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Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

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^ Exactly. I think some people are interpreting this the wrong way, the rumor isn't that the policy is going away, it's that SmarteCarts are. In a recent offseason update, SFGAm confirmed that "locker replacements" were going on within the park. I would expect the parks that still make you use lockers to continue to do so, they'll just be from a different company.

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After looking around on the internet, I found this picture!



I am not sure if this picture has already been posted in this thread, or on these forums, or already seen multiple times. So if that has happened, I apologize in advance!

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Catapult was a really good ride, but it's not that reliable and was very uncomfortable. I wouldn't be surprised if the park just scrapped it. However, if they choose to relocate it I'll be interested to see where it ends up. It would be pretty funny if it ended up in Deja Vu's spot at SFMM, and I could see it fitting in well with the park's offerings, but I don't see that as too likely.

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Well that's unfortunate (for someone who visits SFNE often). I liked Catapult. It wasn't the most comfortable ride, and load times took forever, but it really is a unique ride for Americans and especially for Six Flags;and it offers some really powerful forces. I do hope that it gets relocated.


Too bad it couldn't have been Twister getting removed.

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Catapult is being removed from SFNE

Good riddance!!! There is no excuse for those suffocating restraints, especially since the ride often suffered breakdowns that forced you to endure the torture of said restraints without getting to ride.


The ride experience was fun, though.

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