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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

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On 4/8/2022 at 11:09 AM, Invertalon said:

Daredevil Dive was open, but did not ride. I don't do particularly well on spinny flats, so tend to avoid them. Girlfriend got in line for it, but it was probably the only thing with a sizable line the entire day so she bailed... Also, I saw Pirates, but thought it was one of those 'upside down' fun house things (silly me for not doing my research better!), I was unaware it was a shoot-em-up dark ride. Would have checked it out if so! haha

Yeah, I toyed with the Boomerang just because... But I'm never that desperate for any credit, nor do I care about that, so I tend to avoid SLC's/Boomerangs and now add S&S Freespins to the list...!

But yeah, our two days at Sea World and SFFT were absolutely great in terms of crowd levels and such. At the end of the day, I actually preferred Sea World, believe it or not, but both are killer parks! 




I do understand that! I also do not do well on spinny flats even when I take something

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Just a heads up: Looks like the new coaster wont be ready for Coaster Rodeo.  That's unfortunate but what can you do?  Park has started alerting folks and schedule online has been updated.  Does look like the lift hill tour will still happen.



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13 minutes ago, tndank said:

Just a heads up: Looks like the new coaster wont be ready for Coaster Rodeo.  That's unfortunate but what can you do?  Park has started alerting folks and schedule online has been updated.  Does look like the lift hill tour will still happen.



Jeffrey announced that during Fiesta Fest on Sat. . . .


I 100% do NOT believe him.


they are trying not to get folks hopes up - just in case -  but I just don't believe it.

this thing will be testing by May  . . .no way it wont.  They are simply too far ahead on it already.

- honestly, the only thing that might be preventing RCR opening, is if they can't get an inspection scheduled and passed by then. . . .  but I have faith they are moving heaven and earth to try and make that happen.

but yeah. . they are announcing this so folks won't be disappointed if they can't get that done.    (as noted, I absolutely believe the ride will be "ready" by May, even if it can't open until inspection/approval happens)

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^oh, I'm actually not doing RCR.

it's a GREAT event (last years - the 1st - I heard was a blast).  For sure a "destination" event for those who haven't been to the park often and want to exp;experience what they have to offer (including a version of FrightFest during RCR).

but I'm local, and go to the park all the time. . . so I choose to avoid the multi-day weekend big event, as I'd rather do the smaller 1 day events.

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I attended RCR last year. The backstage tours and whole-park ERT alone make it worth the trip - even without the new coaster. Plus, they give you two drink tickets during ERT that are good for any beverage (including alcohol). No beer jail, either.

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Did the park ever mention why they chose 7-across vs. 6 or 8 across (already 'done' design/options with vest restraints) from previous drive coasters built? 

I am assuming here, but I'm thinking B&M has standard 4/6/8 width options available as "off the shelf" train options. I find it less likely that they also have 5, 7 and 9 passenger width options, for example, already designed and ready to go. Just wondering the 7-across was a 'custom' request that incured additional engineering/design charges... Because it seems like it wouldn't be worth it, if that is the case, with both 6/8 options ready to go if you wanted more/less capacity already.

Doesn't really matter... But it is interesting none-the-less. 


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1 hour ago, Invertalon said:

Did the park ever mention why they chose 7-across vs. 6 or 8 across (already 'done' design/options with vest restraints) from previous drive coasters built? 

I am assuming here, but I'm thinking B&M has standard 4/6/8 width options available as "off the shelf" train options. I find it less likely that they also have 5, 7 and 9 passenger width options, for example, already designed and ready to go. Just wondering the 7-across was a 'custom' request that incured additional engineering/design charges... Because it seems like it wouldn't be worth it, if that is the case, with both 6/8 options ready to go if you wanted more/less capacity already.

Doesn't really matter... But it is interesting none-the-less. 


it was done because of two things:


1) Cost - with 7 across, they can utilize the existing "smaller" track. . they didn't need to go with the bigger/wider track to support 8 across, and didnt' have to pay for the bigger track which would result in a bigger footprint (that the park really doesn't have). 


2) bragging rights - it was realized they could keep the smaller track, but add an extra seat to not only help with capacity, but also to give a "centerline seat". . something never done before on a dive coaster.   So a rider can be centered directly above the track while riding.   Something that SFFT has already been using in promotion of the coaster.  

So it kept costs down, allowed it to be fit into existing space available, and it gives them bragging rights for a 1st of it's kind drop *and* train design for a dive coaster.

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Cost is one of my questions, though... If 6-across and 8-across models already existed as off-the-shelf options, was the 7-across train a standard option as well? Otherwise if a special request, the park is paying additional R&D for the capability to modify the existing 6-person train width to add 3 seats to a train. Seems silly. Also, the 6-across train also already utilizes the smaller track, so that is already a go-to option with the cost savings of the smaller gauge track and all that goes with it. 

Bragging rights, maybe...  But I'm thinking B&M offers 6/7/8 across options (6/7 utilizing the smaller track) and the only real difference is the train cost increase for the wider train option if the park chooses... So they went with it for capacity (good thing) and then made the marketing schtick after the fact (silly, but much of marketing is). 

So who will build the first 5-across variant and market it as the worlds first? 😛

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you're missing the point that the 7 across was NOT an option.

SFFT requested the 7 across seating to utilize the smaller track.

so yes, that's the answer:  Cost/Space Savings to use the smaller existing track, and bragging rights to have the 1st 7across train (with centerline seat - a first for a dive coaster), created for SFFT.

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50 minutes ago, prozach626 said:

Vest restraints? The whole park is ruined now.

in all seriousness, I've raised that point several times with President Siebert, and have been assured that these are the "newer, softer comfort collars". .and "will not impact airtime on that final airtime hill"

I'll believe it when I experience it, but trying to keep an open mind.

(the vest restraints on Batman are super snug, and truly *suck*. . but I dont' mind those, as you really do want to be locked in tightly on an S&S freespin).

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Life gets in the way so took me over a week. .but here's my TR from Fiesta Fest at SFFT on 4/9/22

FiestaFest is an event put on by American Coaster Enthusiasts, but ACE also invited those in the Thrill Seekers United (Texas based group) to participate as well if they wanted to.

SFFT goes all out for events like this, and I try to attend when I can- and it's great to see all my friends from TSU (and ACE as well).

here are LOTS of pics:

best thing about these events, is that the check in is usually well before the park opens. . so even tho there were other events going on today (a cheer competition, and a car show in the parking lot). . still ended up with really up close parking.

right next to the Valet parking (which - shocking to me- some people later in the day DID use, at $70 a spot!).  Guess that's why Six Flags is doing that now.



Got checked in and met up with my friend Sean (a local Austinite whom I often drive up to San Antonio for TSU events with)


once we were all checked in (think the total count was ~125 people if not mistaken), we were brought into the park, and past rope drop area where Jorge gave us a welcoming to Fiesta Fest, and explained the agenda for the day (and how our badges would act as Flash Pass - yay!! that was super unexpected, and super appreciated!). .and then they brought our group back to Wonder Woman where tho we didn't have ERT, we did have 1st rides of the day on it before the park officially opened.


Here's Jeff (not Jeffrey Siebert, who'd we see later, but the other Jeff in Promotions), who also "managed' our group today, and was telling us about the up close tour we'd be getting of Dr. Diabolical's Cliffhanger Coaster in about an hour. . they had just finished putting in the last piece of track the day before and it was now a full circuit!


skipping past Wondy rides, and the other assorted stuff to about an hour later, and here's Jorge leading us back into the construction area, and giving us the stats and directions about being careful where we step and where we could and could not go.


the construction guys were working on the lift hill, and stopped to wave hello to us.





yeah. .we were gonna get really close!










either a paint test for the Patina. . . or Dr. Diabolical has already started her experiments on unsuspecting workers!


the transfer bay to work on the coasters, and the work that had already started on the Station (all that wood, and foundation work on the right)




this is truly looking impressive as hell in person!


and it just LOOMS over the biggest outdoor stage at the park.


the great lawn, where we'd be later to watch the 30th Fireworks/cliff show.








since the Train is not operating right now during construction, we were able to walk along the track to get some unique views of the new coaster


LOVE this rare picture. . and have to thank Chris from SFFT for taking this pic of me.    really love it.



but here's the main reason we went up the tracks. . to see the Golden Bolt - the last piece input to complete the circuit.

This will be visible from the Queue line if you know where to look for it. . . really cool.



Unique views from the train tracks:








after the tour, we were free to enjoy the park until 5 pm, when it was time for a performance of Rockin at Rockville High - one of the classic shows the park has brought back for it's 30th Anniversary.

even tho we had ERT on it after park close, we also had Flash Pass, so we headed right over to Iron Rattler.

I really like how they have added Single Rider lines, in addition to Flash Pass lines to several of the Big coasters now.



then we tempted fate and got in line for DareDevil Dive.   I've actually only once before gotten in line ,and ridden it without having to wait out a shutdown and maintenance having to come reset.

but the universe was on our side today, and we not only - using Flash Pass - got up to the station pretty quickly, but we actually got on it and got a ride with no breakdown!


since we hadn't really eaten yet today (tho I think that there were perhaps cookies handed out in the morning. . can't recall. . LOL). . but it turned out that SFFT is doing a 30th Anniversary Food festival too, and added bonus to our event were some food/drink coupons to the special booths (most of the food is also avail as a "snack" on meal plan, so I recommend trying them out.

Of course, I headed here - and ended up convincing everyone I was hanging with to try the Armadillo Egg. . OMG . .it was so good.


nearby at the Pour Haus festival pop up, I got the 30th. . . wow, this thing is kinda scary, in that it tastes like a wonderful fruit punch. . .but man does it sneak up on you!  

Recommended :)





and of course, we can't go into Sangerfest Halle without stopping to grab a pic with Sweet Connie.

I love the renovations in here, and I'm not sure that Jeffrey Siebert really knows just how much I appreciate that they "saved" Sweet Connie when they re-did everything.   Yes, I've told him multiple times how much I appreciate it, but not sure he "gets" how wonderful I think it is that she exists in this park.  

She's an ICON. .LOL

me, Paige, Conne, Sean, and Juan (my "hang out crew" for most of the day)


it had gotten hot, and the water rides were pulling huge lines . . so we took advantage of the Flash Pass to ride both Gully Washer (the waterfall was on, and we got soaked. . so no pics, because phone was put away), and also Bug's Whitewater Rapids. . .  I did not feel guilty at ALL bypassing this massive hour + line.

Sam and Dragon at the Flash Pass entrance!


Sean didn't want to get wet, so he took this pic of us as we left the station:


and yes, we got a bit wet - much of it from that darn spitting dragon, that TRACKS the log, and gets everyone soaked!


around this time, I left the park for 30 minutes to run across the freeway and check into my hotel (had to do it in person to make sure everything went smoothly since i had a free night I was using to make up for a major S#!tshow the last time i stayed there). . worked out well, and had a nice stay this time.

Soon enough was back in the park. . and stumbled across a Sylvester and Tweety photo op.  

Yes please!


since all we'd eaten was that Armadillo Egg, and was feeling the 2nd drink.. we headed into the Sangerfest Halle to grab a light lunch as we knew we had dinner at 7.

the area is looking so nice. . hard to believe it's a Six Flags, but SFFT really is a jewel in the chain.



my "snack" - Brisket stuffed Baked Potato.  Yum


and the entertainment is back in the Halle too!

German themed band. .but for the life of me, I dunno why they played "Sweet Caroline". . tho we all sang along to the "BA DUMP BUM BUM" parts.




we can't be in Sangerfest and not ride the Carousel right next door tho.

unfortunately, they were running it with no music, and when I queried why no music?  I was told that it had broken (I responded "what?  they just refurbed this within the past couple of years!". . . so we sang "Sweet Caroline" while riding 😛



and here's the infamous pic that my Spouse thought looked like an Orgasm . . . . LOL


we headed to the Boardwalk next - letting the food settle - and took a spin on Pirates (where my glow in the dark boots really live up to the promise)


I do not like Disk-O's. . so I rode "bench" while Sean, Juan, and Paige rode Hurricane Force 5



after it was time for our special seating at Rockville High.

the show was great, and even tho they have made some changes to it?  well worth seeing (and bonus:  indoors/air conditioned, with cushioned benches!).




the whole cast is great, and all the female leads have really strong and great voices.

after the show, everyone there for Fiesta Fest got to go up on the stage, and they took a group picture of us.
(pic from ACE)



The show is not as long as it used to be, but it's still a good 30 minute show. . so after it was over, we made our way over to the Picnic Grove for dinner.

oh, before the show, we had seen Park President Jeffrey Siebert and said hello to him.  When he asked how my day had been, I mentioned my surprise that the Carousel music had broken already and wasn't working anymore.  He made a confused face and got on his radio immediately, and made a call.   

And as we passed the Carousel on the way to the Picnic Grove?  yeah, the Carousel music was playing loud and clear.
That's why he's such a great Park President.

this is me "not too hungry". .but I had a really decent Pulled Pork Sandwich, a spicy hot link (so good!), and potato salad.




after some speeches and door prizes were handed out, we were interrupted by Dr. Diabolical's assistant who crashed our dinner, to announce that we didn't NEED the Doctor.   She was able to create the anti-aging formula on her own, and if we followed her she'd perform the procedure on us.

who could say no to that sweet face?



she led us back to the lab, and as she was getting ready to bring us in?


Uh oh. . .she looks pissed.





but since we were at the lab already, and had shown her respect?  why not?







after this wonderful train reveal, we headed back into the park for another hour or so until it was time for the evening fireworks.

this park looks so good at night, and in particular the new paint on Poltergeist looks so great at night.


the skyline forever changed (from the Poltergeist porch)




ooo.. we got reserved seating for the fireworks/cliff show.   with chairs even!

I've not ever actually seen the fireworks here, as they take place so late, and I always have to drive back to Austin. 
But since was staying across the street this time and was closing out the park?  I was excited to see them.


really impressive the projections, lasers, and animation they show on the cliffside wall - they turn off the waterfalls for this.







dancing fountains and FIRE !!!!









a great fireworks show. .with some gigantic fireworks.. some of the biggest I've seen.  and so close to us.

and then it was time for Iron Rattler ERT.    (but on the way over, Jeff, Jorge, & Chris brought out a mobile Ice Cream cart and handed out frozen Snickers, Twix, and all kinds of ice cream treats for us to enjoy, while the park finished draining the general line (~20 minutes).

most of the FiestaFest folks stayed for at least the 1st ride on Iron Rattler. . but even then, not too much of a wait:



but by 20 minutes in, the ERT crowd dropped to only ~30 people.. so got multiple night rides on Iron Rattler.

including the front row (which I rarely do, since this is a back row coaster, and front row always has longest line anyways).

But too fun.


soon enough tho..it was time to call it a night, as I was exhausted (having been up since 6am to leave Austin. . and it was closing in on 11).

and I had to be at SeaWorld San Antonio at 9am the next morning for Great White's Birthday.

so we slowly made our way towards the front gate - taking the opportunity to snap a pic with the 30th Anniversary statue in the front plaza (rare to get without so many people around).


the back side of it:


all in all, a fantastic day at a fantastic park.

(and we rode a lot more that I didn't take pics of. . but we got a lot of riding in and enjoyed the event).

hope you liked the pics shared.

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^ Awesome trip report, Bert! I giggled at the term "Austinite". We're "Vancouverites" here in BC.

And I looooove Austin BBQ! What I remember from a trip back in ..... the Fall of 1992?

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Bert glad you had such an awesome day! But showing us your orgasm face may be too much information................😜😜!!!

We may have to make it back down next year to do the event again, especially since Dr. D's will be open. Totally jealous of all your 30th anniversary stuff, we didn't get near that much for our 50th, although to be fair it was much earlier in the Pandemic. 

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28 minutes ago, teacherkim said:

Ohhhh. I see. You might want to clarify that next time, lol. I mean you DO look happy in the picture.......!

HAHAHA. . well.. you just have to read the SWSA trip report first 😛

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^ My hubby is an older gay man. . he has NO idea what a woman's orgasm looks like.

which is why I (and all the folks I was with) found it so hysterical that he responded to my Text message of the pic with the response "the woman behind you looks like she's having an orgasm"

and no, he didn't realize Paige is my friend and whom I was hanging out with. . . LOL

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4 hours ago, CaptainUnknown said:

I mean if that's an orgasm,


Ha, ha if you go to Katz's deli in NYC where they filmed this they have a sign hanging over the seat Meg Ryan sat in. It is a Very good deli, certainly capable of giving you a foodgasm. 

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