop they're gonna have to move Goliath too. Oh yeh and according to some other pics previously posted, Gully Washer has been removed. Oh yeh, several trees in the video are out of place too so I guess they're going to be moved around too. so yes, you've made your point perfectly clear.


From this picture SFFT has posted onto Facebook you can see the removed track along the station and supports. And according to the picture it looks like the track from the tunnel will just go to the station and not do a lower helix since it looks like it will just decline to the station from the tunnel and because the track used to never declined right there.


So what part of the ride isn't changing??? Most, if not every element of this coaster is being changed. I guess we'll just have to wait for them to take down the rest of that helix they're planning not to use.

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Drive by the park on 1604 today. Rattler lift hill is completely topped off and the actual drop looks about 1/4 of the way tracked. The angle looks steeper than I thought it would.


Awesome news! Can't wait to see some pics. I'll be driving into San Antonio for the Holidays so I can't wait to see what gets done between now and then. Thanks again for the update!

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hmmmm........at the current rate of progress, might it be possible for an opening day ride? If the weather holds like it has been, I see it as possible.




Judging by the construction rate, I'd say it's certainly PHYSICALLY possible. But once it's actually put together, who knows how much testing and tweaking goes into it before they'll actually let anyone ride it?



I have a feeling anyone who shows up on opening day is going to be disappointed- they'll see a big, beautiful Iron Rattler fully built and idle, or perhaps running empty trains. I also suspect they'll want to have a grand opening totally separate from opening day even if it is ready.


I'd certainly like to be wrong though. The sooner the better, I'm ready two months ago!

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