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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

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Thanks for the update, Chad! I will be most curious to see what the new zip line looks like once installed - I am sure that would be really cool to fly over Superman and out over the quarry wall!


An associate of mine from work that lives just outside of Dallas had his home damaged by a tornado last week. First time that he has sustained damage to his own home, but he has sent several pics of twisters going past his house in recent years. Scary stuff!

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^I believe it will be open on May 16th for gold season pass holders, May 17th for regular season pass holders, and May 24th for the general public


EDIT: May 23 for the general public, not the 24th. Sorry about that.


Is this confirmed or are you getting it confused with SFMM and Twisted Collossus. I only ask because I can get round trip airfare to Texas for a SFFT and SFOT run the last week in May for $150.

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^Yes, this is official. Take a look at this on SFFT's facebook page in reference to Batman:



Click here to view the post in its entirety. They've also made opening date announcements earlier in the year, but I can't remember where exactly they are listed. In terms of confusion with Twisted Colossus, many new six flags attractions are opening in late May. For instance, Justice League: Battle for Metropolis at SFOT is also opening May 23 in conjunction with BTR and Twisted Colossus.

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Thanks for the suggestions...I appreciate it. I also appreciate the tornado shelter help too. We're coming May 17th so, you never know. I'm glad to see that the park will let passholders ride May 17th. I was worried I wouldn't get to ride it on this trip. Awesome!

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Hey guys! I visited SFFT today, and although there's not much change from Chad's recent report (and quite an excellent report at that, thanks Chad!), there is some stuff to take note of on Batman: The Ride.


A quick side note: Today, I made a terrible mistake. I'm sure most of you on this forum are already fully aware of what I'm about to say, but for those of you who aren't (like me), this is your warning! Try not to visit a theme park at the end of a school year!! I must've counted at least 50 school buses in the parking lot. The park was very crowded, and because I had limited time today, I was only able to ride a couple of rides. That being said, I still had a very fun time and I'm really happy to see Fiesta Texas getting so much business!


Anyways, back to Batman. There's only two weeks left until the Golden Season Pass preview date! Now that the track is 100% done, they've put all of their focus on the themed queue. Landscaping dirt has been put in around the unfinished queue paths, and some kind of signs have been put up throughout the queue. These signs appear to have digital-looking blueprints of the Batmobile and other bat-vehicles on them. Also, they've started working on the entrance facade for the ride. In regards to the theme, it would appear that this ride is going to have a bat-technology theme to it. Instead of focusing on crime-ridden Gotham like the rest of the Batman rides in other six flags parks, this ride is going to focus on Batman's arsenal of weapons and technology. This, of course, is just speculation. Now, enough talk! Let's get to the pictures!


A beautiful day for a construction update!


The site smells of fertilizer and topsoil...gross


This is one of those signs I was talking about. Unfortunately, I couldn't get good pictures of the fronts of them.


The entrance sign has been put in place! Also, the "buildings" around the entrance are receiving new themes as well. As you can see, the building to the right of the entrance is now themed to a...coffee shop? Maybe??



That "Big Belly Burger" sign next to the Gotham City Gift Shop is new. Now, before you go thinking SFFT has a new restaurant, this sign is for theming purposes only! The BTR gift shop takes up the space in that building.

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^^Thanks, the ride queue is looking good and the newly installed sign should glow nicely in the evening hours.


Sorry you got caught up during school bandathon, it's the same in Arlington today as well, only worse! They have directional signage up when exiting the freeways for the buses and having them circumvent the normal route and head around to the back lot; 100+ buses easy.


On a positive note, the ride crews at SFFT are most always on point, even on a full queue day for rattler I've only waited 30 minutes. Hope the same held true for you!

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^Oh my! Well, I'm sure glad I didn't visit SFOT today then!


You are absolutely right about the ride crews at Fiesta Texas. Even though the park was crowded, iRat operated like clockwork! Same thing goes for SKC. I really do appreciate the increase in quality of staffing at SFFT. Not only are the rides operated very well, but the employees are so friendly too!

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The coffee shop, is the logo for "JItters" !


the coffee shop that exists in the CW-universe of DC Comics shows, "Arrow" and "The Flash" (in particular. . Iris used to work there!):





Same is true of Big Belly Burger -- and they are crazy if they don't open a burger stand using that themeing.



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^Wow, now THAT is some attention to detail on Six Flags' part! Thank you for clearing that up for me. I wonder if the rest of Rockville is going to get a DC theme like this, or if only the buildings around B:TR are.


i originally had guessed that Rockville would be re-themed to Gotham City, or to DC Universe. .this DOES seem to imply some more than normal theming.


tho I guess we'll have to see if any of it "spreads" down the street a bit towards the theater & pizza place.

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That looks nuts, I hope the restraints are comfy (and the ride is smooth) because that was some intense flipping, and if it's rough at all you're going to need a doctor after that ride!

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