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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

P. 288: New B&M Dive Machine Announced!

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Just read an article about the new Soaring Eagle Zipline addition to the park. Supposedly, the station for the zipline is going to be in

Rockville and it's going to fly over SKC, among other rides.


You can see the article here


Thank you, but please copy and paste articles when you create links, otherwise when the links go dead the article can no longer be accessed.



Soaring Eagle Zipline to Open at Fiesta Texas this Spring

Posted on February 19, 2015 | By Meredith Hayashi


A thrilling new attraction is set to open this spring at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. The Soaring Eagle Zipline is a unique way to gain a breathtaking view of the Fiesta Texas grounds. Unlike most single-passenger ziplines, riders sit side-by-side for a shared hair-raising experience. View of both sides of the park during this 1500 foot ride during which guests soar both forwards and backwards over several other rides and attractions. The zipline swoops over the Superman Krypton Coaster track six times and will offer a view of the new Batman: The Ride 4D Coaster. Riders will begin their trip at the station in Rockville and be pulled backwards more than 150 feet off the ground to dangle above the quarry walls. Once they reach the pinnacle of the flight, riders sail forwards and are safely decelerated as they reach the zipline station. This ride was designed with the whole family in mind as passengers 40” and taller are able to jet through the air.

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I'll be there tommrow hope they will be open



I'm sure it will be, it's just supposed to be cold as balls. I've decided not to go down, as it's about half the rides that doesn't start to run until it's not below 60 it seems.

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Yesterday Six Flags Fiesta Texas invited us out on opening day to come check out the construction of Batman The Ride with a narrated tour by Jeffrey Siebert. While the temperatures were low and freezing rain was coming down, and the park ended up closing after an hour, the tour still went on as planned. Thank you for still accommodating us!


I learned a lot about the ride that I did not know previously, as well as some info about the new zip line coming to the park. I will share this info as we go through the photos in the relevant places . I was fighting the rain as I took most of these so I apologize if some photos aren't clear. Keeping the lens dry was a challenge!




Here we are at Fiesta Texas! Only ones here and the park has been open for an hour?


I was starting to wonder if the park would stay open with the weather. Look at that wind!


Security was letting everyone know the coasters were all closed, but were hopeful later in the day they would open.


Kinda surreal walking in with no one else around.


I will say the park staff were all super friendly and were sure to say hi and have a great day as you encountered them.


The log flume was actually open!


The first glimpse you get of Batman is when you come down through Spassburg. Of course this will change as the ride gets taller. But this view is going to be awesome!


It was 11:15 by the time I get in the park and the tour was at 12, so I decided to check out Superman's new fresh coat of paint!


Hope they don't send a boat while I go out to take a picture!


Looking great in a fresh coat of blue and red!!!


NEWS TIME: The zip line being added to the park will have it's station just to the right of this photo. It will then extend back over by Superman's LIFT HILL and extend 60 feet above the quarry, bringing the ride to a 150' drop. You will fly over superman 3 times! It will be upcharge and there will be a combo with the slingshot. The views of Superman are going to be amazing.


One last shot of the new paint.


Here is the view of Batman from the other side of the park, going from Superman's station to Rockville. The big raven turn is going to drop right over this area! The train will get nice and intimate with the ride.


The meeting point was the Batman newsstand, with info about the ride for all guests to see as they walk by.


Just a reminder of the information inside.


The white building will be the entrance to the ride. This is a great location as there aren't any other rides on the main street of Rockville.


And here is where vertical construction is at after only 9 days of work!!!


We are told the lift hill isn't even half way yet. This ride is going to look huge in person due to it's location.


This is the area where the station will be. The ride will load/unload 2 cars at once. That way one is always in the ready position. The idea is to have 2 at load, 1 on the ride, 1 waiting at the lift, and 1 coming back into the load area ready to go.


This is the view of the ride you get from where the car ride station used to be. Once again, this is going to be an amazing view of the coaster. You will be able to stand right next to the entire thing!


The crews are working 6 days a week, from 6am to 6pm. So spring break crowds will be able to see this beast get built.


Here is another overview shot. The supports on the right are actually the last lift hill supports. The diagonal columns will reach up to the very top of the first drop.


The park also was proud how nice the steel arrived on site, all wrapped up and not dinged up. Too bad it wasn't bubble wrap. But since the ride is land locked by guest areas, all steel is brought on site for the day before the park opens.


At the bottoms is also where the operating booth will be placed. We are told the location of the lift is also important in case of an evac situation. They can reach the lift as a worse case scenario from the bridge I am standing on to take this photo!


You can see the bridge on the right. It's weird to think the cars used to go under this bridge! The land was raised for the new ride.


Speaking of cars, this is the old ride path area on the other side of the bridge by Poltergeist. We are told this area WILL be used for something exciting in the future!!!


On the other side of the site, the last steel based pieces are in place. This means the rest of the ride will go vertical very quick! They expect the ride to be completed in about 3 weeks.


It's interesting how the structure and ride has to be built in a certain way because it all supports each other. The track supports the columns in some places and vice versa. It's like a giant IKEA set!


More track waiting to go up!


Back over in the staging area we take a look at all the pieces that have arrived.


lots of beefy RMC track! They are also doing the construction of the ride. ALSO fun fact...the white wood is from the SFNE Cyclone!


Track wheel POV! Once again, the track is even more beefy than RMC Iron Horse track, as it acts as the structure as well as the track in a lot of places.


The lift motor is here :)


Tons of awesome fun track shapes laying around. Another cool fact...the park can place the magnetic fins anywhere around the ride if they wanted to. They could make it have no flipping, or make it a complete flip fest! So the ride is still custom no matter the track layout. They could move fins around all they want, even to make you flip on the lift hill! The plan is to open with the possible 6 flip points and is recognized as the inversion count for the ride.


The lift hill is here too, and will use a catch car type system.


Brake fins! Okay maybe it is time to stop ;)


I'll leave you with one last shot of the ride area. Since it is being built right in the middle of the park the visuals will be incredible! Can't wait to see it go up quickly over the next few weeks. And thanks so much to Jeffrey for walking us around in the awful weather! Even if we did get locked inside the park for a while ;)

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Nice photos! Is their a specific reason why SFNE Cyclone's wood is down at SFFT?


Good question. Basically RMC takes all of the unused wood from the conversion projects and uses it for what they can...this time shipping Batman track!

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I forgot one thing...looks like the swing ride "Whirligig" was moved and there is a new flat in its place. Anyone know more about these 2 rides? Where this came from and where Whirligig will go? I forgot to ask.


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Thanks for the awesome photos and info. I love how close and unobstructed the views will be for Batman. I do think this will be very successful and I hope that they will pop up at a lot more Six Flags parks around the country. Seems like a really fun ride that doesn’t take a lot of space and I’m sure Six Flags would love to advertise all the inversions. Great report!

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I forgot one thing...looks like the swing ride "Whirligig" was moved and there is a new flat in its place. Anyone know more about these 2 rides? Where this came from and where Whirligig will go? I forgot to ask.


I could be wrong but isn't that what a waveswinger (Whirligig) looks like while in rehab?

SFFT covers it in a tarp I'm assuming.


Awesome photo's btw! Thanks for sharing.

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I forgot one thing...looks like the swing ride "Whirligig" was moved and there is a new flat in its place. Anyone know more about these 2 rides? Where this came from and where Whirligig will go? I forgot to ask.


they haven't announced anything new.


is it possible we're just seeing a re-theming here?


that COULD just be the new topper being worked on. .similar to this:



and they've just tossed a tarp over it.

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I forgot one thing...looks like the swing ride "Whirligig" was moved and there is a new flat in its place. Anyone know more about these 2 rides? Where this came from and where Whirligig will go? I forgot to ask.


I could be wrong but isn't that what a waveswinger (Whirligig) looks like while in rehab?

SFFT covers it in a tarp I'm assuming.


Awesome photo's btw! Thanks for sharing.


I have absolutely no idea! That is probably all it is.


My best take away from the tour was the fact that they can customize the ride how they want to increase or decrease flipping, placement of flipping, quickness of flipping (by increasing or decreasing the magnet width) etc.


Also, he said the queue won't split until the very last second, so you aren't waiting forever once you reach the split for either side. 3-4 trains at most was the idea.


I hope to check out the progress a few times in the coming weeks.

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