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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

P. 288: New B&M Dive Machine Announced!

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More construction pics from the SFFT Facebook page. Looks like some huge footers.


Chadster mentioned back in December that vertical construction would take about a month so looks like Batman will be fully erect by mid to late March depending on when it starts going up.





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Not entirely sure if this has been mentioned but Baynum has been hard at work making Superman bright and shiny again.



I can think of a couple DC themed coasters and one explosive coaster at Great Adventure that could use Baynum expertise!


they need to make their way over to SFOG. Goliath, Superman & especially Scorcher could all use paint jobs, such a shame that it's such a pretty park, but the paint jobs are lacking big time on some of the coasters.. Especially Scorcher & Goliath since you see those as you walk into the park.

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Batman looks to be extremely short from that POV. A lot shorter than I thought it'd be.

Yes but you flip like 10+ times and dont even know youre on a track so it should be much worth it

A MCBR as on zac-spins could have been appreciable, though. It lengthen the ride-time without making it too intense, plus it builds anticipation for the second part.

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Is the new Batman coaster any different in layout from the Green Lantern at SFMM? I've got a better chance of getting to LA than to Texas.
Its pretty similar in course direction, but the experience is worlds apart. Because of how the ZacSpin cars spin it's a very polarizing ride. Some people like myself love the intensity and cant get enough, but a lot of people find it far too uncomfortable. Batman shouldn't have that effect. People may or may not like it for their own reasons, but they shouldn't find the spinning as violent as on the ZacSpins. Schilke said the new cars were specifically designed to fix that problem.


Twisted Colossus is opening this spring/summer too over there though, so that should be a good trip either way. I'm trying to get to both, one in May and one in September. Just havent figured out which to do when yet, waiting for MM to announce an opening date for TC.

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