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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

P. 288: New B&M Dive Machine Announced!

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Here's the full article, for anyone to lazy to open the link



Six Flags Fiesta Texas announced Wonder Woman Golden Lasso coaster for 2018, the first RMC Raptor track coaster




Six Flags announced today that Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster will open next spring at its Fiesta Texas location in San Antonio. The park says the new attraction won't look or behave like any thrill machine that preceded it. That's because instead of riding a set of two rails like traditional coasters, its narrow trains would soar along one 15.5-inch-wide steel track. It will be the world's first single-rail coaster.


"I expect it to be crazy smooth," says Larry Chickola, Six Flags VP and chief corporate engineer. "And crazy fun. There will be extremely quick twists and turns – quicker and smoother than regular coasters."


Before settling on "single-rail" to describe the new genre of ride, the engineer referred to it as a "monorail" coaster. But Chickola said the designation might conjure thoughts of the slow and poky vehicles used to transport passengers at airports and elsewhere. Wonder Woman, he insists, will be the opposite of poky: a "high-thrill and edgy experience." Above all, however, he emphasizes that it should be velvety smooth.


Why is Chickola forecasting a super-smooth ride? Traditional wooden coasters are known for knocking passengers around. Their rickety, rough-and-tumble ride experience is part of their charm. Steel-tracked coasters can mitigate some of the roughness, but even they have an inherent problem: Because they ride on two rails, the slightest misalignment between the left and right sides can result in moments of roughness. With Wonder Woman's single rail, nothing could get out of sync.


The coaster will be "visually stunning," says Jeffrey Siebert, president of Six Flags Fiesta Texas. It will be set against the multi-hued quarry wall that surrounds the park. Visitors may be surprised when they first encounter the ride. "It's just going to look wrong, but in a nice way," Siebert adds. Instead of a wooden coaster's lattice-like timber structure, Wonder Woman will have steel supports. But its ultra-thin track won't require as many supports as a typical steel coaster. Chickola says it will look like a thin ribbon of track suspended in the sky.


The eight passengers aboard the coaster's trains will have unique views as well. Each car will have a single seat. There won't be anybody sitting to the left or right. And when they look to either side, riders won't see any track either. The single rail, a scant few inches wider than a foot-long sub, will be underneath the train. If passengers lean over the cars, they'll see straight down to the ground. "You're going to feel like your gliding through the air," says Chickola.


Wonder Woman will climb a 113-foot hill, drop about 100 feet straight down at 90-degrees, and hit a top speed of 52 mph. It will include overbanked turns and the free-floating sensation known as airtime. Among its three inversions will be a "180-degree stall," in which the train will roll halfway over and suspend riders for a few agonizing moments before it unrolls and returns them right-side-up.


Siebert says that it is going to be "odd to go upside down on such a tiny track. It will feel like you're riding Wonder Woman's whip." The ride's queue will include a crashed airplane, Greco-Greek architecture, and other references to the comic book world of the female superhero, whose popularity surged after the huge success of the recent Wonder Woman movie.


The stall inversion is a signature element of the coaster's designer and manufacturer, Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC). The innovative ride company has developed its own take on coaster rails, which it calls "IBox" track. Instead of the tubular steel track that is used on traditional steel coasters, IBox track is flat on top and configured like the letter "I." The trains' side friction wheels, which help tether the cars to the rails, fit into the track's I-shaped channels. The unique track may account for the especially smooth rides that RMC coasters deliver.


The New Texas Giant at Six Flags Over Texas was the first coaster to feature IBox track. The park chain followed that with Iron Rattler at Fiesta Texas. Both of the rides were traditional wooden coasters that had not aged well and were notoriously rough. RMC left the wooden structures intact, but removed the original tracks and replaced them with IBox tracks. Known as hybrid wooden-steel coasters, the two repurposed Six Flags rides are now gloriously smooth.


RMC's designers took the basic concepts of their IBox track and developed the single-rail system, which the ride company refers to as "raptor track." Using the next evolution of the breakthrough IBox track, Wonder Woman may whip its park mate, Iron Rattler, for slithery smoothness.










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It's a good layout that packs a punch and the first drop at the back row would be legendary. But two 8 persons trains??


The 8 persons trains shouldn't be too much of a problem once all the hype dies down as long as the ride time is similar to Goliath at SFGam.

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Welp, didn't see this coming.


Looks ridiculous, and the air in the back of the train on that first drop is going to be sick. This certainly makes me wonder what Cedar Fair have up their sleeve for Knotts and CGA since everyone was convinced the first RMCraptor was going to one of those. Also if, like the freespins, is this the only SF Park getting one for 2018, with more coming at other SF parks in subsequent years?


Two major negatives: the capacity is going to absolutely suck on this thing, and shame one of the hottest parks in the country didnt replace a water ride with another water ride.

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I have a strong feeling this won't be the only one being built in the Six Flags chain this year.


I strongly suspect that this is what will go in the space next to Joker at SFOT! That space will be just about big enough for it once they demolish the remaining buildings.

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Awesome. I was hesitant to comment on this since given the announcement time and the fact that there's only one story on Google News I figured they sent this to everyone (including TPR) with an embargo and USA Today completely ignored it. I have no way of knowing if this is true, but it seems like that's probably what happened since nobody else has posted it.


Anyway a few thoughts...


1) I'm really surprised by this news. I really didn't see Six Flags going this direction and the fact that they are is really exciting.


2) The first drop should provide an absurd amount of airtime in the back seats. I was going to say back "row" but , which brings me to my next point...


3) 8 Passenger trains?


I guess it's really no worse than the Premier Sky Rocket that they built at Discovery Kingdom. Maybe it won't be as bad as we think. It definitely seems like this is the ride to run to at rope drop though.


4) The fact that they didn't use the terrain even though they could have easily done so (it's actually replacing a ride that did use the terrain) and instead chose to build it on flat ground leads me to believe they're open to the idea of cloning this which sounds awesome to me. It would have been cool to see a vertical drop off the cliff though. This is PURELY speculative bullsh*t on my part.


5) I guess we need to finally pull the trigger on that Texas trip next year.

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Does it look like to anyone else that there are OTSR on these trains?


Yes, at first I thought they were just lap bars that come down over the top (sort of like Skyrush) but there does appear to be some kind of black vest on them. That's fine with me though. Maverick has similar restraints and that ride is a kick a** airtime machine with awesome inversions. They don't detract from the ride one bit.


Plus it's just a rendering. Things like that can easily change and often do.

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All of their coasters have looked like batshit crazy NoLimits creations and this is no exception. Following the construction is going to be really fun.


Really, he described the ride experience is going to be "edgy"?


Thatsa what them young hips wanna hear. Should have called it Six Flag's edgiest coaster. Wait no that's superman. It lives on the edge.

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Parks opening coasters that have less capacity than single train operations on a B&M just makes me shake with rage. But I also Six Flags is looking to go cheap, so that's what we're gonna get.


I think it will be a good ride so long as any OTSRs aren't too bulky. I also think in a park with Iron Rattler and Superman already present that I'd have preferred them go with a mid-size wood coaster from Gravity Group or GCI. But then they'd need to maintain it, so there's that.

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Hopefully this ride will have a setup similar to Verboten and Cheetah Hunt where two trains load at once. If they have four total trains with two in the station, one on the tracks and one on the break run, I can see it working. Any less and this thing will be a nightmare to wait for. However, I will wait because this thing looks amazing!

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Hopefully this ride will have a setup similar to Verboten and Cheetah Hunt where two trains load at once. If they have four total trains with two in the station, one on the tracks and one on the break run, I can see it working. Any less and this thing will be a nightmare to wait for. However, I will wait because this thing looks amazing!


Based on the super long brake run I would think this ride will have 3 trains. Whether or not Six Flags will actually run 3 trains on a daily basis after it's first season is yet to be determined. There's no reason for this ride to have more than 3 trains with no midcourse.


I would imagine that part of this ride's appeal to Six Flags is that since it only has one across trains so it would really only require 1 seat checker and 1 op at the panel, cutting down on labor costs since you wouldn't need to station someone on either side of the platform. No way in hell this has 2 load platforms. Six Flags isn't in the business of adding operating expenses unnecessarily.


Even with subpar ride ops I would think they could check and dispatch this train really quickly even with only 1 seat checker. There are only 8 seats on it.

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