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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

P. 288: New B&M Dive Machine Announced!

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I just found out I may be traveling to San Antonio for work in mid-April. I'm sure I'll still enjoy SFFT regardless, but it would be amazing if this is up and running before I get there.


they're advertising mid March here in Austin for the opening


the best part? even if WW is *slammed* it will split the crowd and leave Iron Rattler (and Poltergeist) with shorter lines, so win, win, win regardless!

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Just got an email from the park advertising Wonder Woman will be open for Spring Break.


so that's official, they are planning on it being open the week of March 12.


(and they teased passholders could get an earlier peek. . so since season officially starts Sat, I'm guessing they will soft open the 1st weekend in March for passholders)

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I’m guessing the ride won’t have a roof over the station. Be a terrible move if so with that Texas heat. I just haven’t found one photo showing the station. The park opens this weekend so probably will get my answer then. I’m trying to get into the vip night on March 9th.

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they are having a music festival there on 3/3 (next Saturday), and they are advertising the opening of Wonder Woman for festival attendees.


so yeah, basically 9 days. . this sucker will officially be open in 10 days!




"The inaugural Botanica Music Festival takes place March 3, 2018 at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio. Botanica is a family friendly event that features over 20 performers on multiple stages, from international touring acts to local favorites, as well as fun activities, amazing local food, signature beverages, and more. In addition, we are excited to announce that all attendees will have full and exclusive access to the rides of Six Flags Fiesta Texas as part of the event ticket. PLUS, the park will be debuting its new Wonder Woman Golden Lasso roller coaster that weekend just for us!"

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Okay, this is wierd but...


Maybe they should put up a Group Rider Line queue, for those who want to "ride together", etc.


Total reversal on the other queue, LOL!


I have to assume this is going to be assigned seats.


Iron Rattler is already chaos from folks trying to arrange so that their group can all ride the same train at the same time (that queue house is nuts, some giant supports in the center of several of the middle rows, so it's hard to get lines to form. . .Fiesta tried to remedy with a "grouper" at the top of the ramp, but what happens is that everyone goes to the front or back (lengthy wait queues set up for them) that then block the whole rest of the line, so the middle cars never seem to have much of a line, since the people are blocked (either from other humans, or from the supports). . .if that makes any sense.


but yeah. . totally see this as there's going to be a Six Flags staff member at the entrance to queue house, basically putting folks in certain lines.


we'll see in just a week

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Tentatively, we're gonna hit up the park next Sunday (Sat is that music festival).


not expecting to be able to get on WW. . really just expecting to drive down, eat lunch, and maybe get a ride on Poltergeist or IR.


but hopefully we can swing it, and get some pics

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