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Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

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Seems like a weird thing to just kind of...not announce. Sure $7 isn't much money and a lot less than seperate gate waterparks usually charge. But I can forsee a lot of disgruntled people and negative reviews being left.

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On 5/27/2022 at 10:42 AM, caffeiengirl47 said:

Just noticed that Hurricane Harbor is no longer included in day tickets--it's a $7 add-on.  But it is included if you get any kind of pass.  Is this new for this season?

Definitely appears to be new. I’ve never seen it be an up charge at SFNE before. The park really hasn’t been releasing much info this season. It’s kind of go and see what’s changed right now.

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So took a visit to the park today and unfortunately it turned into a true Six Flags Day. Today showed me why I never visit parks on a Saturday, but it was our only chance on our trip to go. Luckily we have memberships so other than gas we didn't pay to get in or buy much else.

First the Pros, the park looked pretty good compared to before the pandemic when we last visited, the DC universe area looked very nice (by Six Flags standards), the "Gotham City" section on the other hand still looks like a carnival. As for the rides Wicked Cyclone and Superman were running the best I could ever recall. Cyclone kept pace the entire ride, even the end lap. And Superman was like the ride of old, the bulky lap bars didn't hurt my legs like in years past. 

Now for the Cons and there were lots. First off were the crowds and I know it's not something the park can control, but they really ruined the day, this park is not really designed to handle massive crowds. We only got on four rides total since by Noon most lines were 30-40 minutes plus for the high capacity rides, and some like Pandemonium we're showing an hour and a half at times. Midways were packed and food lines were huge as well. This park also seems to draw in a rude, trashy crowd for some reason. We got so fed up with the crowds we left around 2 after only four rides. I'm not a people person but can usually tolerate crowds but this was ridiculous. As we left it was an endless drove of people still coming in. 

All in all the park would have been enjoyable had the crowds not been so massive and if we could, we would have opted for a different day. It's a nice park and we have had good days here. more than other parks this one should be avoided on a weekend, sort of like Hershey Park gets.

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^sucks to hear about the crowds. I got to the park around 4 yesterday and stayed until closed and by then the crowds had really lightened up. Superman was absolutely ripping yesterday! It’s seriously running so unbelievably fast nowadays it doesn’t even feel like the same ride it was 4-5 years ago. 

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We decided to squeeze in a trip from Orlando to the NE region and had a great day at the park yesterday. I wasn’t going to post anything but noticed this thread has been quiet for a couple months so I thought I’d share my thoughts.

For background, I grew up in the region and have probably been to the park a half dozen times in my life (including 2001 after the unfortunate accident). Overall the park was fairly empty for such a perfect weather Saturday on Labor Day weekend. We opted to skip all day FP and bought one shots for $11-15 each. Our plan worked fairly well and we even scored a spin on Pandemonium with single riders  (Gerstlauer spinners reign supreme.)

- Superman is still amazing. This is not my first time with the U-bricks, and it could have been because I’m about 20  lbs heavier than my prior visit. I’m 6’ 185 lbs and found the trains really cramped. The lap bar itself is fine but the angle makes no sense I finally found a riding position that worked and our night ride was heavenly. No noticeable rattle either. Love the soundtrack on the lift and brakes! 3 rides

- Experienced Riddler for the first time with the new trains. Everyone’s right, it’s a great coaster now. 1 ride

-Holy crap, I forgot how good Wicked Cyclone is! The second half was not sluggish whatsoever and we even got a second lap in an empty back row as the fireworks were going off. Great way to end the night. My partner said it was a baby Iron Gwazi. 3 rides 

- Op’s were mostly average, but the Superman crew, though small were mighty. Trains were barely stacking and the line stayed less than 30 minutes from what I saw. 
- Batman: TDR has a wonderful view of the river and park. Punchier and smoother than I remember. 1 ride
- Thunderbolt was fairly violent in a good way, probably old news but no more combo tower on Scream, and Flashback was Flashback. 
- Food was… just ok. Most stands were open but bees everywhere. 
-Between a great 1-2 punch, beautiful setting, light crowds and ideal weather, I can definitely say our trip has been a success. 

At Canobie this afternoon (first timers). Salem MA for some spooky spooks tonight (we’ll probably be Groupon’ing a tour), and Lake Compounce tomorrow before back to FL we go on the luxurious Frontier airlines.  

Thanks for reading!


Legendary photo ops






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