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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

P. 288: New B&M Dive Machine Announced!

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1 hour ago, anonymouscactus said:

How "fluffy friendly" is Wonder Woman? I can fit in any standard RMC with retractable belts such as Steel Vengeance and Twisted Timbers of I remember correctly (with a good push from an operator), and can usually barely fit the b&m invert clones on the non-modified rows with the belt being just barely king enough, but I've never been on a single rail and obviously the restraints are much different. Are they more lenient than a standard RMC? Or something like a standard b&m invert? I know it depends on where you carry your weight, but just need a general comparison.

Also: How are the seat belts on Iron Rattler? I struggled with Goliath at SF Great America but was barely able to ride it. Are the belts a fixed length and are they hard to deal with or is it pretty much anybody can fit the belt but just have to get the green light on the main restraint?

I gained a little weight from my "normal" but luckily I have a few months to lose a few pounds.


INCREDIBLY  friendly.

I've only ever seen one person not able to get the "cage" restraint to click.  (WW does not have standard RMC restraint. .it's a "cage" that comes down over you - with two connected shoulder straps - and then clicks into a seatbelt in the front.

the only coaster you're going to have an issue with is going to be Poltergeist.   the restraints on that are NOT friendly to many different body types - the lap bar will be fine, but the shorter side seatbelt MUST be able to click, and many folks have issues with that.   So expect you won't be able to ride Poltergeist.   It's extremely rare that I've ridden and the train didn't have at least 1 - usually 2 - folks that have to get out as restraint won't click in place.

the two B&Ms (Goliath (Batman clone) & Superman) both have "Big Boy" seats).  
Iron Rattler & Pandemonium have lap bar that have a lot of space.  IR has an adjustable seat belt that has to be on too.. that wont' be an issue, but you might need to really suck in to get the green light.  you should be ok.

Roadrunner is old skool lap bar restraints, so no worries there.

Batman (S&S 4D), again has an overhead that has to lock in, but also never seen someone walked from that.

I dunno on Boomerang, as havne't ridden in a while, but believe it's OTSR, so that should be ok if you wanted to ride it.

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13 minutes ago, anonymouscactus said:

Thank you both for the great info. Much appreciated. Flight of fear was definitely a tough one so I'd imagine it's similar to poltergeist. Glad to hear about Wonder Woman though, I know it's a weird position but just want to know going into it what to expect.

Thanks again!

I dont' recall FoF having that extra "side" seatbelt, that won't click in, unless you have the lap bar down low enough.

but it's absolutely there on Poltergeist, and causes lots of walks of shame.

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and park just announced they are closed on Saturday (SFOT announced ~2 hours ago).

San Antonio *is* still getting snow and freezing rain today (as is Austin, tho sun is out at the moment), but I suspect these closures are likely due to reducing strain on the Texas Power Grid.

sucks, as was looking forward to getting out of the house - trapped inside for 6 days.  but I understand.

This cancelled the big ACE event on Saturday at the park too (obviously).

So now two weekends in a row, was supposed to be at Fiesta, Tx, and didn't make it.     so *maaaaaaaybe* can manage to meet up with weary travelers in a couple of weeks.   Reach out if you wanna, Bill/Brit :)

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1 minute ago, DBru said:

^Which is why I booked nonrefundable hotel rooms for this weekend. Dammit. lol

try for refund anyways. . the whole city will still be shut down, so can't hurt to ask!

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Yeah even if the park has power and could open the optics of using power to run rollercoasters when being asked to conserve energy wouldn’t be worth the PR backlash that they would totally get and deserve.

Plus the park would probably be empty anyway...

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You are all making too much sense about why the parks closed. I think it is actually a personal vendetta the universe has against me as a history teacher to never make it to the Alamo. I was cruelly denied entry 42 years ago by my parents and now each attempt I have made to go back has resulted in denial in the form of things like pandemics and 100 year snowstorms and such. See I got an email saying the Alamo was closing as well. That's what it's really about and no one will convince me other wise. Parks closing, pffft.....fake news! Remember it's all about the Alamo.🤠


In all seriousness I am super bummed that we have to postpone this trip yet again. I have cancelled or changed flights so many times with SW that's it ridiculous. Bert! We tried to get down there, will figure out a new plan once I am done pouting. At least I was able to get refunds or credit on most everything. (Not sure I am going to recoup my SW tickets that expire in a couple weeks but will sure try)


And I even got my nails done in purple for Mardi Gras #deniedbeignets

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I'll have pics up from the visit yesterday in the near future (I met up with Bill & Brit and we had a fantastic day. . light crowds due to overcast/drizzly weather).

the only rides that were officially down were Daredevil Dive & Poltergeist (both due to power issues). . but sadly the Bugs Bunny Whitewater rapids were down too (sorry Bill!), and the Gully Washer - which makes sense, since DDD was down for power issue, Gully Washer station is on that same circuit.

Batman was supposed to be down, but by mid morning was testing, and ended up running (we didn't ride it tho).    Pretty much everything else came up during our day there. . . Pandemonium seemed to be up and down, but we were only on the boardwalk a couple of times to get to Pirates (which went down the first time while we were waiting on it. . . . but it came back up late in the day).

reason for update, is to note to @anonymouscactus that we captured a pic of Wonder Woman's "cage" restraint from the tester seat. . so wanted to post for ya  (thanks Brit for the picture. it's awesome :) )
you can see how it comes down over your head and clicks at the crotch.





also on Roadrunner Express - looks like they've swapped out the old skool trains, so instead of a flat bench with a lap bar that comes down across both?  it's now individual "bucket" type seats, with individual waist restraint.    Still very "fluffy friendly" tho.


more pics from the day coming later, including some of the Mardi Gras food/atmosphere. (and hopefully onride pics!   hysterically the Wonder Woman camera was messed up and so everyone came out blurry. . but it was just flying in the drizzle, so I thought that was appropriate anyways. . but they weren't selling those blurry pics).

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^ those are Hurricanes (they had them both frozen and on the rocks), as well as a whole list of other drinks/beers avail.


Traditional Hurricane Recipe

2 oz. light rum

2 oz. dark rum

2 oz. passion fruit juice

1 oz. orange juice

½ oz. fresh lime juice

1 tablespoon simple syrup

1 tablespoon grenadine

Garnish: orange slice and cherry

Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and strain into a hurricane glass filled with ice. Garnish with a cheery and an orange slice.

SFFT is an alcohol inclusive park - you can get all kinds of beer (tap/can), mixed or frozen drinks at several places in the park (and walk with them). . . but since this is last weekend of Mardi Gras, they had all the Mardi Gras drinks avail too.

I have a pic of one of the drink menus on my phone. . I'll post it in a bit, once I get them transferred.

Edit. . added drink menu. . .this one is from the "full bar" stand. . the beer stands offered the on the Rocks Hurricanes, and the frozen Hurricanes had their own booth.


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6 hours ago, SharkTums said:

Looking forward to you and Bill's full report!

got the TR up!

(put it in the "bert goes to Texas Theme Parks thread")


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On 1/18/2021 at 9:03 AM, jedimaster1227 said:

Mardi Gras Festival highlights:

  • The Houngan House of Voodoo – New for 2021 – The Mardi Gras Festival expands into the Spassburg area of the park with the addition of The Houngan House of Voodoo. A voodoo priest lures inquisitive guests through room-after-room of his cursed French Quarter home filled with magical dolls, potions, charms and gris-gris in this voodoo-themed walk-thru attraction. Social distancing will be strictly enforced. This mysterious new addition to the Mardi Gras Festival is included with park admission (reservation required)


got an email from the park, noting that they are keeping Houngan House of Voodoo open thru Spring Break (so daily 3/6-3/14, then again from 3/17-3/21).

great move by the park, as this walk thru is SO well done, and worth a visit. . it's amazing it's in a Six Flags park, as it's a better Haunt than most upcharge ones are!




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Hey, I ended up at SFFT this weekend, too! Stopped in for a few hours both Saturday and Sunday. I also indulged in the Hurricanes-on-the-rocks, which were better on Saturday than Sunday because Saturday's (unintentionally hilarious) bartender was pouring Southern Comfort on top of all the drinks because she didn't think there was enough liquor in the pre-mixed cocktail. Amazing.

Poltergeist was down both days so that makes 3 visits to SFFT where this credit has eluded me. I have a better track record with Lightning Rod...

I was also queuing for the Pirate ride around 4:30pm Saturday when it went down and they emptied the line...and so was my friend who was also in the park (and also on these forums)! If it was the same breakdown, it's crazy that none of our 3 groups ran into each other!

Overall, Six Flags Fiesta Texas felt alive and vibrant. A solid Six Flags park that could probably become the best Six Flags park with the addition of a hyper coaster.

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^ you must have been Exiting pirates when we were!   crazy we didn't bump into each other - and sad :(. . would have loved to say hello!

it DID come back up tho, since we rode it about 90 minutes later


Poltergeist was down sadly, for the same issue DareDevil Dive - the Power was still down from the storms 2 weeks ago.
I suspect Poltergeist COULD have run - since Batman was up and running, and that's on the same grid in the park (and Park President Jeffrey Siebert had told us online Batman was going to be down for the power issue) -  but they probably didn't want to put stress on the still tenuous grid.    I don't know details of a LIM Launch coaster, but gotta imagine that eats probably more power than any other ride in the park?  (except maybe Joker?)

it's SUPPOSED to be back up starting Saturday, for the daily Spring Break weeks.

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