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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

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Is there a back to back option for this ride? I think the IAAPA pictures only showed facing each other or both facing forwards option. I've always enjoyed the version of rides that face outward as opposed to inwards personally, thinking of frisbees and spinning coasters, I prefer the view than looking at my friends but with a ride like this it won't matter since the configuration will change everytime you go go through a turn and you'll be too busy spinning anyway.

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^ I Know. I was just wondering if anyone had seen this one before.



I was telling the other poster. Lol

Haha! When I see this "^^" I tend to think about the next two posts.


I wonder if Soaring Eagle and Batman are going to have the same opening date?

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I'm going to SFFT for my first time Sunday, May 17th. I was just curious how large crowds will be on this day. Would any of suggest a Flash Pass or do the park without one. I don't have to ride the rides a hundred times, I just want to hit everything at least once. Hopefully Iron Rattler atleast twice (front and back). Can it be done without a flash pass on Sunday? Also, what would you suggest riding first due to long lines and saving for last for rides that lines move faster on. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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^ I'm not too sure about how big the crowds will be, as no one can really know. If the parking lot has cars 10 parking rows behind the security tower, than a flash pass might be smart. But wait to buy one till you get to the park. Hitting every coaster without a flash pass can be done (I've done it before), but again, it depends on the crowd. For what ride to ride first: Iron Rattler first, then work your way through the park hitting all the rides you want. If you wanted to do Iron Rattler twice, you can also ride it later, or twice in a row. (You will not wait ANY MORE than 1 hour and a half) The Iron Rattler crews are the fastest in the park, if the line is at the bottom of the switchback ramp in the queue, you should wait no more than 30 minutes. Doing Goliath and Boomerang last is your best bet.

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No spinning fins yet though...

Well, that was disappointing. Video promised to show the ride testing, and all we got was someone telling us that it's testing.

Did you watch the video?? There was a clip at the beginning, and end showing the ride testing. Granted we didn't get to see a full circuit test run, the only thing we didn't see was the "first drop." There was still some clips of it testing.
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This past Sunday I met up with Marketing Director Jeffrey Siebert to take a little tour of the park. The Batman construction site was buzzing with activity, ride operations were impeccable, and the weather was, well, a sauna.


But don't let the warm weather keep you away for this weekend the water park, included in your park admission, opens!


So lets sum up this visit:


--Concrete pathways and whatnot are being installed at Batman: The Ride in preparation for theming to sprout out of the ground this week!

--Crews have begun installing the flipper fins after having tested the rides essential systems

--Even without the fins the ride flips nicely on it's own, who knows, you might be constantly flipping the entire ride!

--Everything is on schedule for passholder preview on May 16!


--Parking meters have been installed in Rockville, plug them and donate to charity!

--Frisbee will soon be up and running!

--Zipline pieces have started to arrive, installation coming up very soon!


--I swore I had photos of Saengerfest Hall, which is where dinner was had, but I don't. However, its an excellent choice as they have four different eateries in air-conditioned comfort. Oh, and if you like watching cartoons and movies, you'll find that in there too, so check it out!


So, how's about some photos? Yes? Ok.


I always smile when I arrive here, mostly because I know I'm going to have a great time


Kind of like these people!


Do you see a snake anywhere?


I swear I heard a rattle somewhere...


Hands down my favorite mine train ride.


Who says a ride has to be a world record breaker to have fun and get a little hair-time in the process? Not I.


Why hello there, how are you? That's good to hear. Yes I know but they won't let me. In a few weeks tho.


Ugh. Moving on...(Hey park guests LOVE this ride, it is what it is)


Kinda looks like Batman is munching on the wave swinger. But I digress


It sure was windy on this day, so why don't we blow on over to Rockville and check things out.


Horray for Hollywood


You really do feel like you're on a movie set in this area, love it.


This would not be Rockville


It's a bird, it's a plane, its flipper fins being installed!


Big Ride, Big Tools


Something tells me that Batman is not a hustler.


Safety fencing has gone in as well as the start of the pathways leading to the ride.


Superman anxiously awaits his new friends' arrival.


The overflow queue area is being smoothed over and the station roof is about finished.


And waaaaay back there concrete has been poured in preparation for the batmobile and other themed elements to be installed beginning this week.


Sexy flipping fins


Sexy chain


Sexy man lift


No choo choo, do not run in to Batman, bad train, bad.


Sexy curves


So the zipline has started to arrive, ohhh ahhhh


This here ride will fly you over superman, yes, over.


And up to the top of the quarry wall. You will go up and back three times. All of this plus a ride on the sling shot for the low low estimated price of just $15


You'll enter the ride in this general area. Now if you've not ridden one these, basically a winch will pull you to the top and you'll fly back down in a something that I can best describe as a ski lift chair. Anyway, it's possible it will be open Memorial Day weekend.


So that is about all I have this trip, as you can tell most of what is taking place now is getting the site ready and installing the flipper fins which who knows, might even be complete by now.


So get ready, Batman: The Ride opens to the public Memorial Day weekend!


Here is a public service announcement for anyone traveling in Texas during tornado season.


Most all of the rest stops have built in tornado shelters. And late Sunday night there was a need for me and about 150 new friends to try one of them out as Mr. Twister was in our path along I-35. Between lightning strikes we were able to see one of those little boogers and when the outflow winds hit us, we stampeded the shelter. Fortunately that's all it was, high winds, but as the storm cleared and I forged ahead you could see the damage, many semis turned over, debris all over the place. Kinda surreal.


Anyway, if you ever find yourself in that situation while on the road, well, here's to hoping a rest stop is near you.

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