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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

P. 288: New B&M Dive Machine Announced!

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I'm here at the park now; the balloon is flying high. I've yet to check out the area. Boomerang stalled after the loop presumably this morning. The empty train is sitting there uncovered and I couldn't see any maintanance crews working on it. Other than that, it's a little toasty out today and I'm next in line for IRat. The crew is working very well and effectively.


Boomerang's train has been parked there since Thursday around mid-day.


Sound like a hydraulic system issue. No sense in winching the train up to the chain on lift 2 if there'e no hydraulic system to pull it up the rest of the way and release it.

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Could you take a couple of shots for us?


Sure! I'll head over there in a bit and take more, but for now, here's one I took earlier. I'll take a few better ones.



It's right next to the motorama station.


Bahama Blaster is also closed today and they only have one show going if I'm not mistaken. It's the country band that performs in front of the Road Runner and IRat.



Edit: and here are the rest taken from the kidzopolis area and the last from the motorama queue. It's literally right there in the middle of the ride area.




In front of Kiddee Koaster


Right at the train tracks that cross into rockville


In Motorama queue


Bonus shot from the log flume

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^ How tall do you think that is? I wonder if it stayed at the same height as its previous location. I think I heard somewhere that at its former home it was like 92.5 feet high or something like that...if thats the case then I have my doubts about it being a coaster. But if it is, then you can still do some crazy stuff with that height (a la GCI)

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If that's pointing out height, then this has to be a coaster right? It could also be a flat ride, but what flat ride is that tall apart from drop towers and starflyers/windseekers?





(tho I think it's a coaster, if both Hustler (and parts of Rockville facade) AND Motorama are on the chopping block)

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I normally would be thinking a condor but as its stated above, the fact that both motorama(BIG space) and hustler are leaving, I think that does mean a coaster. Something small-ish, but fun. Anyone know when the last time was that Six Flags worked with GCI? Cause I know a coaster style that would work perfectly...



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One thing to mention, Motorama goes under a pedestrian pathway and makes a u-turn by the poltergeist queue, so unless they utilize that space, the coaster, should it be one, might go under the bridge, turn around, then go back under. If they don't utilize that space, it's plenty enough for a flat in the future.


Ooh, What if it went over, turned around, then went under.

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^ that might actually be a valid possibility...it'd fit with the land space and they don't have a multi launch coaster. I'd just rather see a woodie. I think the only reason that wouldn't make sense is with the hints that they've been dropping. Full throttle is higher than 92.5 feet. They could probably go with premier, but it'd just have to be a new, original ride but still incorporate a few launches.

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One thing to consider if the balloon keeps on moving locations and changing in altitude is that maybe it's symbolizing the height at different points on the ride. For example, let's just assume it's a coaster after all, a hill on the ride at the first balloon location is 92.5 feet, and a hill, or inversion, or whatever at the second balloon location is x feet (whatever they measure). If it moves a third time, same thing. They're definately doing an excellent job hyping and teasing this new attraction. If screamscape sources are true and motorama and hustler are indeed closing, that's a pretty large plot of land to build on. This should be quite interesting as all the details unfold. Really hoping it's a wooden coaster; the park no longer has one.

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What about a small (in height) Intamin multi launched ride? Ala, Maverick but on a smaller scale? I think that would go great with a theme that would fit in with the nostalgia of Rockville...


Intamin Blitz? Maverick is only 105 ft tall and it packs a punch!

I personally would rather prefer a woodie since the don't have one.

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@SF_FiestaTexas: #SFFT2015 is FLYING at a height of 106'! I was surprised by something I saw on the balloon. @aceonlineorg @AboutThemeParks @TexasThrills


So my guesstimate was *slightly off. Getting higher and higher! I feel like the Rye Airplane Coaster is now out of the question, but a wood coaster still seems like a reasonable option.


I wonder why FLYING is in all caps. Flying coaster, perhaps? Would be neat, Texas doesn't have one.

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