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Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

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CT and MA aren't all rich. For CT, it gets ludicrously wealthy once you get near Stamford and NYC, but the eastern and northern parts of the state are generally middle-income and occasionally quite poor, while most of the cities are predominately poor and very rough. As for MA, most of the wealth is clustered near Boston, Worcester, and Cape Cod. The western portion of the state is fairly poor, the Athol/Fitchburg area is very poor, and the North Shore is going downhill FAST.

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I've never tried one of these, only a windseeker. These look more fun because of the freedom to swing that the chains give and, in this case, the extra height.


And better reliability...

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Record-Breaking “New England SkyScreamer” is Now Open at Six Flags New England

New England’s Largest Theme Park Introduces the Tallest Swing Ride on the Planet


AGAWAM, Mass — May 15, 2014 — Six Flags New England launched the tallest swing ride on the planet today, the New England SkyScreamer. The addition of this new record-breaking attraction solidifies Six Flags New England as the Thrill Capital of New England and promises to attract guests from around the world. To commemorate the official launch, the inaugural ride lifted members of the United States Air Force, accompanied by New England Patriot cheerleaders, hundreds of feet into the air and spun them round and round for the thrill of a lifetime.


The New England SkyScreamer is the tallest attraction to join the already thrilling line-up of rides at Six Flags New England and will become the park’s newest icon. The ride towers over 400 feet in the air and stands twice as tall as any other ride in the park. Once the twenty-four thrill seekers board the ride, it quickly rises, taking guests 40 stories into the air while spinning round and round at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour. Riders will experience breathtaking views of the Connecticut River and New England skyline. At night, the New England SkyScreamer’s bright lights will beckon guests from near and far.


“We take great pride in opening the ultimate, biggest and most innovative attractions for our guests,” said John Winkler, Six Flags New England’s Park President. “The addition of the New England SkyScreamer only enhances our commitment to delivering world-class thrills and attractions to Six Flags New England that we bring every year.”


The New England SkyScreamer will be amongst the park’s top attractions including Batman the Dark Knight, Cyclone, Goliath, Mind Eraser and the award-winning Bizarro. The New England SkyScreamer opens to season pass holders on May 17 & May 18. The attraction will be open to the general public on May 23, 2014.

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Who's up for a New England Sky Screamer review?


So today was the very first Season Pass Holder Preview Day of the weekend for New England Sky Screamer; my sister and I had a few hours before I had to drive her to work, so we decided to visit the park for the sole purpose of riding NESS. The weather forecast was predicted to be miserable with a slight chance of ruining-your-day, and we had our doubts about the park even opening the attraction; but the weather never got too out of hand during our short stay. And even with frequent rainfalls and a few gusts of winds, the ride remained open.



The parking lot was almost completely empty half an hour before the park opened, but LOTS of buses filled the rest of the lot; and they were packed with high schoolers going to Six Flags' GradNite.


As you can see, the weather looks lovely...


Goliath was not operating at opening; I haven't experienced the new trains yet, but whether or not I would get my ride today seemed bleak.


NESS simply dominates over the North End of the park.


So during my trip report on opening day, the sign out front simply said "Sky Screamer." They have now fixed it, and it correctly displays "New England Sky Screamer."


The ride was testing upon reaching the northern-most end of the park; it was pretty relieving that they hadn't cancelled the event due to weather.


The ride uses Catapult's old entryway. You then go through a series of switchbacks, and then are counted into a bull pen. There are two bull pens so that there will always be a group of riders ready to board at any given time. You are also assigned a seat number; the loading of the ride was actually rather efficient.



Personal note: I don't have a fear of heights so much as I have a fear of falling. I can go on Kingda Ka just fine, but Star Flyers from 80 feet to 400 feet still freak me out.


The very first run to the public(-ish). My sister and I were stopped just short of being on the first run, but I had been on the first train out on Goliath's Season Pass Holder Preview Day, so I didn't mind.


You go pretty high...


And you go pretty fast...


Tallest in the world!


So here's my general consensus of the ride: It fits perfectly in Six Flags New England. With Catapult gone, SFNE was really missing that perfect non-coaster ride that really separates our park from everyone else. I really enjoyed my ride on NESS, even more so than Great Adventure's Sky Screamer. It has a perfect pace where it's not too intense or too boring, and it reaches a height that puts everything in the park and the surrounding areas into perspective. While the view itself is not as spectacular as I had hoped (I was hoping to see Springfield as well as Hartford), it still makes for a very unique experience that not even Colossus could have accomplished. It's a really really really good ride, and one that especially locals ought to give a try.



Remember all of those buses? Well, about 95% of the people on those buses were not season pass holders. Thanks to the bad weather, and this being a Friday morning, the line for the event was short! At one point, my sister and I were going to be the only two people on the ride (before they found 3 other people at literally the last minute).


The general opinion seemed to be that the ride was really fun. It wasn't "amazing", but it's a very unique attraction for this part of the country and offers an experience unlike anything else in the region.


The ride had a series of songs played at random during the cycle including "Ride of the Valkyries," "Come Fly With Me," "Danger Zone," and others.



It was an awesome idea to put this ride at the highest elevated area in the park.


And now, here are some random pictures of NESS.










Goliath had maintenance working on the ride, but with equipment strewn about the station, it did not appear as though it would be opening for the day. Oh well.




NESS shirts!




Poor Scream! It seriously looks so short now!


And by the time we reached the parking lot, the number of buses had just about doubled!


I had to leave to get my sister to work, but we accomplished our goal; even getting more than one ride on NESS. Even though it was a short day, I still had a really nice time and even ran into a few old coworkers. But as for New England Sky Screamer, it gets a big thumbs up from me!

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Had a very interesting experience at the park today. I was on Flashback and once the entire train was on the lift, it stopped. Of course, the GP starts freaking out instantly. They start to yell things like "Get us down!", "This is unsafe!" and (my personal favorite) "I'm gonna sue the f$@k out of you!" Maintenance arrived in a few minutes and solved the issue. When it was announced that the ride would be restarting, the GP freaked out yet again. They wanted to come down and walk off. Being the credit whore I am, I of course wanted to get it over with. The ride takes place with great intensity (I guess the brakes aren't used in maintenance mode). A guest relations rep was waiting at the exit and she got quite the earful from the GP. On couple yelled that the ride should be shut down. One particular guest (try to match his earlier quote) was NOT happy that the ride was restarted. He was so angry that he was threatening to fight the ride ops (I'm not sure how it went there). Security was called and he was escorted out of the park. It was one of the funniest GP over-reactions that I've ever seen and I knew that I had to share it with TPR.

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When it comes to Bizzaro, I can not help you there... I'd say the hotter it is, the better it runs... But it has been running great this season!


I usually run for Batman, it's usually up and running within ten minutes of opening, then go for Bizzaro, by then the line calms down from the Bizzaro morning rush...


I then hit the Gotham and Cat whip rides for coaster credits and head to thunder bolt, take a ride on the sky ride to Cyclone and then déjà Vu... I mean Goliath...

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I plan on going to SFNE this summer with some friends, and his girlfriend really wants to ride Scream. I know it has the option to be a Turbo Drop, Space Shot, or Combo tower... is it completely random? Last time I was there it only ran the SS cycle, and it was pretty weak. Of course, only one tower was open... does that make a difference?

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^^Does the park still leave 2 middle cars empty when the temperature reaches above a certain point? I know they were having issues with the eddy-current brakes getting too hot and trains overshooting the brake run and causing downtimes. When I was there back in '05 they did.

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I plan on going to SFNE this summer with some friends, and his girlfriend really wants to ride Scream. I know it has the option to be a Turbo Drop, Space Shot, or Combo tower... is it completely random? Last time I was there it only ran the SS cycle, and it was pretty weak. Of course, only one tower was open... does that make a difference?


It feels random to me when I go on it, but I do know the original tower the closest to Thunderbolt's entrance can only run turbo drop as it was originally named Hellevator before the other two towers were added. I wish the other two ran Combo all the time though, I've been when one is running space shot and the other combo.

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