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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

P. 288: New B&M Dive Machine Announced!

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Also, they were waiting for a part for Superman yesterday that they did not have on property.


Supervisor told me it had been fixed (this was at ~1pm), but that the ride would not be opening Sunday, because they had to wait for an inspection.

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Went to Fiesta today, and combo of GORGEOUS Day (High 80's and sunny, after a bunch of nasty weekends in a row), School Choir Performances (so TONS of groups of bands/choirs in the park), and Opening Day of the Whitewater Bay Land (preview for Members from 12-3, then general entry from 3-7)?


meant for a packed, packed day.


Didn't ride any coasters, stuck to things with short waits, such as Train, Carousel, Hustler, Pirates, and some rides in Kidzopolis. But still had a fantastic time.


ChopSix is up and running (and had a 40 minute wait for food due to the crowds of kids, all with vouchers. which was only slightly longer than the wait Nick had at Totally Kickin Chicken. . which was about 25 minutes). He got his food and met me by ChopSix. . and must admit, tho I had the salad (which was prepackaged), the food was pretty good. The fresh food others were getting around me, looked really good too. MUCH better than Panda Express ever was.


Hustler refurb looks fantastic, all bright colors, and running wonderfully. . tho in a typical SixFlags move, they didn't refurb the 8-ball that spins in the center of the ride. So that looks all dingy while surrounded by a vibrantly refreshed ride.


no movement AT ALL on the re-theme of Whirlygig. . the pad is still sitting empty with only the remains of the "stalk" there, while the chassis still is over by Batman.


but they have completed pouring the Foundations, and footers, for Joker. That is gonna go up FAST now.


Bug's Whitewater Rapids (Flume Ride) was down - looked like for refurb, as the flume was drained.

Wave Runner (Scrambler) was down too.. tho both are noted online as down, so maybe refurb for that too?

(online also lists the Train and Pandemonium as down, and both of those were running)


all in all, a very nice afternoon in the park, despite the huge crowds.


will have pics (including pics of Whitewater Bay, even tho we didn't do the waterpark) in my "bert goes to Texas Theme Parks thread" hopefully up in the next couple of days.


EDIT: trip report up, with tons of pics at link below.



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^Any chance Joker will be up and running by June 12th? LOL

I'm not holding my breath since it does say early summer opening. I just love frisbee rides and hate it most likely won't be ready. I'll keep my fingers crossed I guess, but am prepared should it not be ready. At least there's the one at SFOT I'll get to ride a couple days before.

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took a trip down to SFFT today, and despite being super crowded (of course, it's a holiday weekend so was expecting that), had a great time.


multiple rides having issue, but most everything eventually came back up - only exception being Gully Washer (looked like the lift back into load/unload broke - there was a MASSIVE pileup of rafts stuck down below lift - as seen from the Iron Rattler break run. It took them a good 40 minutes to get everyone off the ride, and then it went down for rest of day - and it looked like they were draining it when I was leaving around 7:30. . so maybe to get under the lift mechanism to try to fix?


Bug's Whitewater Rapids flume is back open post refurb - and was pulling a 2hour line (so skipped that today), but the spitting dragon is back up and working again.


Wave Runner (the scrambler) is *still* down. . wonder what the heck is going on with that?


*super* windy today, but huge kudos to SFFT, in that several things never went down for wind all day (IR, Batman (!), and even Scream & Skyscreamer operated all day. Poltergeist and Goliath were up and down a few times, but they kept starting them back up again, and I was able to get rides on both with shortish lines.


as to Joker - looks like the fun-house queue has progressed really nicely (is that a "barrel of fun" entrance to the queue? . .hard to tell since it's so dark in there). . . .and looks like majority of ride is now on site, the supports -with a great Green/Purple color scheme, and a logo sign (2 of them, so either one for ride entrance, or on either side of the top). Tho the ride chassis itself was nowhere to be seen.


speaking of chassis - Whirlygig now has the chassis back on the foundation (instead of rusting in the grass by Batman's queue), and looked like some maintenance work is getting done on it. No sign of any of the covering wrap, or the chairs - and oddly, the "Whirlygig" sign is still in place at the ride entrance. Wonder if they tabled the re-theme for the moment, and just are going to reopen as is? no idea, but the thought did cross my mind.


No sign of the Rattlesnake fountain/sculpture at the entrance to Iron Rattler either. .that's been gone for "Refub" for a while now too.


a little disappointed they still don't have any shows running in the theaters (only a couple of live music shows in the Los Festivales amphitheater). . .but, I guess it IS still May, so it's early yet.


ChopSix had a way shorter line this time, and the Salad was nowhere near as fresh as it had been on my prior visit (soggy "crispy" noodles. . ew). . . but it was OK.


anyways, I'll have TR up with pics by end of weekend.

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Actual Working "Barrel of Fun" = Lawsuits, waiting to happen. Maybe there's a pathway built thru it,

like some of those do. Our Haunted Mansion in Playland SPOILER ALERT has a turning tunnel

with en elevated pathway thru it.


Looking forward to the photos you took, Bert!

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Does anyone have any insight why Wonder Woman and Superman have been closed for at least 1 week now according to the Six Flags Website/queue-times.com?


Apparently they are waiting on parts from RMC but what's wrong with Superman?


I hope Rattler won't go down as well for our upcoming August visit...

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The turn at the top then goes left, not right. The rest of the layout is pretty much the same, but I think the drop off the 3rd block is different. I think it's a little bigger, as the ride is raised to be level with the boardwalk. I think this because the hill after had much more noticable air than I recall on Pandemonium.

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Does anyone have any insight why Wonder Woman and Superman have been closed for at least 1 week now according to the Six Flags Website/queue-times.com?


Apparently they are waiting on parts from RMC but what's wrong with Superman?


I hope Rattler won't go down as well for our upcoming August visit...


Superman is also awaiting parts, but I think it should be open soon.

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had a great day at Fiesta yesterday, and will get a TR up in my thread "soon-ish" (I have to finish St. Louis first).


but a few brief things and some pics:


-- Joker is looking fantastic. (no other signage other than "the Joker". . so wonder if they are just going with THAT name instead of "Carnival of Chaos" ?)

*They were testing lighting package yesterday afternoon. . some really nice red,yellow,green lights.

*It changes the skyline of the park and is visible from Loop 1604 (now I understand why they put the logo on both sides of the top - it's gonna be visible at night from the freeway/loop).

*the funhouse queue? the front is along the lines of what SFA did for Joker's Jinx. . really well done thus far, can't wait to see what's inside (and tho hard to see in the pic? the traditional version of "Joker" is on the wall just inside the mouth).

*water dummies were on the ride pad (if not on the ride itself), so they are close to starting testing.

*looks like other than testing, the only other things still needed is concrete pours in the queue. Was told they are targeting "early July" opening. . . I'll bet they are trying for in 2 weeks - 4th of July weekend.


-- Whirlygig re-theme is about 2/3rds done, and they even have the new ride sign up (DC Supervillain Swing).

*not GREAT name, I do wish they had just gone with "Crime Wave" as SFOG did. . . but it looks great thus far


-- Several Rides having issues

* Wave Runner (Scrambler) is still down. no movement, still just a sign in front of it


* Spinsanity (next gen tilt a whirl) down. Someone was standing by the ride when I walked by both times, so might just be a mechanical issue that was just for yesterda


*Pandemonium is back to only running 4 cars (or maybe they just had 4 on yesterday)


*Wonder Woman is running one train. Ride Techs were working on a 2nd train in the storage area, but the 3rd train appeared to be in pieces and in the middle of major refurb. (wonder if that's the train that had 3 seats roped off on my last visit). They have a sign out front noting, but 8 seats / 1 train? made for longest line in the park. . skipped it this trip.


*Bug's Whitewater Rapids queue is hot (A/C is out?) and most all of the show scenes now don't even have the lights on anymore! The only two scenes even lit were the Bugs jack in the box in the opening room (near a posted sign noting

"pardon our dust, improvements are happening"), and the sleeping dragon - which was lit *and* still had the audio of it snoring.

The TVs in the queue (the ones that were on) are no longer showing the "Singing Sword" cartoon and were just showing DC Superhero trivia.

The "Spitting Dragon" on the ride itself? no longer working, tho it was running just the other day. (Course, if it's connected to whatever electrical issues are going on with the A/C in the queue?. . maybe that's why?)


Wonder if there's a retheme about to happen here? Did Six Flags decide to stop using the Looney Tunes characters? (figures nowhere to be seen on Roadrunner anymore. . and 2nd visit where I didn't see any costumed characters out).


*Pirates of Deep Sea many of the fantastic "guns" on the ride, are already gone - and replaced with the old Scooby Doo Ghostblasters guns. I asked about it, as it totally ruins what they were trying to do with the theme. and was told that guests keep breaking the guns, and they needed guns that works, so that's what they had to put in


*Poltergeist was only running 1 train (again). Tho to be honest, the restraints on this one are so weird, that if they were running 2, they'd be stacking and leaving folks sitting out in the sun on the brake run. so maybe that's why only 1 train?



but, really not complaining - just informing. Still had a great day.


Superman & Goliath were hauling butt. Iron Rattler is running fantastic - tho I did notice the back car has developed a slight "rattle". . .it was weird riding an RMC that's not completely smooth - but in this case? it's really slight, and didn't bother me at all. and it works with the theme of the ride.


They've started the nightly fireworks / canyon projection show, and it looks great!


the heat kept most people in the waterpark - and made for short waits on the dry areas of the park. Gully Washer refurb was great, and they had the waterfall on - made for a soaking good ride.


got my favorite picture so far this year, on Bugs'. I noticed when downloading, that if I take the frame off, the camera actually caught Screaming Eagle Zipline in the background of the picture. Love it.


will have my full pics/reports up. . . in the next week or so.














framed pic


unframed pic


hello Screaming Eagle Zipline

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I love the look of the swing ride!


me too. . I THINK they will continue the art work down onto the "base" of the ride too (at least the one at SFOG does. see pic below).


I DO prefer the design at SFFT more tho. . . as the villain logos instead of the names is way nicer in my view.


Gotham City Crime Wave at SFOG

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  • 4 weeks later...

Really looking forwards to being at the park tomorrow to participate in Coasting for Kids.


unfortunately, Joker still is not gonna be ready to go - but all is good, they added Hustler as the 4th ride open for us for ERT before the park opens!


and i got an email that I "secured a spot" on the "Clifftop Walking Tour" . . so hoping to get some really unique pics from the top of the Canyon walls looking down into the park! Gonna be a fun, but very hot, day!

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^ I will think good ~ steadying ~ thoughts for you, when you're up there on those cliffs.


Have a great day tomorrow, you and everybody doing the C4Ks, Bert!


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will have a "Coasting for Kids" report up (hopefully in next 24 hours or so), but a couple of new things regarding the "DC Universe" Area during the fantastic day yesterday in the park.



-- New Batman statue popped up, very similar to Wonder Woman statue in front of Golden Lasso Coaster (I asked about it during our time with Mgmt, was told it was just installed Friday). . . also strongly hinted there *might* be a similar Superman statue popping up too. (and got a laugh when I pointed out there already IS a Superman - standing on top of the loop on Krypton Koaster - but I guess they mean one near the entrance to the ride so people can pose with it).


-- speaking of Krypton Koaster, the gift shop at the Exit, has been renamed "the Daily Planet"


-- Supervillian Swings is ready to go, but they are not going to open it until Joker opens. (direct from someone in Mgmt: they have been directed that both rides open up at the same time). Both rides are ready to go, they are just waiting on an 'all clear" (not sure from whom, but probably someone in maintenance?), they didn't give me a date as to when they will open, but I did hear a mention that "they could open tomorrow, if we got the all clear).


-- also, if you have heard about construction happening over by Batman, on the Poltergeist side, into that grassy area? it's NOT a new ride, or a new eating deck. They are upgrading the Basketball game, and expanding out the court into the grassy area (I got this info by chatting with one of the workmen who was out in the heat, laying down the wood "deck" area).


anyways, a handful of pics, and will get full report up (and will link here) hopefully in the next day or so.










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SFFT Park President Jeffrey Siebert has announced on FB that "Joker: Carnival of Chaos" and "DC Supervillain Swings" will be opening TOMORROW (Sunday, 7/28) for previews!





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Jeffery Siebert has been all over FB Texas Thrill Seekers group this morning, teasing the SFFT 2020 addition.


he's implying heavily that Boomerang, and the adjacent theater (not Lone Star Lil's, but the one that sits across from Roadrunner, and backs up to Bommerang's spires), are not long for this world.


So might be an actual ride, rather than simply a re-theme of Kidzopolis to a DC hero themed area!


he also said whatever is coming, there is not one currently in Texas.


let the excitement begin

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