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Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

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An indoor wild mouse replacing a Primier launched coaster? LOL!! What are they on?!?


Wrong topic. The SFGAdv is further down the page. But in regards to your comment, the Chiller was VERY expensive to maintain and SF was just too tired of wasting tons of money on an unreliable coaster. They're hoping that this indoor coaster is more reliable and easier to keep running.

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^^ Yeah but watch them pull a Paramount and not maintain the sets and efx, indoor themed coasters can be costly too and need to be maintained otherwise the themed experience deteriorates until it's nothing more than just a coaster in a box. Hope SF's committed to doing so for the long haul.

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Not excited about this at all but it's better than nothing, I can clearly see my next SFNE visit - ride Superman repeatedly, get new credit, ride Superman until leaving park.


Although it looks like they are starting to remove the Deja Vu coasters, Six Flags are increasing my feelings of deja vu when visit most of their parks.

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The lift hill chain is missing, take a look at the top photo. Photo was taken yesterday.



I can't really see it in that photo. The idler on the left side only has chain run on its top/top-right side (blocked) and the idler on the right is also blocked where the chain would be. I was trying to figure it out when I was in the park, but it's just too hard to see.


From what I was told, I don't think they've taken the chain out (yet).


Edit: In looking at the photo again, it actually looks like the chain is still there.

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