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Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

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^ Thank You.


Besides, MF has an elevator cable, which is much better than a chain.


obviously, because it is at cedar point, it must be the best


Millennium force has had way more lift problems than your average coaster. Didn't they need to replace the entire motor like twice in recent years? I can't remember the last time I saw a B&M hyper down because of lift problems, and they use a chain, don't they

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"Intamin" Chain huh? Do you really think they would design a special chain when a normal chain would do just fine? You guys create all this speculation just to attack a park or chain of parks...ridiculous.


Yea, cables are so much better. They take away the sense of height. They break rather easily (Yes, MF has been down due to its cable several times).


After all the headaches with TTD's cable and MF's cable - I am tending to think that Chains are still better.



How many times has Raptor, Mantis or Magnum been down due to chain problems? Virtually never.

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^ Oh, I'm sorry, do my little comments upset you? That's too bad.

man... good thing I'm not a moderator or anything. Come back in a couple days with a fresh attitude


Anyways is the chain even made by Intamin, or from someone else? I had always thought that Intamin in particular was just a designer, and pretty much everything on their products was made by someone else...

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