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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

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I wouldn't be surprised to see a clone of this at SFStL in the near future. Its not really what the Park needs, but is a very likely choice in a new steel Coaster.

It wouldn't shock me if GAdv got one soon, either. Especially since there was a rumour going around that GAdv was supposed to get one this year until Zumanjaro went over budget.

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I'm also interested to see the spinning in action! It's been made clear that it differs from ZacSpins so I'm waiting for videos and reviews about this. I myself like ZacSpins due to their unexpected balance-possibilities and I don't even think they're that rough. But I can easily believe that there are many who disagree with me on that. It'll be exciting to see what kind of reviews this gets.

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I don't even think they're that rough.

Not necessarily rough, but I personally don't like being pushed against the harness when the car faces the ground, and having the pivot behind your back make the forces greater (on fairground rides, I've yet to ride a Zac Spin).

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I see this being cloned all around the chain, similarly to the original Batman: The Ride. It's relatively cheap (I'd assume), is very compact, and looks like a family friendly ride. Also, they are extremely unique from the look of them.

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Hey guys! I just got back from SFFT today and thought I would share some BTR update pics with y'all. So, as previously noted, the track circuit is complete. However, there is still a lot of work to be done! The area around the ride is just dirt right now, and the queue is in its beginning stages of construction. The ride looks beautiful though! These pictures really can't portray how big the structure is in person. Can't wait until it is done!


A quick non-Batman side note: Roadrunner Express is still closed and no work seems to have been done on it. I asked one of the park employees what was going on with it, and he told me that the they "can't fix it because they need parts from the manufacturer but they went out of business." Now, he was probably talking about Arrow Dynamics, the manufacturer of Roadrunner Express which became defunct in 2002. Please don't quote what he said as fact, though, for it is just a rumor. For all I know, he could've just been making that stuff up. Anyways, enjoy the pictures!


A pic of the completed track from Rockville. I like how the structure looms in the distance behind the ride entrance!


Artsy lift hill pic lol




The raven drop comes close to the train track!


The chain lift mechanisms are on site and ready to be placed (I think that's what these are)! The chain itself is also on site, but I couldn't get a good picture of it


Parts galore!



This is a chassis for one of the ride's vehicles. I'm guessing it's on site so that they can begin testing soon


A bit of a creepy pic...these are roller coaster test dummies in storage next to SKC. I think they're getting them prepared for Batman testing!

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